Born 13 Nov 1807, John P. "Jackie" Thomas was likely named for his grandfather John Edwards. He married Annis Lee, the daughter of James Senr. and Mary B. Lee. In his Last Will and Testament, probated Oct 1847, James Lee, Sr. mentioned his "daughter Annie Thomas (wife of John Thomas)".

Dated 16 Mar 1843, John Thomas purchased 144 acres from Cary Tolson. Situated on the south side of Richardson's Creek, the land adjoined Edward's land and was originally granted to Toddy Tolson. Jacob Thomas and Josiah Austin witnessed the transaction. On 22 Dec 1849, Jacob Thomas deeded 255 acres (B-205, Anson) on Pine Log Creek to his son John Thomas. Witnesses were Allen Carpenter and John H. Lilly. In this "Gift Deed", Jacob conveyed the land "in consideration of the natural love and affection which he bears for his son John Thomas". Just down the road from his father's house, "Jackie" built a log house on the right hand side of the road. As told to me by Crawford Thomas, the old materials in the house had been under consideration for use in restoration of a historic site before it was destroyed by fire.

Annis Lee Thomas died on on 27 Dec 1886 at 71 years old and 9 months. John Jackie Thomas died 7 Nov 1894. John and Annis are layed to rest at a family cemetery on their homeplace.

Two children, Frances E. Burns and James H. Thomas, were appointed joint administrators of the estate of John Thomas, deceased. On 12 Nov 1894, the application for Letters of Administration lists the heirs and distributees as --- --

"James H. Thomas a son of full age. Francis E. Burns intermarried with Julius W. Burns, and the Two children of Elizabeth Ann - a daughter intermarried with Marcus C. Traywick, who died before her father to wit. Sophronia A. and Effie Chloe Traywick both minors without guardians. The minors live in Union County, NC. The minors being the children of Marcus Traywick and his first wife Elizabeth Ann who was the daughter of John Thomas deceased."

Dated 8 May 1895, a commission was gathered to divide the lands of John Thomas deceased (32-448, Anson NC). The land was divided as follows.

Lot # 1, being 155 acres and drawn by Sophronia Ann and Effie Cloe Traywick, who were children of the deceased Elizabeth Ann and Marcus Ceil Traywick. Of interest, the description of this lot states that it contains……
"one acre which is the family grave yard which the said heirs request that we leave undivided to be held in common by them for the purpose of a Burial Place for the said families".
Though today known by some as the "Burns Family Cemetery", I believe that this statement in the division indicates the cemetery should be known as the "John Thomas Family Cemetery"
Lot # 2, being 145 acres and was drawn by " Frances E. Burns -wife of Julius W. Burns.
Lot # 3, being 140 acres and was drawn by James H. Thomas.

The children of John and Annis Thomas are:

A. Frances E. Thomas b. 30 May 1833 d. 17 Sep 1928, married Julius W. Burns b. 22 Oct 1828 d. 12 Jul 1908. He is the son of Walter Farr and Sarah White Lilly Burns. From Frances's death certificate, her father is listed as Jackson Thomas. Julius and Frances Burns are buried at the John Thomas Family cemetery. Their children are (A) Sarah Burns b. 8 Nov 1854 d. 17 Jun 1862; (B) M. Emeline Burns b. 1857, married 1 Oct 1871 W.H. Bivens, son of Rev J. A. and Thetus H. Bivens; (C) Jeanette C. Burns b. 1861, married W. H. Hyatt; (D) William H. Burns b. 1866;(E) Walter L Burns b. 1869; (F) James A. Burns b. 1872, married 20 Jan 1896 Dina Birmingham b. 1878, dau of Jim and Susan Birmingham; (G) Julius M. Burns b. 1874, married Jimmie; and (H) Thomas L. Burns b. 1876.

B. James H. Thomas b. 1 Aug 1838 d. 13 Mar 1907, married on 23 Feb 1859 to Lydia Ellen Hamilton b. 1 Aug 1837 d. 13 Mar 1907. Lydia is the daughter of William and Sarah Griffin Hamilton. James H. Thomas enlisted on 15 May 1862 in CSA Co. H, 43rd Reg. NC. Mustered in as Private, he was later joined by his cousins, Amos and Jacob. James H. Thomas was promoted to Corporal before surrendering at Appomatox Courthouse on 9 Apr 1865. James H. and Lydia Hamilton Thomas are buried at Cedar Grove Baptist Church in Burnsville, NC. The children of James H. and Lydia E. Thomas are (A) John A. Thomas b. 1860 married Jennie Robbins; (B) Sarah A. Florence Thomas b. 1862, married George T. Little; (C) William Hamilton Thomas b. 4 May 1866 d. 3 Jan 1945 bur Olive Branch, married Ida Mae Simpson b 22 Jul 1881 d. 10 Mar 1958, dau of George and Julia Dry Simpson; (D) Ella B. Thomas b. 13 Sep 1870 d. 9 Mar 1934, married Joe Henry Thomas b. 27 Aug 1866 d. 24 Oct 1938, son of John W. and Susan Liles Thomas; (E) James W. Thomas b. 1872 d. 1962, married 25 Mar 1877 Hettie Staton b. 7 Feb 1875 d. 18 Aug 1956 buried Peachland cem.; (F) Della L. b. Jul 1878 d. 12 Jun 1949, married 7 Dec 1908 (second wife) Thomas Goodman b. 26 Apr 1872 d. 5 Nov 1936, the son of J. C. and M.C.; and (G) Berta Thomas b. 2 Jan 1881 d. 4 Sep 1955 bur. Olive Branch, married Joe Martin.

C. Elizabeth Ann Thomas b. 26 Jul 1839 d. 17 Feb 1889, married 25 Jul 1878 Marcus Ceil Traywick b. 7 Dec 1856 d. 14 May 1923, son of Henry Sinclair and Louisa Lotharp Traywick. Elizabeth Ann is buried at the John Thomas Family Cemetery. Marcus Ceil Traywick married second Susan Baucom. They are buried at Peachland. Dated 10 Feb 1879, and for the sum of five dollars, Elizabeth received 200 acres on Watery Branch from her father and mother. The children of Elizabeth Ann and Marcus Ceil Traywick are (A) Sophonia A. Traywick b. 28 May 1879 d. 13 Dec 1934 buried at Olive Branch, married 6 Aug 1895 Archie A. Gaddy b. 25 Dec 1874 d. 22 Mar 1940; and (B) Efie Chloe Traywick b. 16 Aug 1882 d. 25 Jan 1940, married 5 Nov 1902 Henry Durant Fowler b. 15 May 1879 d. 22 Sep 1962.

D. William G. Thomas b. 1843 d. 30 Sep 1864. William G. Thomas, a farmer, enlisted at age 20 in CSA Co. H, 43rd Reg. NC on 24 Feb 1862. Present and accounted for through 1864, he was wounded and captured Sep-Oct 1864. William's record states that he "died in the hands of the enemy on Sep 30 1864".

E. John P. Thomas b. 1846 d. 3 May 1865. A marker for John P. Thomas at the John Thomas Family Cemetery states that he died on 2 May 1865 at age 19 years six months. The combined CSA military record indicates that 18 year old John P. Thomas enlisted on 18 Mar 1864 in CSA Co. H, 43rd Reg. NC. He was present until captured near Petersburg VA on 2 Apr 1865. Confined at Point Lookout MD, John died of Pneumonia on 3 May 1865.

F. Jacob W. Thomas b. 1851 d. 21 Apr 1854, age 3yrs. Jacob is buried at the John Thomas Family Cemetery.

G. Sophronia Thomas b. 1852. Sophronia died prior to her mother's estate settlement. She left no heirs.

NOTE: With family relations unknown, the following children are also buried at the John Thomas Family Cemetery. These children are likely other children of John and Annis Lee Thomas. They are: A. Sarah E. Thomas d. 6 Oct 1841, age 4 years 8 months.

B. Susannah C. Thomas d. 19 Apr 1865, age 13 years 8 months 9 days.

C. Jordan Thomas no dates.


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