Other Thomas's who moved through the Region.

John William Thomas

ENOS THOMAS. On 1 Jul 1758, Enos Thomas received a grant for 300 acres (2252, Anson NC) situated on the NE side of the Pee Dee River. The land was situated on Cartledge's Creek. Only nine days after issuance, and dated 10 Jul 1758, Enos Thomas, Yeoman, sold the land (1-346, Anson NC) to James Downing. Interestingly, witnesses were Eliz. Brown, Jno Cole, and Violet Primrose. Enos is a mystery to Thomas researchers. William Thomas and others from Maryland shortly moved to NC and settled on and around this land. Could Enos have moved back to MD, where he spoke of the lands in NC? Possibly related, John Thomas received a grant for 640 acres on the north side of the Cumberland River in Davidson County (now in Tennessee). Dated 16 Feb 1784, the survey listed chainers as Josiah and Enaas Thomas.

EVAN THOMAS. On 1 Jul 1780, Evan Thomas received a land grant for 640 acres in Chatham County NC on the Little Creek of the Haw River. Dated 12 Feb 1782,Vincent Self sold 640 acres (U-523, Chatham NC) on the Little Creek of the Haw River to Evan Thomas. Dated 31 Jul 1786, George Lounsdell Rudd sold 100 acres (H-301, Anson NC) adjoining lands of James Langford to Evan Thomas. On 22 Jul 1789, Jason Meadors sold 75 acres (B-249, Anson NC) on Jack's Branch of Upper Brown Creek to Evan Thomas. On 8 Dec 1786, Evan Thomas sold his 100 acres (C2- 149 NC) to Richard Odom. Near the enumeration of Thomas Preslar, Evan Thomas was listed in 1790 Anson County Census as 4m16+, 1m16-, and 1f. On 13 Mar 1792, Thomas Ashcraft sold 75 acres (C2-210, Anson NC) to Asa Thomas. The land adjoined that of Evan Thomas. John and Nancy Thomas witnessed this transaction. Dated 5 Feb 1794, and arising from a writ of Fieri Facias issued from Chatham County for the chattels of Evan Thomas and Vincent Self, Sheriff William May sold Evan Thomas's 75 acres (C2-487, Anson NC). Dated 21 Jul 1797, John Harmon, Sheriff of Chatham County sold 438 acres (J-131, Chatham NC) that belonged to Evan Thomas. Dated 8 Dec 1812, Bradley, Asa, James, and John Thomas of Jackson County GA sold 150 acres (R-25, Anson NC) to Stephen Rushing.

BENJAMIN THOMAS. There was a Benjamin Thomas living in Mecklenburg County NC with his wife Rebecca. Benjamin Thomas wrote his Last Will and Testament 16 Oct 1793 mentioning wife Rebecca and Henry Smart, the son of Littleberry and Meda. Rebecca wrote her Will on 26 Oct 1793. She mentioned John and Mathew Osborne in her Last Will and Testament. She wrote, "I give and bequeath all the land and plantation I now live on to John ..him paying unto Mathew Osborn his brother, the one half value of the first tract that was purchased which was one hundred and twenty acres… provided the said John Osborn gives up to the estate the money he lent uncle Benjamin Thomas now deceased to purchase the last forty acres". Witnesses were Elisha Smith, Mary Smith, and Joseph Camp. On Feb 1787, Benjamin Thomas, a guardian for John and Mathew Osborne registered an estate accounting in Feb 1787 Granville County. He may have been earlier listed as a Justice of Peace in Granville County. I wonder how this plays into the history of the Osbornes now living in Mecklenburg and Cabarrus Counties?

SAMUEL THOMAS. A soldier in the NC Continental Line, Samuel Thomas applied 2 Apr 1849 for a Revolutionary War Pension in Lawrence County TN. According to the application, he was born10 Mar 1759 in Dinwoody County VA. At age 17, Samuel moved with his father to Anson County NC, where he enlisted. Following the war, he moved to KY for 16 years and then moved to TN in 1816. Trying to locate this Samuel in Anson County, I found the following land grant. Ent 3 Jun 1778, Sur 8 Feb 1782, and Iss 14 Oct 1782; Samuel Thomas received Grant # 4493. From the Survey, the 100 acres of land was situated on the head of Boggans Branch and adjoined the land of William Thomas. Chainers were John Flanagan and William Bost. From the Entry officer's order to survey the land, the following provides great insight in establishing the identity of this Samuel. David Love writes " you are hereby required as soon as may be to lay off and survey John Haymes --- -- ----- Brown Samuel Thomas a tract or parcel of land containing 100 acres lying in the County aforesaid-------- ---- on the head of the Rockey Fork of Jones Creek including the head of Boggans Creek of the H---- -- Logg Cut by Gidion Brown". Dated - Sep 1792, Samuel Thomas sold the above land (D&E-52, Anson NC) to John Jinnings, Esquire. Patt Boggan and William Hammack witnessed this transaction.

Interestingly, John Haymes wrote his Last Will and Testament on 28 Sep 1779. Listing daughter Charity Thomas, it has long been the belief that she was the Charity Thomas listed in the 1839 Will of Ezekial Thomas of Anson County. Knowing that Ezekial's wife was not old enough to be the daughter of John Haymes; I was truly jubilant when the name of John Haymes appeared in connection with Samuel Thomas's land grant.

Are these two Samuel's the same person? If so, After removing to GA, did this Samuel Thomas remove to KY and TN where he later applied for a Revolutionary War Pension? What relation, if any, did Samuel have with William Thomas, whose land adjoins his own? It is likely this was William (Son of Philemon).


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