To the Honorable the General Assembly of the State of N. Carolina

The petiton of inhabitance of Richmond County humbly sheweth ----- That your petitioners humbly conceive that the safety and defence of the Country in case of invasion or other assault made or intended against the state or states by a foreign or domsetic Enemy chiefly depends on a wise and good Military establishment ----And that the Militia form as heretofore established by law, and the mode in which it now stands, falls short infinitely of doing that justice answering the good purpose in so full and ample a manner as your Honors in your wisdom could devise. According to the Census returned to Congress Dec 1791, the number of all Free persons in the state of North Carolina was 2932793, and good number of slaves 100572_ So that a considerable number more than one fourth of the inhabitance of this state consists of useless persons for respect to the public defence which fill the place of such who otherwise would stand in the actual service and defense of the country. And that whereas the laws of the state doth virtually exempt persons holding slaves [from] bearing their proportion of defence. Men of affluence having much to be defended and much to defend with, yet called on for nothing more than those in the most indignent sircumstances, a consquence too sensibly felt by the poor, and which your petitioner humbly presumes to be a matter worthy your honors consideration ----And that when it may be expedient for the executive of this side to raise men by Draft for the defence of the Country ---your Honors in your wisdom will Enact and ordain that the persons in this state holding slaves to furnish a number of men for the service in the proportion which the _________ male slaves bears to those of the Free, and that in in case of the failure of any person, or persons furnishing their quota instead of such slave or slaves on whom the lot may fall, to be taxed with a sum adequate to such ______ of service. ---Or that by some other mode which your Honors shall judge most expedient so that justice of equity be done to the poor and to the rich without partiallitis or respect of persons.
And that whereasaccording to the Decree of Congress the wages being so exceedingly disproportionant none are rewarded for their service done in defence of the Country but the Officers only, and those to a most enormeous degree, the privates being designed to serve for as good as naught. Your petitioners therefore recomends that your Honors demonstrate to Congress in respect to the disproportionate [wages] as alowed to the Officers and privates.
And your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray & c.

1. Elijah Thomas        John Jenkin     Donald Marton   James Watson
2. Henry Rummels    peter bennet     Donald McRay  Stephen Thomas
3. Joseph Gord       John Skinner   Daniel McDaniel  Malcolm McDonald
4. Monroe McKiness  ben Jaminbolter  Zachariah Bell Donald Curry
5. Enoch Stringfellow Dunkin McQuag Stephen Pankey  Roderick Mc Donald
6. John hall           Isom henry      Wm Squires        John McNair
7. John Roper      Thomas Thompson  Jno Cunnigim  Samuel Mclaurn
8. Nathaniel Herrington  hardy pears   Elyah Thomas  Edward Curry
9. Norman Mc _ess Donald McHines  Zebulon Slaughter  Daniel Mcg__
10. Jonathan a_d   Samuel Co_ce  Murdock Mcfee   John Carmaechil
11. Carter Barnet     John McLeman Tommas ___ Peter McCall
12. Alexander McRae  William Jinkins   Edward __        Daniel _llon
13. Duncon McColl   Larans Satterfild  Neil Mcleod     Daniel Mclachlon
                                              Donald Ma_on   Archd Mcth_y
                                              2 for Archd Henderson


peter McIntyr                      Duncan Cammern
Duncan McIntyre                archy Mcbride
Archd McInnis                      hugh McColl
Duncan McBride                Archy McNeel
Duncan McRae                    John Denson
John McCall                      Duncan A. McRae
Dond Mccoll                    John McKinzie
Duncan  McCallum            John McDuffie
John Lucas                       John Smith
Donald Mc_________      Denis obryan
Archd Thompson                John Powell
Hugh Thompson              James Story
Neil McLearen                   Silas Sellors
Archd Sinclair                      William Thomas
Normand McRae              Laurence Everitt
John McLearan                 Donald McNiell
Hugh McLaran                John Graham
Daniel McLeran                Simon Thomas
John Buchanon      
Henry Sreward


Josiah Thomas            Junkin Mckoy
Benjamin Mims             Elick McCray
Archd Watson               Alexander McQuage
Farquard McCray          John Steely
John Jorgnson                Laurence Everett
Mathew Watson                Duncan McCal
John Dees                     John Canagam
Mathew Covington         Neal Mckeller
Daniel McDonald             Nathan Thomas
Bengemon parker          Hector Mcthomson
Neil McN___                  Danil McKinon
Daniel Cameron              Wm Thomas
Daniel McDuffe             Jonathan P. Bishop
Daniel gilli_                   Daniel Thomas
Archibald Jonson          Edwin Ingram
James P________
James P__ton         


Petition of the Inhabitants of Richd County
The House of Commons 2nd Jany 1795
read & refered to the Com of propa & Grievances

By order

J Hunt

In Senate 2nd Jany 1795 read and referred on by the H. Commons
J Haywoods


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