General Assembly Session Records
Nov-Dec 1811, Miscellaneous Petitions
North Carolina State Archives

To the Honb'e General Assembly of North Carolina

The petition of a part of the inhabitants of Montgomery County

Respectfully Shewith:

That your petitioners labour under great inconvenience in attending the Courts of the County, and other public business at the Court-house, in consequance of their remote situation living in the South West corner of the County, and many of them having to travel from twenty [five] to thirty five miles without convenient roads leading to the same, and separated from it by the Yadkin or Pee Dee river which is often impassable and always oblidged to be ferried, by which circumstance they are frequently interrupted and eposed to personal danger, delay and expense These among other hardships and inconveniances, render them liable to be imposed upon & often to put up with abuses which in other situations might be readily addressed, your petitioners most respectfully & humbly pray that your Honb'e body will be pleased to grant them releif by annexing them to the County of Cabarrus, and incorporating them as part of said County of Cabarrus by a line, commencing at the corner tree of Cabarrus andRowan [& Montgomery] & runnig thence a direct course to Exodus Whitley's foard on Rocky river

your petitioners beg leave to inform you that a majority of them border on the line of said County of Cabarrus that it would be much more convenient for them on account of traveling to and from the Court-house and without any formadable stream of water to interrupt them. Your petitioners therefore with respectful submission beg leave to appeal to your Honb'e body for redress of their grievances,(some of which have been set forth) by passing an act, to annex & incorporate them with the County of Cabarrus by a line as above described. And your petitioners as in duty bound, will ever pray &c

r-----               Jones Harsel   Jonathon Whitley
Jas Little           Peter Tucker     Nedam Whitley
                    Ely Hunnicutt    Allen Taylor
______Almond         James Woferd   Jonthan Davis
                      George Teter   Henry Underwood
Henry Howell        Joseph Hunnicutt Absolum Harwood
Wxophraditus Whitley  William Long    Jacob Green
                      John Davice

William Brooks Christopher Yow Tobias Klutz Alexr Brooks Leonard Cagle Mark Morgan Andrew Sto__ Edmon Smith Henry Coble George Reed Rubin Smith Daniel Little Lewis Springer Daniel Wagsten? John Lidy George Tucker jnr Huriah? Page George Harkey Arthur Taylor Denny Hunicut William Smith Leonard Hartsel Moses Osbourn George Stogner _osier Smith Andy Bird Thomas Cr__ton Peter Ples Draper Burg__

__________ Thomas Rowland A M_______ Richard Green William Rowland John Lefler Gideon Green Lisha Hunicutt aron green James Mainord John Gregory James Cassle Jacob Crepps David Walker Lau__d Rowland John Klutz? Philip Sel Huriah Smith Henry Smith Gorge Bost Joel Rowland Christopher Sids Gorg Sids Coonrod Udy William Lowder Andrew SMith Green Palmer John Sel Phillip Hagler Joseph Underwood Howel Harwood _____________(german) John Furr Richard Almond Willis Mainord William Green Coonrod Udy Thomas pe__on David Green Christr ________ Henry Udy Jonas Lipe John Lipe Ezeciah Hearin

Petition from the Inhabitants of

Montgeomry County

In Senate Decem 2nd 1811

to the Committee of
Proposition & grievances
By oder C M Stokes Clk
M. H. Commons 6 Dec 1811
Read and referred as by
The Senate E / c
By order ________Clerk

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