Sally Thomas

Sally Thomas was born 5 Mar 1821. She married Joseph Williams, born 9 Jul 1819, he is the son of William and Lydia Bivens Williams. Joseph is the brother of Molsey, who married Sally's brother. William Williams is the son of Rev. Joseph Williams, Sr. On 22 Dec 1849, Jacob Thomas deeded to Joseph Williams, 262 acres adjoining Pine log Branch and the lands of John Brewer. For fifty cents, Jacob Thomas deeded the land for "consideration of the natural love and affection which he bears for his daughter".

Joseph Williams wrote his Last Will and Testament on 9 Sep 1893. The paper was witnessed by nephue Joseph Thomas and M. S. Helms. Joseph Williams left 150 acres of the 428-acre homeplace to his wife Sally. Sons John J., and William G. Williams were mentioned and appointed executors of the estate. Also mentioned were his four daughters Elizabeth, Adeline, Emma, and Colon. Joseph writes, "the reasons for excluding my son John Williams from any share in my estate is that I have heretofore given him enough both real and personal property to equal in value the respective shares of the rest of my heirs". Joseph Williams died 15 Jan 1896. ???Sarah joined her husband the following day.

The children of Sally and Josephh Williams are:

A. Thomas Henry Williams b. 1844 d. 13 Jul 1862. Thomas enlisted on 24 Feb 1862 in CSA Co. H, 43rd Reg. NC. Mustered in as private, he was promoted to Sergeant on 10 May 1862. Present and accounted for until he died at a Hospital in Petersburg, VA on 13 Jul 1862. Cause of death was not reported.

B. Martha Elizabeth Williams b. 5 Mar 1846 d. 29 Mar 1923 bur Wingate Town Cem, married 30 Mar 1871 Hosea Preslar Meggs, b. 11 Sep 1844 d. 18 Nov 1916. Hosea is the son of Johnson and Emeline Forte Meigs. He was a Justice of Peace in Polkton. Moving to Union County, the death certificate for Hosea lists him as living in Monroe where he was occupied as a teacher. Fittingly, Hosea is burried at the head of the children's section in the cemetery. Their children are (A) Emma Meggs b. 10 Feb 1872, d. 14 Sep 1897, married 13 Mar 1896 Dr. Mott P. Blair; (B) Lyla D. Meggs b. 1877; (C) Alma L. Meggs b. 1880.

C. Molsey Adeline Williams b. 17 Sep 1849 d. 13 Oct 1916, married at her father's house on 4 Sep 1873 John C. Caraway b. 1850, son of Elbert and Jane Caraway.

D. Mary Williams b. 1850. Mary is not listed in her father's estate settlement. She probably died prior to his death.

E. John Jacob Williams b. 5 Oct 1852 d. 3 Jan 1936 bur New Hope, married 5 May 1886 Elizabeth Frances Parker b. 28 Aug 1850 d. 25 May 1924. Their children are (A) Hester C. "Hettie" Williams b. 26 Sep 1874 d. 14 Jan 1965 bur New Home, married Joe A Tucker b. 9 Dec 1867 d. 9 Jun 1946; (B) Lulu A. Williams b. 1 Jun 1876 d. 25 May 1927 bur New Home, married Charlie F. Mithcum b. 14 Nov 1859 d. 2 Apr 1951; (C) Sarah A. Williams b. 1878; (D) Henry Fred Williams b. 16 Oct 1879 d. 25 Mar 1947 bur New Home, married Mary A. Griffin b. 13 Apr 1888 d. 10 Jan 1962; (E) Connie Williams b. 1883, married 4 Feb 1912 A. D. Thomas b. 1890, son of J. W. and Sarah E.; (D) Thomas b. Jul 1885; (E) Susan "Bessie" b. 16Jan 1887 d. 8 Dec 1919, married M. L. Ross; (F) Carl b. Jul 1889; and (G) Jesse Sebron Williams b. 24 Aug 1895 d. 19 Dec 1986 bur New Home, married 16 Nov 1919 Mamie Edwards b. 14 Feb 1902 d. 20 Mar 1974.

F. William Green Williams b. 25 Mar 1855 d. 29 Mar 1928 bur Fountain Hill, married 9 Mar 1887 Mary D. Mitchum b. 29 Jan 1869 d. 29 May 1930. Their children are (A) Joseph C. Williams b. 1891; (B) Martha Williams b. 1892, married James Helms; (C) John D. Williams b. 22 Jul 1892 d. 1 Feb 1958 bur Fountain Hill; (D) Thomas A. Williams b. 1894; (E) Foy B. Williams b. 1896; (F) William S. Williams b. 1899; (G) Caswell B. Williams b. 15 Sep 1900 d. 19 Jun 1927 bur Fountain Hill; (H) Graham H. Williams b. 1903; (I) Maude Williams b. 10 Feb 1905 d. 9 Jul 1996 bur Fountain Hill, married first Vernon Cornelius Thomas b. 1 Nov 1885 d. 2 Dec 1947 bur Pleasant Hill, married second Joseph Clifford Thomas b. 9 Nov 1902 d. 6 Jan 1972 bur Fountain Hill; (J) Lois Williams b. 1907; and (K) James Williams b. 1910.

G. Sarah Emaline Williams b. 1858, married 3 Jan 1878 Edmond W. Griffin b. 1853. He is the son of Jacob Kindley and Elizabeth Davis Griffin. Emma was listed in her father's will, indicating she was still alive in 1893. From receipts contained within the Apr 1896 loose estate records of John Thomas, it is known that "Emma" and her husband had already died. As follows," the children of Emaline Griffin decd who are minor children without guardians, to wit: Julius Griffin, Euastus Griffin, Benrtha Griffin, John F. Griffin, and Lelia Griffin". The children of Sarah and Edmond are (A) Julia M. Griffin, married Selma Smith; (B) Eustus Griffin, married Lavina Campbell; (C) Bertha Griffin, married Martha Mann; (D) John Festus Griffin, married Alisce Mills; and (E) Lelia Pearl Griffin, married Frank Eubanks.

H. Eleanor Colon Williams b. 7 Feb 1865 d. 24 Jan 1935, married 25 Jan 1883 Bryant DeBerry Austin, Jr. b. 7 Dec 1858 d. 2 Apr 1949 bur Wingate Town Cemetery. Their children are (A) Grace Elizabeth Austin b. 24 Nov 1883 d. 20 Sep 1958, married Edmond Blair Bivens b. 8 Aug 1882 d. 7 Mar 1939; (B) Joseph DeBerry Austin b. 3 Jun 1885 d. 21 Feb 1974 bur Midway Bapt, married 21 Dec 1910 Henrietta May Williams b. 13 Jan 1890 d. 7 Oct 1972, the dau of N. C. and Dora; (C) William Oscar Austin b. 6 Oct 1886 d. 17 Jun 1963, married Rossie Pearl Ross d. 12 Jul 1949; (D) Sallie Emma Austin b. 24 Sep 1888 d. 5 Jun 1913, married F. S. Parker; (E) Thomas Justice Austin b. 7 Sep 1890 d. 30 Aug 1920, married Pearl Virginia Hefner b. 17 Dec 1894 d. 24 Oct 1929; (F) Mamie Kate Austin b. 9 Sep 1892 d. 19 Dec 1977, married Luke Alexander Russell; (G) Bertis Milton Austin b. 26 nov 1896 d. 17 Aug 1972, married Jane Perry b. 25 Jan 1898; (H) David Blair Austin b. 26 Oct 1898, married Marian Robinson; (I) James Roy Austin b. 18 May 1901 d. 26 May 1974, married Olive O. Still b. 1 Feb 1928; (J) Thelma Glenn Austin b. 20 Sep 1903 18 Jun 1966, married HarlanC. Nance; (K) Bryan Page Austin b. 6 Jul 1906 d. 24 Jul 1977 bur Wingate Town Cem (Single); and (L) Hattie Austin b. Sep 1891.

I. Foy Williams b. 1895, married 25 Dec 1913 Seabron H. Curlee b.1894.


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