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"Mermaid Song" is an iconographic series of handmade clay plates
that depict a more realistic version of what a group of women living
in the ocean might find their lives to be.
It incorporates ideation and icononography of marine biology,
the culture of women, and the myth and reality of
mermaids with a humorous and thoughtful perspective.

There are 21 different designs in the series of plates.
Each design is presented as an individually hand-painted, signed, numbered, limited edition.

Like Mr. Elliot, "I have heard the mermaids singing...", and this series of work is what they said to me.

And yes, of course they are autobiographical.


"Marie would never understand men, the tail
and the fins were ok, but he couldn't
deal with the claws."


"Marie found her big salads tasty,
but she still missed the
occassional 'rescued' sailor..."

Love Line

"Marie's fin reader saw a long and rich life line
but almost no love line at all."


"Marie felt obliged to accommodate the Remora,
but ahe still resented the intrusion."

Support Group

"Life undersea could be bitter and harsh,
but Marie always found comfort in her support group."


"Marie knew her friends didn't approve or understand,
but she found her seaweed markings fascinating.."


"The new leash law was annoying, but it did help
Marie tell Herman from the others."

Dear Maybelline

"Marie dipped her pen in the squid ink
and began, "Dear Maybelline, About that waterproof mascara..."."


"Daily tidal pools
contains her curious pets
til each day's release


"Marie knew she didn't need anymore
but she couldn't resist collecting just one more pearl."


"Marie wondered if her new green eye shadows
could make her look mysterious, too."


"Marie wondered if her new green eye shadows
could make her look mysterious, too."
A bas relief version of Mystery

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