Lucy Thomas married Elias Biggers. During the April 1855 session of the Anson County Court, Henry Baucom submitted an accounting of the estate sale of Elias Biggers, deceased. Henry Baucom was the designated administrator. From the 1890 Godspeed publication entitled Memoirs of Southern Arkansas, a sketch of the family of one of Lucy's daughters states that Lucy and Elias died within two full days of each other. Named Louisa Adeline Biggers, the aforementioned daughter was only 16 years old at the time of her parents death.

Arising from a petition of the "Heirs at Law", the lands that once belonged to Elias Biggers were ordered to be sold. On 27 Nov 1855, Lucy's brother John Thomas purchased a 270-acre tract situated on Lightwood Branch adjoining lands of James Broadway, Julius Burns, Edwards, and Staton. On the same day, Jacob Thomas purchased a 217-acre tract adjoining the lands of Julius Burns and Williams. Julius W. Burns also purchased a 103-acre tract situated on Lightwood Knot Creek.

After the death of Elias and Lucy Biggers, their minor children lived at the house of Lucy's parents. Dated 1 Nov 1877, in the application for Letters of administration for the estate of Lucy's mother, the living heirs of Elias and Lucy Biggers were listed. As written, "Jacob Biggers, Viney Bigger, Matilda wife of Henry Baucom, Saphronia wife of Frank Prichett…These reside in Anson County or part over in Union. --------Also Louisa Tolson, wife of George Tolson; - ? - Biggers who married -?- Tolson…. both of whom are dead. Leaving a son named Sandy underage and without guardian. These parties live in Arkansas.

The above Tolson men that intermarried with the Biggers women are the sons of Lydia Ross and Capt. Cary Tolson of Union County. Cary was likely the son of Tod or Toddy Tolson. Cary owned 583 ˝ acres in Union County. He represented the county in the Sate Legislature and was Justice of Peace. Lydia's father was Dougal Ross, who was born in Rowan County and died in Union County NC. Dougal Ross was of Scotch descent. He actively served for seven years in the American Revolution as private in the Continental Line and as maker of cartridges. Cary Tolson was among those who moved to Arkansas in the middle 1850's. On 3 Jun 1859, he entered his first land grant in Arkansas. He lived in a portion of Bradley and Jefferson Counties that later became Cleveland County AR. As written in the 1890 Godspeed publication entitled Memoirs of Southern Arkansas, Cary Tolson was considered a man of prominence. A farmer, in later years Cary Tolson preached in the Primitive Baptist Church.

The children of Elias and Lucy Thomas Biggers are:

A. Susan Elizabeth Biggers b. 1840, married Dugal RossTolson b. 1832. Dugal is the son of Cary and Lydia Ross Tolson. On 13 Feb 1856, Dugal sold 131 situated on Holly Spring Branch to Jacob K. Griffin. The 1860 Union County NC Census lists the age of Dugal at 28 and Susan at 25. They removed to Arkansas around 1860. Dugal's parents had already moved to Arkansas. Dugal Ross Tolson enlisted in the AR military where he died around 1862.

The children of Dugal and Susan E. Biggers Tolson are (A) Lucy A. Tolson b. 1854; (B) George W. Tolson b. 1857; and (C) William A. Tolson b. 1859. Note that the 1877 letter of testamentary for the estate of Lucy's mother indicates the only heir of this unnamed daughter is named Sandy, and that Sandy moved to Arkansas with the Tolson family. In fact, in the 1870 Jefferson Co. AR Census, William A. Tolson is living at the home of his Uncle George.

B. Matilda Biggers wife of Henry Baucom? Should be in 1860 or 70 census.

C. Jacob G. Biggers b. 7 Aug 1837 d. 6 Nov 1918 bur. Jerusalem. Jacob was a cripple and never married. In the 1860 Anson County Census, he and sisters Louisa, Tobitha, and Sophronia are listed as living in the household of their 76 and 72 year old grandparents. In later years, Jacob and his sister "Viney" lived at the same residence and were listed as farmers.

D. Louvinia A. "Viney" Biggers b. 15 Apr 1842 d. 4 Jun 1927 (single) bur Jerusalem Prim Bapt. Viney and her brother Jacob lived in the house built by their grandfather. Jacob died first, and on 22 Feb 1921, Lavinia wrote her last will and testament. She mentioned her sister Tobitha Baucom and the "children of her deceased sisters" .

E. Louisa Adelina Biggers b. 15 Feb 1847 d. 27 Oct 1900 bur. Tolson Cemetery, Cleveland Co. Arkansas. In Union County NC and in Feb 1861, Louisa married George Little Tolson b. 17 Feb 1838 d. 22 May 1904. In the 1860 Union County Census, Louisa Biggers and George Tolson are living at the household of his older brother Dugal Tolson. These combined families must have moved to Jefferson County AR around 1860 where they joined their father Cary Tolson. From the 1890 publication of Memoirs of Southern Arkansas, Louisa and George married in Arkansas in February 1861. George Tolson enlisted in March of 1862 as lieutenant in Co. D, 9th Reg. AR. Due to poor health, he resigned at Bowling Green KY after about six months. In Mar 1862, he joined up as sergeant in Co. D, 2nd Calvary AR. He served in Tennessee in the battles of Corinth, Hatchie River, Black Island, and Brownsville. Shortly after the war related death of his brother, George L. Tolson was taken sick at Grand Junction TN. While sick, he was captured by General Fish at LaGrange TN. George Tolson was immediately paroled.

In 1873, George L. Tolson made an entry for 76 acres in Cleveland County AR. He later owned as many as 800 acres. George L. Tolson raised cattle, worked in the blacksmith and carpentry trades, and was Justice of Peace for several years. Like his father, George Tolson and family were members of the Primitive Baptist Church.

The children of George and Louisa Tolson are (A) Mary E. Tolson b. 21 Jul 1864; (B) Sofronia Elmira Tolson b. 9 Jan 1868; (C) John Bunion Tolson b. 13 Feb 1870 d. 1 Oct 1940 bur. Tolson Family Cem, married Belle Finley b. 8 Jan 1874 d. 14 May 1950; (D) Lavina Adeline Tolson b. 2 Feb 1872 d. 25 Apr 1916 Cleveland Co. AR, married Jerome Lafayette Wright; (E) George H. Tolson b. 10 Aug 1874; (F) Martha E. Tolson b. 9 Dec 1876; (F) Effie Cornelia Tolson b. 31 Jan 1882 d. 10 Feb 1972 Fordyce AR, married 15 Dec 1897 John Wesley Garner; (G) Minnie Pearl Tolson b. 17 Jul 1884; (H) Louisa Isabella Tolson b. 20 Nov 1886 d. 2 May 1968 Dallas Co. AR, married 5 Feb 1902 William Edd Garner; (I) Lucy Greselda Tolson b. 18 Oct 1888; and (J)Lenora May Tolson b. 8 Feb 1890 d. 25 May 1960 cleveland Co AR, married Sidney Eric Garner.

F. Tobitha Clementine Biggers b. 12 Mar 1849 d. 22 Feb 1925. bur Baucom Family Cem in Olive Branch, married 4 Jan 1872 Henry Milland Baucom, Jr. b. 23 Jan 1846 d. 23 Feb 1939 bur Olive Branch. He is the son of Henry and Lucy Baucom. Their children are (A) Edger F. Baucom b. 1873 d. 1950, married first 2 Jan 1898 Ella Frances Edwards b. 1881 d. 1918, married second Exie Birmingham; (B) Elmira Baucom b. 31 Oct 1875 d. 12 Dec 1960, married Rev John Gulledge; (C) Elon D. Baucom b. 1878 bur. Wilson Grove in Mecklenburg County, married 2 Feb 1896 Cary A. Pritchard; (D) Ellis Gaire Baucom b. 1881 bur Baucam Cem, married 14 Jan 1903 Exie Birmingham, dau of Joe and Eliz; (E) Elias (Shug) Henry Baucam b. 1884, married 9 Mar 1904 Etra Birmingham, dau of J. M and Elizabeth.

G. Sophronia Biggers b. 6 Mar 1851 d. 12 Jan 1915 bur Jerusalem, married 17 Oct 1872 Benjamin Franklin Pritchard b. 29 Dec 1850 d. 27 Jan 1912, son of Henry R. and Elizabeth Pritchard. Sophronia and Ben were married at her grandmother Elizabeth Thomas's house. Their children are (A) Henry Pritchard; (B) J. L. Prithcard; and (C) Effie E. Pritchard, married 15 Jul 1911 E. William Turner, son of B. A. and M. J.


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