Back to the Future Minutia Quiz Answers

Back to the Future Minutia Quiz Answers


Okay, here are the answers. Please watch the movies a lot, and email me your corrections, additions, suggestions, or even gripes.

Quiz Answers

How much did gas cost at the Texaco Station in 1955?
19 1/2 cents a gallon. It's written on a chalkboard sign. There's a gas war. (go watch the scene where George Mcfly helps Marty open the Pepsi bottle)

What brand name guitar does Marty play in the Pinheads?
It's an Ibanez.

Where does Marty keep his guitar when he is not playing it?
He keeps it on his bed. It's right next to him when the phone wakes him up, and when the radio wakes him up.

What musical instrument does Doc keep in his garage?
A saxophone. In 1985, you can see it laying on a work table in the back ground as Marty hangs up the phone, right after he says, "I'm late for school!"
(It's visible in the background several times, but watch the scene where Lorraine comes to Doc's garage)

What kind of car do The Starlighters smoke in?
A cadillac.
What is their license plate number?

When Clara is leaving town in BTTF3, to what city does she buy a train ticket?
San Fransisco.
BONUS POINT: How does the above question tie-in with Mary Steenburgen's other time-travel Movie?
In Time After Time, Amy (the character played by Mary Steenburgen) lives in San Fransisco, and much of the movie's action takes place there.

Where does Lorraine buy her dress for the dance?
Ruth's Frock Shop.
(Watch BTTF2)

Who starred in the Atomic Kid?
Mickey Rooney.
(Watch for the Town Theater)

What is Lou's last name?
Caruthers. Goldie calls him Mr. Caruthers after Marty suggests that Goldie will be mayor.

Does Marty ever say "Great Scott"?
Yes. Right after the undertaker measures him for a coffin in BTTF3.
Does Doc ever say "This is heavy"?
Yes. Same scene as above.

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