According to the tombstone inscriptions at Armenia Methodist Church in Chester County SC, Isaac McGriff Brakefield married Sarah Thomas born ca. 1814. Though Sarah is likely the daughter of our David Thomas, she may belong to any one of several families that lived in the county. Before continuing, these possibilities need to be discussed.

Sarah might be somehow related to Anderson Thomas or one of the numerous members of his family. At this time, records have not been found that supports this possibility.

There is a Jeremiah Thomas that lived in the area of Susey Boles Creek. Dated 7 Apr 1788, he sold 100 acres to Wm. Rainey. This land was originally granted to Moses Bond, then conveyed to John Jenkins, and then to Jonathan Thomas. It then passed from Jonathan Thomas to Jeremiah Thomas, who is described in this last deed as an heir at law of the estate of Jonathan Thomas deceased. Presley Thomas, the son of our David Thomas, purchased land in York County that adjoined the lands of Wm Rainey, Jr. In another conveyance dated 18 Apr 1803, Jesse Tate Wallis sold 126 acres to John Thomas Pinchback. Witnesses were John Wright and William McAley. This may be the same John Wright that lived near David Thomas, Thomas Presley, Thomas Hood and others earlier in Anson County NC. This transaction states that Jeremiah Thomas had earlier conveyed this land (F-128, Chester) to Jesse T. Wallis on 6 Jun 1797. Recorded on 4 Dec 1797, witnesses were Thomas Fetchall and Elizabeth Thomas.This deed states that Edmond Lee and wife sold land to Jeremiah Thomas on 19 Oct 1793( D-196, Chester). Is Edmond Lee related to Mary Pressley Thomas? It is worthy to note that Jesse Tate Wallis witnessed our David Thomas's first land purchase in 1810 Chester County. Jeremiah Thomas, our David Thomas, and the Brakefield family all lived in the same area of Chester County. This is also evident in the census. However, in the 1820 census, Jeremiah is listed with a daughter that would have been at least five years too old to be the wife of Isaac McGriff Brakefield. Jeremiah possibly had other daughters of which one may have been the wife of Isaac Brakefield.

Who was Isaac McGriff Brakefield?

The following information is presented on the assumption that Sarah Thomas is the daughter of our David Thomas.

Born 11 Dec 1807, Isaac McGriff Brakefield is the son of John and Mary McGriff Brakefield. Moving from Botetourt County VA, John settled with his family in upper Chester County on the waters of Turkey Creek. Circa 1800, John married Mary, who is likely the daughter of Thomas McGriff.

From census records that include the birth years for the Brakefield children, it is known that Isaac married Sarah Thomas ca. 1831. Named for her grandmother, Sarah is likely the daughter of David and Mary Presley Thomas. Mary is the daughter of Thomas and Sarah Lee Presley. There were also members of the Lee family living in the same community in Chester County. Mary Presley Thomas died shortly after the ca. 1814 birth of her daughter Sarah. In 1820, Mary Presley Thomas is missing from the census. Circa 1825-1835, David married second to another lady also named Mary. David Thomas wrote his last will and testament and died in 1844. He did not mention the children by his first wife as they were now grown and had likely received their equal shares.

David Thomas lived close to the Brakefield's. But while alive, David's properties did not adjoin Brakefield land. His 1810 acquisition adjoined lands of Josiah Kirkpatrick, Richard Lucas, and Ratchford. David also purchased another tract and received a grant bounded by lands of Capt. James McGriff. James McGriff is likely Isaac McGriff Brakefield's uncle.

In the 1850 Chester County Census, the family of Isaac M. Brakefield is listed on page 76, while David Thomas's widow and her family are listed on page 77. Living among others of his family, Isaac M. Brakefield age 42, is listed with wife Sarah 37, and children William 18, John 17, Amzi 15, G. W. 14, Alexa 12, Thomas 11, James M. 9, Mary 7, and Nancy 4. Mary Thomas is listed as age 46 with her children Cath 13, R. B. 11, and Lucinda age 6.

In 1850, Peter Lucas age 35 is living at the home of his 76 year-old mother named Elizabeth Lucas. They are enumerated beside Mary Thomas. Dated 12 Oct 1855, Peter Lucas sold 150 acres (JJ-153, Chester) to Isaac M. Brakefield. Situated on Isom's Creek, this land adjoined that owned by James Atkinson, Mrs Mary Thomas, Robert Coln, Wm. Farley. William R. Mcneil, and Valentine Atkinson. Isom's branch later became known as the Rocky Branch. The son of Richard Lucas, Peter received this land as part of the division of his father's estate. Note that lands of Richard Lucas adjoined David Thomas's original 1810 acquisition. Also, Peter Lucas witnessed David Thomas's 1844 will.

Isaac McGriff Brakefield acquired a sizable estate. He and Sarah farmed the land and raised a large family. As with many families, Isaac lost several sons eho fought and died in the Civil War. On 11 Jan 1878, Isaac wrote his last will and testament. He bequeathed to son John Brakefield his interest in the "Atkinson Place" purchased from James Atkinson and the Yarborough place upon which John Brakefield lived. Son Alexander Brakefield received the Lucas place upon which Alexander lived. This land was purchased from Peter Lucas. Son Thomas and wife Sarah received a portion of the "home land" for their use until she dies. This land was to be proportionally divided after the death of his wife Sarah. Isaac McGriff Brakefield died 29 Aug 1879. He is layed to rest at Armenia Methodist Church. Isaac's wife Sarah Thomas Brakefield died later and is also buried at Armenia.

Following one of my "raids for records" on the Chester County Courthouse, I decided to head up Hwy 321 in search of our David Thomas's land. Pulling off to the right at the town of Lowrys, J. M. Kirkptrick's grave was located at Zion Cemetery. The county line was in sight of this graveyard. Sensing the place of my quest was near at hand, I went back to the main highway and talked to some old-timers at the general store. They proceded to tell me that Michael Scoggins would be my best source for help. They were right. From numerous talks and tours, Michael instilled a real knowledge of "place" for all the records our David Thomas Search Group had found. And as it turns out, Michael is a descendant of Isaac McGriff Brakefield and family historian. Much of the information on this page was provided by Michael. To learn more about this family, please take a look at his web site entitled: The Brakefield Family Page.

The chldren of Isaac McGriff and Sarah Thomas Brakefield are:

A. William B. Brakefield b. 1832 d. 15 Sep 1863 in Griffin, Spaulding County GA. William married a person named Margaret ca. 1850. Their only known child died in 1861. Her name is Sarah Lucinda Brakefield. William served in CSA 5th Reg SC and died in Sep 1863 from battle wounds he received in the Chickamauga Campaign. Margaret Brakefield does not appear in the 1870 census.

On 24 Sep 1874, the apparent heirs of William Brakefield sold "their interest" in a certain tract of land to James M. Kirkpatrick (WW-520, Chester SC). The deed states the land "formerly belonged to David Thomas now deceased--- and the interest of the grantees therein being derived through Wm Brakefield now deceased to whom in his lifetime Robert Thomas and Margaret Tidwell children and devisees of said David Thomas conveyed their interest to wit: the two sixths part of the said lands". The heirs and sellers of this land includ Isaac McGriff Brakefield and the surviving brothers and sisters of William Brakefield. Also, and obviously not siblings of William, John L. Hall and Margaret Hall are documented as heirs and sellers of the land. After his death in the Civil War, did William Brakefield's wife marry John Hall?

The known child of William and Margaret Brakefield is Sarah Lucinda Brakefield b. 26 Feb 1851 d. 20 Jun 1861. She is buried at Armenia Methodist Church.

B. John Marion Brakefield b. 25 Mar 1833 d. 21 Dec 1904. John married Mary Susan Lee ca. 1859. She is the daughter of John and Mary Preslar Lee. The children of John and Mary are (A) Thomas Alexander Brakefield b. 28 Nov 1859 d. 19 Mar 1930, married Hester Grant b. 11 Apr 1866 d. 16 Jan 1925; (B) Sarah W. Brakefield b. 8 Dec 1861 d. 27 Jan 1904, married Robert B. Thomas b. 1839 d. 1917; (C) Lucille Jane Brakefield b. 17 Aug 1866, d. 30 Jul 1949; (D) William Henry Brakefield b. 5 May 1869 d. 11 May 1943, married first Eva Estelle White b. 14 Aug 1879 d. 20 Mar 1908 and second Kizzie S. b. 12 Jan 1873 d. 27 Apr 1950; (E) John George Brakefield b. 7 Apr 1872 d. 20 Apr 1959, married Ida White b. 9 Aug 1876 d. 18 Feb 1944; (F) Mary Anna Brakefield b. 14 Dec 1874 d. 30 Jan 1940; (G) Susan Floella Brakefield b. 9 Sep 1878 d. 25 Oct 1966; and (H) Samuel Anderson Brakefield b. 23 Jun 1882 d. 30 Apr 1970, married Blanche G. b.24 Dec 1883 d. 14 Mar 1965.

C. Richard Amzi Brakefield b. 3 Sep 1834 d. 10 Oct 1899 Jasper, Walker County AL. Richard married Mary Elizabeth Brown. In 1856, they moved to the area of Jasper in Walker County Alabama. The community there was full of people who had come earlier from Chester County SC and had also arrived by wagon train in 1856. The children of Richard and Mary are (A) John Thomas Brakefield b. 18 Aug 1850 d. 1 Aug 1920; (B) Nancy Ann Brakefield b. 1862 d. 1943 bur New Prospect Cem, Jasper, Walker County AL; (C) William B. Brakefield b. 1864 d. 1916 bur New Prospect Cem, married Sarah Jane b. 1863 d. 1951; (D) Simpson D. Brakefield b. 13 Dec 1866 d. 8 Oct 1905; (E) Sarah Brakefield b. 1873 walker County AL; (F) J. Henry Brakefield b. 27 Oct 1885 d. 20 Feb 1947.

D. George Washington Brakefield b. ca. 1836 d. 20 Dec 1861 Battle of Dranesville VA. George married Martha P. and served in the CSA 6th Infantry before dying in the war.

E. Henry Alexander Brakefield b. 15 Sep 1838 d. 14 Dec 1924. Alexander married Lou Anna Shedd, the daughter of Urban and Sarah Keith Shedd. Henry A. Brakefield served in CSA 4th Cavalry SC. Following the death of his brother William B. Brakefield, Henry Alexander lived on the "Lucas Land" that was earlier puchased from Peter Lucas by Isaac McGriff Brakefield. In his will, Isaac left this land to his son Henry Alexander Brakefield. The children of Henry Alexander and Lou Anna Brakefield are (A) Mary Jane Brakefield b. 17 Aug 1861 d. 7 Sep 1928; (B) James Alexander Brakefield b. 19 Jan 1865 d. 6 Apr 1945; (C) George Thomas Brakefield b. 14 Oct 1866 d. 4 Dec 1923; (D) Isaac Brakefield b. 8 Aug 1868 d. Clemson SC; (E) Emily Cornelia Brakefield b. 7 Nov 1870; (F) Joel Edward Brakefield b. 17 Aug 1873; (G) Nancy Lou Anna Brakefield b. 8 Oct 1875; (H) Daisy Berthenia Brakefield b. 3 Mar 1878; and (I) Hattie Ethel Brakefield b. 26 Apr 1881 d. 25 Jan 1907.

F. Thomas Christopher Brakefield b. 1839 d. 1922 York County SC. He married Mary E. ca. 1865. Thomas Brakefield served in the CSA 4th Cavalry SC. The Children of Thomas Christopher and Mary E. Brakefiled are (A) Frances Brakefield b. 1866; (B) Mary F. Brakefield b. 1868; (C) Thomas Rhett Brakefield b. 3 Aug 1876 d. 15 Mar 1946, married Mary Alice b. 23 Nov 1876 d. 24 Dec 1948; (D) Laura B. Brakefield b. 8 Mar 1879 d. 16 Feb 1917, married W. John Bennett b. 8 Nov 1884 d. 6 May 1957; (E) Giles J. Brakefield b. 26 Nov 1880 d. 24 Oct 1961; married Mary Hudson b. 27 Apr 1883 d. 30 Mar 1967; (F) Sallie Brakefield; and (G) Nancy Brakefield.

G. James M. Brakefield b. 1841

H. Mary Brakefield b. 1843

I. Nancy Brakefield b. 1846, married James Revels.

J. Sarah Adeline Brakefield b. 2 Aug 1850 d. 5 Apr 1927, married ca. 1870 Amos R. Revels b. 10 Nov 1847 d. 29 Dec 1917. The children of Amos R. and Sarah Adeline Brakefield Revels are (A) Mary Revels; (B) George Revels; (C) Dora Revels; (D) Mack F. Revels; and (E) Cluff Revels.


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