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Jane Eyre
The Musicals

Deep within her Secret Soul you will find...

The latest New York Times Ad.
A list of the new and old songs in the musical presently.
The Wall Street Journal review of the musical.
Musical sound clips from the broadway cast!
The cast list is up from the Broadway recording.
Discover the Caird/Gordon musical.
A plethora of pictures** from the Toronto production are available to view.
Are you curious about who is behind the gorgeousCaird/Gordon Toronto production?
Would you like a taste of the beautiful music and pictures in a Real Slide Show presentation?*
Updates of the Broadway bound musical are available here.
The lyrics* in the Caird/Gordon musical speak to the listener just as Charlotte's book speaks to her dear reader.
Hear* the musicians who participated in the Toronto production bring to life the characters within Charlotte's novel like no other adaption has.
Would you like to read a review from a fan and a critic?

But wait! There is another Jane Eyre out there! Check it out here! Sound clips, information, updates, RITA, WhiteRose Productions, reviews and much more can all be found here on the new musical sensation.

Learn about RITA and WhiteRose Productions. Maybe you can help!

Sorry folks, the Jane Eyre Toronto Cast Recording is no longer available.

I'm at a new email address, email me at!

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