Born ca. 1811, Jacob Thomas is the son of Benjamin, Jr. and Rebecca Tolson. He married Elizabeth Baucom, the daughter of Willie and Rebecca. Baucom family research clearly identifies the wife of Willie as Rebecca Tolson. Note that Rebecca Tolson is the name used for the mother of both this Jacob and his wife Elizabeth Baucom. A potential mistake in identity, this dilemma needs further research. The marriage of Jacob and Elizabeth Baucom took place prior to the 1839 death of Elizabeth's father. In his Last Will and Testament written on 21 Dec 1838, Willie mentioned his wife Rebecca and bequeathed one dollar to his daughter Elizabeth Thomas. Willie Baucom further mentioned he had "given unto my two daughters Elizabeth and Winney Thomas their distribution parte heare to four". Elizabeth's sister Winney married Headley Thomas.

Situated on the Big Branch, Jacob Thomas's 200-acre gift deed became part of Union County in 1842. To distinguish him from Jacob, son of Benjamin, this Jacob was listed early in Anson County as Jacob Jr. Later, when his land became part of Union County, this Jacob was listed as Jacob Sr. This was to separate him from Jacob, the son of Annanias. As also applies in listing of taxes, Jacob Sr. is listed in Union County as owning 200 acres valued at $400 dollars. Like his father, this Jacob also owned a slave.

Issued 15 Dec 1837, John A. Nance received a 75 acre grant # 7127 that adjoined Jacob Thomas and Bryant Austin lands. Note that in some land records the Big Branch is known as "Austin's Big Branch".

In the Aug term 1852 of the Union County Court of Pleas and Quarters, Jacob Thomas registered a petition. Desiring to build a mill on the Rocky River, Jacob Thomas needed and sought the use of land belonging to Caleb Irwin. The mill dam would connect to this land that was situated in Stanly County. The petition requested that four freeholders be appointed to value an acre of land that belonged to Caleb Irwin. This petition was made final with the following written statement: "Prayer granted ---- - Deft made a party". Numerous small debts led to an order on 13 Jun 1856, in which a levy was placed on Jacob Thomas's 200 acres of land. In this order, the land was described as lying on the Rocky River, adjoining the lands of John R. Thomas, Jas. R. Baucom, and others. The land was to be sold in July 1856 in order to settle debts against George Cagle, Henry R. Prichard and others. Note this land was described as adjoining John R. Thomas land. In the census, Jacob Thomas lived beside John R. Thomas.

Arising from a "Writ of Vendition" for the sum of $193.97, the goods and chattels of Jacob Thomas were sold on 8 Oct 1856. The land and mill passed through the hands of Gabriel W. Helms (5-586, Union), Edward W. Davis (6-822, Union), and on 10 Mar 1882 to Thomas A. Fowler (13-46, Union). Edward Davis retained ownership of the Mill when he sold the land to Thomas Fowler. On 2 Jun 1900, Thomas Fowler and wife Elizabeth sold the land (30-216, Union) to R. B. and H. D. Fowler. At this time, it was listed as adjoining the land of Annis Thomas. Each of these transactions refers to the metes and bounds as written in the 1835 gift deed from Benjamin, Jr.

In the 1860 Union County Census, Jacob Thomas is listed as 49 and a farmer. Elizabeth is listed as a weaver. Beyond 1870, Jacob and Elizabeth are not listed in the census. I have yet to find an estate or other record that signals the passing of these two people.

The children of Jacob and Elizabeth are:

A. Louisa Thomas b. 1833, married 10 Jan 1853 in Stanly Co. Allen H. Hill b. 1830. They lived in Union Co. until moving back to Stanly Co. sometime after the 1870 Census. Their children are (A) Andrew N. Hill b. 1855, married first 16 Jul 1876 Sarah Carpenter b. 1855, dau of Williamson and Sara, and married second Margaret Harward b. 1876, dau of David and Elvina; (B) Mary E. Hill b. 1856, married 4 Feb 1875 George Ross b. 1854, the son of Allen and Martha; (C) Eliza Hill b. 1858, married 17 Feb 1878 Mumford Kendall b. 1856, the son of Clem and Winsey; (D) and Martha Rosa Hill b. 1862, married 5 Feb 1888 Wesley Harward b. 1865, the son of David and Elvina.

B. Sarah Thomas b. 1835, married 10 Jan 1853 in Stanly Co. David S. Cagle, b. 1835. Their children are (A) James D. Cagle b. 1855, married 8 Aug 1880 Eunicy J. Austin b. 1865, the dau of Jacob and Sarah; (B) William A. Cagle b. 1856, married 24 Dec 1883 M. J. Russell, the dau of J. S. and Lucy; (C) Alexander Cagle b. 1859, married Mary Ann Brooks b. 1865, dau of King D. and Martha E.; (D) Elizor Cagle b. 1862, married William J. Nance b. 1860, the son of John and Betsy; (E) Mary Jane Cagle b. 1865, married 24 Apr 1881 J. T. Turner b. 1857, the son of S. Henry and M. E.; (F) Margaret Cagle b. 1871, married 29 Jan 1888 Charley A. Huneycutt b. 1858, the son of Thos. And Eliz.; and (G) Rosa Ann Cagle b. 15 Sep 1876 d. 15 Sep 1931 bur Smith Grove Primative Bapt, married W. A. Edwards b. 6 Mar 1876 d. 17 Dec 1963.

C. William Thomas b. 1837

D. David Thomas b. 1841

E. Rebecca Jane Thomas b. 1846, married 3 Feb 1861 William B. Smith. Enlisting 23 Aug 1862, William deserted on 24 Oct 1862. Later apprehended, he was "Shot for disertion" on 17 Sep 1864. Dated 4 Jul 1885, Rebecca Smith applied for a Civil War Widow's claim for pension. Listing her age as forty, she claims residency in Big Lick, Stanly County. She states that her husband was W. B. Smith who enlisted 23 Sep 1862 in Co. E, 48th Reg. NC. She furher states that he died on or about 15 Aug 1863 in the state of Virginia. P. J. Nance of "Olive Branch, Union County" witnessed to W. B. Smith's service in the war. At this time, we cannot trace the life of Rebecca Thomas Smith beyond the pension request.

F. Dorcas Thomas b. May 1847. In the 1900 Stanly County Census, Dorcus Thomas was enumerated as an "old friend", living at the household of Mary Catherine and Calvin T. Ledbetter.

G. Elizabeth Thomas b. 1849

H. Margaret Thomas b. 1851

I. Mary Catherine Thomas b. 26 Jul 1852 d. 19 Apr 1929 bur Mineral Springs Bapt, Stanly Co. She married 18 Jul 1872 Calvin T. Ledbetter b. 19 Dec 1849 d. 14 May 1928 bur Ledbetter Family Cem. Calvin and Mary lived in Big Lick Township just west of highway 205. Their children are (A) Cornelius Sylvester Ledbetter; (B) John B. Ledbetter b. 27 Sep 1875 d. 22 Jan 1950 bur Philidelphia Bapt, married E. Elizabeth Tucker b. 13 Aug 1875 d. 27 Mar 1948; (C) Lugenia Ledbetter b. 24 Feb 1874 d. 22 Jan 1956 bur Pleasant Hill, married Jonah W. Griffin b. 7 Mar 1875 d. 27 Feb 1963; (D) Britannia V. Ledbetter b. 18 Oct 1877 d. 28 Dec 1881 bur Ledbetter Cem; (E) Henry Duncan Ledbetter; (F) William Schuyler Ledbetter; (G) Gilliam Clyde Ledbetter b. 14 Apr 1884 d. 8 Jan 1956 bur Mineral Springs Bapt; (H) Ethel Jane Ledbetter; (I) Lills B. Ledbetter; (J)Tempy Elizabeth Ledbetter b. 17 Feb 1889 d. 14 Sep 1906 bur Ledbetter Cem; and (K) Alford L. Ledbetter b. 11 Jun 1891 d. 10 Jul 1906 bur Ledbetter Cem.

J. Jacob Thomas b. 12 Aug 1853 d. 3 May 1927 bur Smith Grove Primative Bapt, Stanly County NC. Jacob Thomas married first 2 Oct 1874 in Stanly County Susan Smith. She is the daughter of Alford and Mary Smith. The 1880 Stanly County Census lists Jacob as 23 years of age and Susan his wife as 20 years old. Their children at that time are (A)Meddie Thomas b. 1877; (B) Louana Thomas b. 1888; and Juda Thomas b. 1880.

Following the death of Susan, Jacob Thomas married 7 Jun 1901 Rebecca Hinson b. 28 Nov 1880 d. 15 Jan 1968 bur Smith Cemetery. She is the daughter of John and Ellen Hinson. The children of Jacob and Rebecca are (A) William Thomas b. 1904, (B) Myrtle Thomas b. 1908; (C) Claude Thomas b. 1910; (D) Benjamin Thomas b. 1913; and (E) J. Alford Thomas b. 1918, married 4 Aug 1945 Maggie Isabel Harvel, dau of William and Leah Weaver Harvel.

K. Daniel Thomas b. 1861

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