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2003 Tile Work

In 2003, I started a new series of tile work on raku fired slabs.
These works show the natural progression of the painting and clay tiles that
I have been making for many years now.
The page "1999 New Work" shows the original tiles
and a brief history of their creation.

Raku Egret, 22 x 10

Raku Praying Mantis, 8 x 10

Raku Ladybug and Gentian, 8 x 6

Raku Golfish, 14 x 10

Raku Crab and Shrimp, 11 x 6

Raku Butterfly, 8 x 6

Raku Blueberry and Bee, 10 x 6

Raku Egret, 20 x 10

Raku Cold Bird, 12 x 10

2003 Wood Fire

Wood Fired Vase, 22 inches high

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