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Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre Links

From the Musical to the Novel

The Official Broadway Page for Jane Eyre.
A Most Impressive Looking New Musical called Jane Eyre, the Musical Classic; it is defintely worth taking a look at.
Jane Eyre Appreciation Page
KidReach: Activity for Jane Eyre lesson plans
Tony Review for Jane Eyre with great pictures.
Set Designs by Stuart Marshall for the musical.
Beautiful and clever Jane Eyre Paper Dolls
Vocabulary words from Jane Eyre.
Free booknotes for Jane Eyre.
This is a great Jane page.
Love Anthony Crivello? Here's a great one!
If you enjoyed Anna Paguin (young Jane) in the 1995 movie version of Jane Eyre.
This is a simple, but very interesting site on the novel.
This site provides themes, symbolisms, charatcterizations, religious and many more aspects to the novel. Very intriguing!
If you want more information of Charlotte Bronte's life and more on her, try this one.
This is a lovely site which has information on the other Jane film and the novel.
Check out Victoria's wonderful message board!
Read Jane Eyre online.
Here is a spectacular Jane Eyre site!.
This is a great Victorian page, with links to Jane Eyre.
Here you can find a wonderful synopsis of Charlotte's wonderful novel, Jane Eyre.
Would you like to visit or see the Bronte Country?
This is a wonderful site on the Bronte's Birthplace.
Check out the Official webpage for Jane Eyre The Musical.

The Function of Settings of Jane Eyre
NovelGuide: Novel Analysis: Jane Eyre
A musical look/review of John William's Jane Eyre Score.
Jane Eyre: A New Musical in LaJolla, CA.
Jane Eyre The Musical. A look at Bill Kilpatrick and its next performance date.


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