Elizabeth Freeman
Daughter of Patience Love and Claiborne Freeman

Born in the 1790’s, Elizabeth is the daughter of Claiborne and Patience Love Freeman. Her father died in the mid-late 1790’s when she was just a little girl. Elizabeth’s mother and grandfather Love administered the estate settlement. During this process, ca. 1805, several court entries indicate Elizabeth’s mother Patience married to a man named Taylor. No further details are known concerning this union.

Dated 14 Apr 1800, Allen Freeman and wife of Cabarrus County sold one hundred acres (3-300, Cabarrus NC) to Elizabeth Freeman, Mary Freeman and Nancy Freeman, heirs of Clebern Freeman deceased. For one hundred pounds of money, “the said heir’s guardn & adm of Cleborn Freeman deceased” purchased the 100 acres of land situated on Muddy Creek and Rocky River. The transaction was recorded Jul Session 1800 in Cabarrus County. Gideon Freeman and Thomas Love witnessed the transaction. The son of James Love, Thomas Love is Elizabeth’s Uncle.

Dated 2 Aug 1810, Elizabeth married George Reed in Cabarrus County. Ely Howell served as bondsman. Note that Ely’s brother Michael married Elizabeth’s sister Mary Freeman. A year after the marriage, dated 27 Aug 1811, Michael Howell and George Reed sold to George Long 100 acres (8-70, Cabarrus County NC) situated at the mouth of Muddy Creek. This is the very same land that James Love, as guardian and administrator, purchased earlier on behalf of the children Elizabeth, Mary and Nancy Freeman. And George Long is George Reed’s Uncle. He married Elizabeth Kizer, a sister of George Reed’s mother Sarah Kizer Reed. Elizabeth Kizer Long was murdered by one of her slaves in 1828.

George Reed is the son of John and Sarah Kizer Reed. Eleven years before his marriage to Elizabeth Freeman, George’s older brother Conrad discovered a gold nugget that led to the first gold rush in America. And ca. 1805, Conrad married Elizabeth’s Aunt Martha Love. About this same time, Conrad’s father invited a close friend and members of the extended family to partake in the mining venture. Events related to the mine provide the plot for one of the most exciting chapters of our state’s history. And the lives of George and Elizabeth are at the center of this story.

In 1820, George Reed and family are living in Cabarrus County where they are enumerated as: 3m5-, 1m26-45, / / 1f10-, 1f26-45 The following decade saw great change. The elder James Love died early on. Elizabeth’s sister Mary and members of the Howell family removed to Haywood County in western NC. And the highest of society formed companies to mine surrounding lands. Newspaper articles of the day tell of only a few men that made it rich. Many lost their lands because they spent valuable time scrounging for gold. Not finding any gold, and failing to raise a crop, personally owned homelands were sold to pay debts and back taxes. Many a man died from sickness brought on by working in the cold and wet surroundings. And then in 1827 court minutes, we learn of the death of George’s older brother Henry. Henry Reed had filed a bond in 1805 for marriage to Martha Love. But after his death, Henry’s widow was identified in documentation as “Catherine.” This discrepancy offers a yet unresolved challenge for members of both Love and Reed families. Did Henry marry twice? Anyhow, in 1827, John Reed Senior assigned to his remaining children, all personal rights due him as heir of the estate of son Henry Reed deceased.

The Big Nugget . . .

In 1830 Cabarrus, George Reed and family were enumerated living near brother Conrad Reed and Jonah Love: 1m5-, 2m5-10, 1m15-20, 1m30-40 // 1f5-, 1f5-10, 1f30-40. And then in the late fall of 1833, George’s brother Conrad died. Conrad's widow was Martha Love Reed. She was also George’s wife’s Aunt. In the fall of 1834, the family held a sale of the estate of Henry Reed. And on a Saturday in November of 1834, following the “sale of Conrad Reed,” George Reed went to the mine and did not return until late on Sunday. We know that Col. Barnhardt and the Company had chosen George Reed to guard the mine. But upon returning home, George found that his son and wife Elizabeth were very sick. He told sons Arthur and Claiborn to go back to the mine to work in his place. George spoke to his son Arthur and said that he would come to the mine on early Monday morning to take his place. But it began raining Sunday evening. The waters started rising and nobody showed up on Monday except for Henry E. Reed. They went home and early on Tuesday morning, Arthur Reed, Henry Reed, Andrew Hartsell, and Robert Motley all arrived at the mine. Robert Motley went into the pit and dug while Arthur worked to haul out the “grit.” Col. Barnhardt came and asked Arthur if he was working in his father’s place. Explaining what had happened, Arthur told him he planned to work until his father arrived. Robert Motley needed a dipper and asked Arthur to go down the creek to get one that had been washed away by high waters. Not returning immediately, Arthur stopped by where Henry Reed was at the rockers washing specimens. About this time Robert Motley found a very large nugget of gold. Col. Barnhardt told Arthur that he had better go home to tell his father of the find. Arthur obeyed, and met his father two or three hundred yards away coming to the mine. Robert Motley raised issue that since George Reed was not present when the gold was found, he should not partake in any profits. Holding him accountable for the absence, the partnership barred George from receiving a share in the find. Perceived to be unjust, George’s first response was an injunction that closed the mine. And then beginning in Cabarrus County Court of Equity, his case eventually reached the State Supreme Court. The above description of events is based upon the actual deposition by George’s son Arthur.

At issue in the case was an agreement made between John Reed Senior and members of the partnership. After a “toal” or toll was paid to John Reed, Senr., profits were to be divided each day equally and only between those within the company who worked that particular day. Entered as evidence, and signed 25 Nov 1834 by all partners, the agreement was never actually filed in court. The partners were: Moses (x) Kisor, James L. Reed, John Reed, George Barnhardt, George Reed, Andrw Hartsell, Robert Motley, and William Crayton. In deposition recorded in court, William Crayton stated: “Thare was not a written agreement or written instrument until some days afterwards but the company worked under a verbal permission from old Mr. Reed at the time the gold was found & afterwards until a written agreement was entered into.” And in support of Arthur’s deposition, Daniel Linker stated of Arthur: “I do not think he would have made a hand in the shaft but as long as I stayed he had the hardest task to do is carrying grit.” Believing George’s intentions were sincere and proper; the judge ruled his actions were anything but negligent. So George Reed won his claim and was finally allowed to realize profits from the find. Being 13 pounds in rough state, after fluxing the pure gold nugget weighed 9 ¾ pounds. And valued at $2493.75, on 1 Jan 1845 each plaintiff was ordered to pay George Reed $133.47. This amount included interest.

Reed gold mine was closed for ten years. Operations began in 1844 just prior to the death of John Reed, Senr. At that time, and as per the last wishes of John Reed, the mine was sold to the highest bidder. Timothy Reed and Andrew Hartsell purchased the mine. Timothy is the son of John Reed, Junior. This partnership did not last long as the company soon went bankrupt.

Life Beyond the Mine . . .

About the same time gold was discovered, James Love, John Reed and others began buying large tracts of land along Rocky River to the south in then Montgomery and the adjoining sliver of Cabarrus County. The grants mentioned locatable landmarks such as Camp Branch and Rock Hole Creeks. And after 1830, the children of James Love and John Reed began appearing in land records for the same area. Eventually recorded in Stanly County, dated 26 Oct 1833, Thomas J. Shinn of Montgomery County sold to George Reed of Cabarrus County 100 acres (3-239, Stanly County NC). The land was situated on Rock Hole Creek. On the next page in the same book, George Reed purchased 600 acres on Rock Creek adjoining Polly Kizer lands. And then two pages from this transaction, George purchased another 34 acres in “Montgomery County” from Thomas J. Shinn. Note that Thomas J. Shinn married George’s daughter Mary.

George’s older brother Conrad owned land in the same area above. As stated earlier, in 1833, Conrad died leaving his widow Martha Love Reed and family. Dated 18 Oct 1836, Paul B. Barringer sold to John Reed Senior 174 acres (3-364, Stanly County NC) located in then Montgomery County. “Being a part of the lands of Conrad Reed Est.,” the land was known as “Lot # 2 of the division of sd. Reed’s land.” This tract adjoined that of George Reed. And just a few years after, George Kestler received a grant for land adjoining that of “Patience Taylor, Martha Reed, and Jonah Love.” So not only was this Reed family land, it may possibly be part of George’s wife’s mother’s inheritance from her father James Love.

On 19 Oct 1840, George Reed purchased 170 acres (14-288, Cabarrus County NC) from Samuel C. Klutts. Situated on Turners Branch, the land adjoined that owned by John Reed and Hartwell Love. John M. Long and Thomas J. Shinn witnessed the transaction. And then dated 4 Mar 1841, Martin and wife Elizabeth Rendleman of Cabarrus sold to George Reed of Cabarrus 190 acres (14-323, Cabarrus County NC) located in “Stanly County.” Though written out and sold to George Reed, in the body of the deed George’s son John L. Reed is identified as the possible new owner. Situated on the east side of Rocky River, this land adjoined that of Martha Reed and Andrew Hartsell. Note that Martin’s wife is Elizabeth, the daughter of deceased Conrad Reed and his widow Martha Love Reed. So even this is a transaction between family.

George’s wife Elizabeth Freeman Reed died sometime prior to 1843. George would marry twice thereafter. As appears in the Stanly County Genealogical Society Journal, descendant Elaine Walsh submitted the following Bible record:

Claborn Reed son of George and Elizabeth Reede Was borne October the 13th day and In the year of our Lord 1811

Polly Reede was Bornd November the second day and In the year of our Lord 1814

John Reede was Bornd on June the 10th day and In the year of our Lord 1816

Arther Tayler Reede Was Bornd October the 12th and in the year of our Lord 1818

Hennerey Reede Was Bornd March the 20th day and in the year of our Lord 1820

Sally Reede was Bornd January the 26th Day and in the year of our Lord 1825

Catey Reede was born in the year 1828 March the 2nd day

Ursula Reed was Bornd June the first 1833

George Reed was bornd Feb 10th 1837

The above is but a partial listing of children likely born to George and Elizabeth Freeman Reed. I would love to know from what line the Bible record descended. Dated 13 Aug 1843, George Reed married second Elizabeth Drake in nearby Union County. John Drake served as bondsman. Not much is known of the life of George and Elizabeth Drake.

In 1849, Jonah Love and wife Mary sold two acres (2-255, Stanly NC) situated on Rock Hole Creek and “beside the Cheraw Road”. Located in newly formed Stanly County, and for one cent, Jonah and his wife deeded the land to Duncan Tucker, Solomon Hartsell, George Reed, T. P. Reed, Thomas Love, Sr. Henry Reed, and Jonathan Hartsell who were trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. The deed reads:

“…for the use of the members of the M. E. Church South and in further trust and confidence that they shall at all times for ever here after permit such ministries and preachers belonging to sd. Church south or shall be sent by the annual conference to preach & expound God’s Holy word therin.”
What a wonderful document! Here George Reed and son Henry are serving as trustees beside other family members. Remember it was Thomas Love who served as witness when land was sold by Allen Freeman to Elizabeth Freeman and others. And note that Thomas P. Reed is the son of Conrad and Martha Love Reed. By the time of this deed, Thomas had married Martha Matilda, the daughter of Thomas and Susannah Polk Love.

In 1850 Cabarrus County, George Reed and family are enumerated as follows:

1850 Cabarrus County

58 George Reed
40 Elizabeth
24 Henry
18 M. M.
13 George W.
14 Dovey Hinson (soon to be related)

In 1850 George Reed is living near family. Beside him is enumerated son Arthur Reed who had since married Martha, his first cousin and daughter of Conrad and Martha Love Reed. Elizabeth Drake must have died soon after the census as dated 10 Apr 1853, George Reed again married in Stanly County to Beedy Mullice. George Reed did not survive for long after this last marriage. In April of 1855, entries in the Cabarrus County Court of Pleas and Quarters mark the death of George Reed. Again found in the Stanly County Genealogical Society Journal, Elaine Walsh submitted what must be the most valuable of these entries. It is marked with several blanks indicating some of the source information was not readable. Seeking to update and correct the copy, I looked through all pleas and quarter minute records for 1855. The record is not to be found. It must be in another volume such as the docket or execution books. With the help of Helen Tucker Obermier, the most important blanks have been filled in:

State of North Carolina
Cabarrus County
Court of Pleas and Quarter
April Term 1855

To the Worshipful Justices of said Court:
The petition of Beda Reed, widow of George Reed, respectfully showeth to your Worship that her said husband died intestate in Cabarrus County, since the last term of the Court, leaving heirs surviving the following children, to wit: Arture Reed, Henry Reed, Marshall M. Reed, John L. Reed, Claiborne Reed, Polly the wife of Thomas J. Shinn, Sarah, the wife of John Drake, Ursula, wife of Israel Furr, George Reed, and Postell Reed, who are his only heirs –at-law. Your petitioner further showeth that her said husband at his time of his death was seized in fee simple of a tract of land situated in said county adjoining the lands of Henry Reed, Johnny ____________, P. Reed and containing by estimation six hundred and ninety-eight acres.

Three other entries appearing in the same month need to be mentioned. First, the court ordered that Arthur and Henry Reed serve as administrators to settle the estate of George Reed, deceased. Bond was posted at $4,000 with Nimrod Hartsell, Charles Hinson, J. M. Long, and Thomas P. Reed providing securities. And second, the court believed that Claiborn Reed and Marshall M. Reed “reside beyond the limits of the state.” We know that Claiborne was in Pope County AR by 1850. But Marshall was enumerated in Cabarrus in 1850 and disappears thereafter. In the same entry, J. W. Scott was appointed Guardian Ad Litem of George and Postell Reed, minor defendants. And lastly, “Hiram Bost, Isaac L. Linker, and Henry Garmon appt. commission to view estate of George Reed to allot and set apart for support of Beda Reed” her dower.”

Though it is not known where George Reed is buried, it is believed he may be at rest in a family cemetery. Located on Pine Bluff Road just east of where the train crosses in eastern Cabarrus, the grave of Sarah Reed is one of a few surviving marked stones in what is known as the Reed-Yow Family cemetery. Sarah is the wife of George’s son John L. Reed. And from land records, we know that John L. Reed acquired lands once belonging to his father. And not more than a hundred yards to the west of this cemetery, I have been told of the existence of yet another graveyard. This one, if indeed was there, has long since given way to the plow. But this was once all Reed land. And before that, it was likely the home place of yet earlier generations of American settlers. So of all places, it is likely that George Reed is buried at or near the Reed-Yow Cemetery. And as for his last wife Beedy, we do not know if she lived on to remarry or if she died soon after.

As follows, the children of George and Elizabeth Freeman Reed are:

A. Claiborne Freeman Reed

Named for his grandfather, Claiborne Freeman Reed was born 13 Oct 1811 in Cabarus County NC. Dated 1 Dec 1831, Claiborne married Eliza Carlock Shinn in Cabarrus County. Born 4 Sep 1815, she is the daughter of Silas Benjamin Daniel (B. D.) and Elizabeth Little Shinn. And Eliza’s brother Thomas Jefferson Shinn married Claiborne’s sister Mary. Three years after his marriage, it was Claiborne who worked in place of his father at Reed mine on the day the large gold nugget was discovered. In the year 1839, a wagon train left North Carolina for Pope County, Arkansas. Claiborne and family were among those who made the trip west. Eliza died 18 Mar 1896 and is buried at Oakland Cemetery in Russelville AR.

The children of Claiborne F. and Eliza Carlock Shinn are:

A. Dicy Melisse Reed Born 9 May 1833 and d. 11 Dec 1901, Dicy married first 25 Dec 1849 Avery McGee. Their children are a.) Newton McGee, married 1871 Hetie Coonce; b.) Mry Jane McGee, married Lemuel Shinn; c.) Jason Jasper McGee, married 16 Oct 1880 Juda Crowell; and d.) Eliza Ellen McGee, married first Willis Dyer and second Taylor Johnson. Dicey Melisse married second in 1874 to James Taylor. Their children are a.) George Ezra Taylor, married 23 Dec 1894 Wellis Shinn; and b.) William Taylor, married 21 Jul 1897 Ada Harvel.
B. Julia Elizabeth Reed Born 24 Apr 1835, Julia died 27 Apr 1865 in Pope County.
C. Mary Malinda Reed Born 7 Mar 1837, Mary M. Reed married first 28 Jan 1859 Jackson Harkey. Their children are a.) Jennis Harkey, married 4 Jul 1874 James Powell; b.) Jefferson Davis Harkey; c.) Isabelle Harkey, married 26 Nov 1883 Marion Stinnete; d.) Mary Jackson Harkey.
D. George Allen Reed Born 30 Jun 1840, George A. Reed married first 1 Jan 1861 Minerva Copeland. Their children are a.) Eliza Allen Reed, married 14 Feb 1878 Thomas Guthrie; and b.) Sarah Reed. George Allen Reed married second 26 Sep 1867 Katie Harkey. It is her thoughts that appear on this site’s Pope County Buffer Page. Their children are a.) Emily Annice Reed-school teacher; b.) Lorenzo Dow Reed, married 22 Sep 1896 Martha Harkey; and c.) infant Reed
E. William Adolphus Reed Born 10 Apr 1843, married 18 Feb 1862 Cyrena Harkey. William died ________ and is buried near the Pleasant Love family at Craine Cemetery. Their children are a.) Manoah Jane Reed, married Dec 1881 Pink McCurdy; b.) Mary Alice Reed, married 11 Feb 1883 Geo. Taylor; c.) Jesse Lawrence Reed, married first Mary Nelson and second 18 Jul 1889 Wager Wood; d.) Martha Verlette Reed; married 9 Jan 1890 John Witt; e.) Sallie Reed; f.) Mellisse Reed, married 3 Jan 1893 James McAllister; g.) John Thomas Reed, married 29 Oct 1896 Edith Taylor; h.) Charles Reed, married 16 Dec 1897 Elizabeth Reed; i.) Amasa Reed; j.) Eliza Reed, married 23 Nov 1901 Lewis McAllister; k.) Maud Reed; and l.) David Scott Reed.
F. John Franklin Reed Born 12 Apr 1846, John F. Reed was a soldier in the Union Army. He married first 3 Apr 1865 Sarah Petray. Their children are a.) John Thomas Reed, married 29 Sep 1887 Jane Taylor; b.) Mary Reed, married 18 Sep 1888 Elias Cotton; c.) Mattie Reed, married 15 Aug 1896 Charles McDonald; d.) William Reed, married 1899 Ella Childress; e.) Edward Reed; f.) Ida Reed, married first 1896 Richard Cline and second 1901 Warren Steward; g.) Charles Reed; h.) Walter Reed; i.) Elizabeth Reed; j.) Lee Reed; k.) Arie Reed; l.) Mamie Reed; m.) Oscar Reed; n.) Etta Reed; o.) Alta Reed; and p.) Eliza Reed.
G. James Shinn Reed Born 3 Aug 1848, James married Fannie Churchill. Their children are a.) Eliza Florence Reed; b.) Hattie Reed; c.) Bertha Reed; d.) Octa Reed; e.) William Reed; f.) Monroe Reed; and g.) Ray Reed.
H. Sarah Ellen Reed Born 1 Feb 1853, Sarah married 9 Apr 1871 Adam Alexander Love. Their children are a.) Lillie Love, married John Taylor; b.) Amanda Love, married first 10 Jul 1893 William Malone and second 1897 Amos Tolbert; c.) Varnel Love; d.) Jackson Love, married 8 Feb 1902 Sallie Petray; e.) Lucy Love; f.) Eliza Love; g.) Nettie Love; h.) Claiborne Love; i.) Martha Love; and j.) Pleasant Love.
I. Martha Magdeline Reed Born 9 Aug 1855, Martha M. Reed married Jan 1873 John Powell. Their children are a.) William Jackson Powell, married Feb 1903 Rosa Moreland and b.) Henry Melton Powell.
B. Mary “Polly” Reed

Born 2 Nov 1814, Mary married 27 Feb 1830 Thomas Jefferson Shinn in Cabarrus County. Born 26 Dec 1809, he is the son of Silas Benjamin Daniel (B. D.) and Elizabeth Little Shinn. His sister Eliza married Mary’s brother Claiborne F. Reed. Thomas was the only member of his family to remain in Cabarrus County where he was a prominent citizen. Thomas and Mary lost four sons in the Civil War. And Mary died son after on 21 Mar 1874. She is buried at Tucker Cemetery. The site of an early Methodist Church, the cemetery is located just southwest of Hagler’s Ford on a rise above the south bank of Rocky River. Back in 1810, minutes from the Rocky River Circuit of the Methodist Church identified a meeting being held at “Tuckers.” It is believed that George Tucker founded a Methodist where now exists only the cemetery. The children of Thomas Jefferson and Mary Reed Shinn are:
A. Elizabeth Caroline ShinnBorn 4 Jul 1831, Elizabeth married 20 Sep 1849 Ephraim Tucker. Elizabeth died 1 Jan 1851. Ephraim served in the Mexican War. They had one son a.) Thomas Ephraim Tucker, married Furr.
B. Mary Melinda Shinn Born 4 Feb 1833, Mary married 28 Feb 1850 Volintine Smith. He served in the Mexican War. Mary died 1894 in Union County NC.
C. Marian Adeline Shinn Born 1835, Marian died 1846.
D. John Calvin Shinn Born 14 Jun 1837, Calvin married 16 Sep 1856 Susan C. Bost. John Calvin Shinn served in the civil war and was killed at Culpepper Courthouse 11 Oct 1863. The children of John C. and Susan Bost Shinn are a.) Laura Catherine Shinn, married 1875 Martin F. Barrier; b.) George Cornelius Shinn; married 1888 Laura J. Furr; c.)William Ransom Shinn, married in Iowa and removed to Pope County Arkansas; and d.) John Calvin Shinn; married 1890Laura J. Barringer.
E. Henry Shinn Born 3 Apr 1839, Henry married 23 Nov 1860 Elizabeth Kriminger. Henry was killed in service 17 Oct 1862. His family removed to Arkansas in the 1870’s.
F. James Madison Shinn Born 24 Apr 1841, James married 23 Nov 1860 Rosa Emeline Klutz. James was killed in service 6 Jul 1862, He had one daughter:a) Ida Shinn, married Harvey Cook.
G. Michael Hoke Shinn Born 10 Oct 1843, Michael Shinn died in service 24 Jun 1862.
H. Thomas Jefferson Shinn Born 5 Mar 1846, Thomas is the only one of the sons who enlisted and lived beyond the war. He married 1 Nov 1866 Mary Charlotte Smith. Their children are a.) James Franklin Shinn, married Annette Corinne Sadler; b.) Virginia Florence Shinn, married Paul F. Stallings; c.) Mary Charlotte Shinn, married Adolph C. Thies; d.) Margaret Rosetta Shinn, married Samuel B. Stewart of Chattanooga TN, e.) Lilly Elmetta Shinn; f.) Anna Maria Shinn; g.) Mattie Lendora Shinn, married 1901 Martin Augustus Boger; h.) Lena May Shinn; i.) Lizzie Leota Shinn; and j.) Bessie Atha Shinn.
I. Jacob Little Shinn Born 3 Dec 1848, Jacob married 5 Nov 1869 Margaret R. Black. Their children are a.) Elizabeth Amelia Shinn, married Dr. J. R. Jerome ; b.) Louis Z. Shinn, married 1894 Minnie Barnhardt; c.) Luther Thompson Shinn. Married 1902 Flora Furr; d.) Hoyle Melancthon Shinn, married 1898 Beaulah Jerome; e.) Albert Marvin Shinn, married 1902 Sophronia Eudy; f.) William Black Shinn; g.) Thomas Franklin Shinn; and h.) Ollie Irene Shinn
J. Martha Shinn Born 3 Dec 1848, Martha married 11 Apr 1869 B. N. H. Miller. Their children are a.) Minnie B. Miller; b.) Thomas W. Miller; c.) Josephus W. B. Miller; d.) Clifford F. Miller; e.) Fannie I. Miller; f.) Mary Miller; g.) John B. Miller; and h.) Cooper F. Miller.
K. Sarah Catherine Shinn Born 12 Nov 1853, Sarah C. Shinn married 8 May 1871 D. M. Widenhouse. Note that it was D. M. Widenhouse who served as trustee of the Methodist Church when the lands of old Mount Moriah Church were sold to Jesse D. Cox. D. M. Widenhouse was instrumental in the founding of Center Grove Methodist Church.
Paul Kestler Shinn Paul died an infant.
Following the death of his wife Mary Reed Shinn, Thomas Jefferson Shinn married second Elizabeth A. Platt. The following is from the wonderful book History of the Shinn Family in Europe and America
“In his 82nd year he made a visit to Russellville, Ark., to meet his brothers and sisters; he was royally entertained by them; was met at Little Rock by the author of this book, who accompanied him on his trip to Chattanooga, Tenn. He was in good health and fine spirits; but the elation was too much for his aged frame; he was stricken with paralysis on the train before he reached Charlotte, N. C. Speechless was he when moved to the Charlotte Hospital, where he died, surrounded by his children.”

Thomas Jefferson Shinn died 30 Jan 1891. He rests beside his wife Mary at Tucker Cemetery in Cabarrus County NC.

C. John L. Reed

Born 10 Jun 1816, John L. Reed married Sarah Caroline Hartsell prior to 1841. The marriage likely occurred in pre-Stanly Montgomery County. Born 23 Oct 1812, Sarah is the daughter of Jonas and Susan Stogner Hartsell. Dated 16 Apr 1839, John J. Reed of Cabarrus sold 615 acres (14-397, Cabarrus County NC) to Andrew Hartsell. Situated on both sides of Rocky River, the land adjoined that owned by Needham Green, McLarty, Garmon, and Wallace. George Barnhardt and Leonard Hartsell witnessed the transaction. Two years later, dated 4 Mar 1841, Martin and wife Elizabeth Rendleman deeded to John L. Reed’s father 190 acres (14-323, Cabarrus County NC). Though filed in Cabarrus County, the land was situated in Stanly County adjoining that owned by George Reed, Martha Reed, and Andrew Hartsell. One line hints that the land may have actually been sold for the benefit of John L. Reed: “. . . hereby granted by the said George Reed and to have and to hold the said lands and premises to the said John L. Reed his heirs and assigns forever . . .”

In 1850, John L. Reed and family are living in eastern Cabarrus County. He is enumerated at that time as “Miner.” Since Andrew Hartsell had recently purchased the Reed mine, I suspect he worked there. However, there were also mining operations along Rock Hole Creek a bit closer to where John Lived. Four years later, dated 17 Aug 1854, John L. Reed and wife Sarah joined with her siblings in deeding over 144 acres on Rock Hole Creek (6-544, Stanly County NC). The land represented a portion of the estate of their father Jonas Hartsell. The family sold their rights to Sarah’s brother Wilson Hartsell.

John L. Reed died 27 Mar 1868. He is buried at what is now known as the Reed-Yow-Teeter Cemetery. Located on the east side of Pine Bluff Road, the cemetery is very near where the train tracks cross. The slate grave stone for John is no longer readable. The date for John came from the wonderful Hartsell family book. In 1880, the 65 year-old Sarah Reed is enumerated as living at the home of her daughter Elizabeth C. Furr. She died 18 Oct 1881 and her marker is clearly readable. Around her grave are several unmarked slate stones of same size and shape indicating they may represent the resting places of family. The children of John L. and Sarah Caroline Hartsell Reed are:

A. George W. Reed Born ca. 1841, George was named for his grandfather. Born ca. 1841, George W. Reed appears living with his parents in both 1950 and 1860. In 1850 he was enumerated as 9 years of age. In 1860 he was 19.
B. Susan L. Reed Born ca. 1843, Susan
C. Mary M. Reed Born ca. 1847,
D. Elizabeth C. Reed Born ca. 1853, Elizabeth married George F. Furr. Their children are: a.) Moses D. Furr b. 1876; b.) Lotta J. Furr b. 1880.

D. Arthur Taylor Reed

Born 12 Oct 1818, Arthur married 2 Dec 1839 Martha Reed in Cabarrus County. They are first cousins. He being the son of George and Elizabeth Freeman Reed, Martha is the daughter of Conrad and Martha Love Reed. When his mother Elizabeth was at home with sickness, Arthur and brother Claiborne were sent to work Reed’s mine that fateful day when the large gold nugget was found. Before the case was settled in court, Arthur’s brother Claiborne joined a wagon train and removed to Pope County Arkansas.

In 1850 Cabarrus County, Arthur and Martha Reed are enumerated as:

31 Arthur Reed
33 Martha
11 Elizabeth
06 Margaret
03 Wm. A.
01 Mary
In Apr 1854, Arthur Reed was discharged form duty as guardian of Polly Kizer, lunatic. Note in early deeds to Arthur’s father, adjoining lands were owned by Polly Kizer. In the same month, the courts appointed Arthur and his brother to serve as administrators to settle their father’s estate. Taking care of his responsibilities, in 1858, Arthur and family joined in on a wagon train and removed with others where they lived near brother Claiborne in Pope County, Arkansas. Residing in Gum Log Township, the census of 1860 indicates Martha had recently passed. That year the census reads:
40 Arthur - NC
18 Martha - ARK
14 Margaret – NC
12 Alex - NC
10 Mary - NC
08 Julius - NC
06 Allice - NC
02 Laura A. - ARK
3/12 Sarah R. - ARK

E. Henry Reed

Born 20 Mar 1820, Henry Reed married 4 Aug 1852 Dovey Hinson. Henry Garmon was bondsman. This is the same Dovey who appears in the 1850 census living in the home of George Reed. Not knowing who her parents were, a clue is certainly the naming of Charles Hinson as commissioner in the settlement of the estate of George Reed.

As the American Civil War drug on, the south struggled to hold on to old ways. This, while doing everything it could to maintain a disciplined army. The Confederacy was forced to protrude ever deeper into the lives of the citizens in order to keep hope alive. By the summer of 1863, the Confederate Congress changed laws and allowed the army to take men as old as 45 years of age. And tax laws were also changed which acts added heavy burden to an already troubled way of life. Recently, Priscilla Clark alerted me of the existence of mind opening documentation that pertains to these issues. Henry Reed and other citizens met in 1863 to voice resolutions concerning their wants and worries. Chosen to be secretary for the group, Henry Reed wrote down the resolutions that were then published in the Concord Newspaper. A petition (not surviving) signed by many residents accompanied the article. This act landed Henry Reed in trouble with the leadership of the local military. And based on events of the day, Henry Reed told his story to the Governor of our State.

Dated 24 Nov 1869, Phebe F. Love donated five and a quarter acres (8-270, Stanly NC) for “the use of the Methodist Protestant Church at Love’s Grove.” She deeded the land to Jonah Little, Jacob Little, and Israel J. Furr who were members of the Board of Trustee for the said Church. Henry Reed and E. Tucker witnessed the gift deed. IT is said that Henry Reed was one of the more devoted members of Grove Church. He died ____________ and is buried at Love’s Gove UMC.

T>he children of Henry and Dovey Hinson Reed are:

A. Julius Simeon Reed Born ca. 1854, Julius married first 17 Dec 1874 Martha Garmon in Cabarrus County. Martha is the daughter of Henry and Eliza Garmon. In 1880 Julius was back home living with his parents. And then on 6 Oct 1880, Julius married second Julia C. Furr. She is the daughter of Paul and Eva Furr.
B. Mary E. Reed Born ca. 1856, Mary married 13 Mar 1873 Pharoh. S. Little, son of Jacob and Margaret Love Little.
C. George W. Reed Born ca. 1858, George married 4 Jan 1877 Margaret M. Little, daughter of Jonah F. and Martha Jane Love Little.
D. Rufus M. Reed Born ca. 1862, Rufus appears in census up through 1870.
E. Martha B. Reed Born ca. 1864.
F. William Dixon Reed Born ca. 1867, W. D. Reed married 13 Oct 1889 L. J. Moss. She is the daughter of W. F and Sophronia Moss.
G. Susan T. Reed Born ca. 1870
F. Sarah “Sally” Reed

Born 26 Jan 1825, Sarah married John Drake. Born ca. 1820, he is the son of Jordan Drake. Jordan was born in Virginia. The 1850 census enumerates the family as 30 John Drake, 20 Sarah, 9 Leslie, 5 Henry J., 4 Catherine, and 2 Elizabeth.

The family does not appear in the 1860 census. And since there was another John Drake who married Sally Yow, tracing of our John and Sally is quite difficult. However, in May of 1866 an estate for a John Drake was settled in Stanly County. At that time his widow Sally Drake sought her dower of one third of the estate lands. However, as pointed out in several petitions by the administrator A. C. McClellan, debt owed by the estate exceeded the value of properties. In the petition seeking to sell the lands of John Drake deceased, the petition identified 100 acres adjoining the lands of James Little and Joshua Burris. Also among the papers is the following listing:

“ . . . and that Catherine Drake, Betsy Drake, Caldwell Drake, & Mary Drake are the only heirs at law of her said husband [John Drake].
Are the above the children of our John and Sally Reed Drake?

G. Catey Reed

Born 2 Mar 1828, Catey is known only in the family Bible birth record.

H. Marshall M. Reed

Born ca. 1831, in 1850, the 18 year-old M. M. Reed is enumerated living in the home of his father George. And then in April of 1855, the court minutes of Cabarrus County identifies Marshall M. Reed as one of the heirs of George Reed, deceased. In that same month, another entry states that Marshall and brother Claiborne Reed “reside beyond the state.” We know that Claiborn left for Pope County Arkansas in 1839. Marshall did not make the trip then as he was enumerated in Cabarrus in 1850. Knowing another wagon train left for Arkansas in 1854, is it possible Marshall also moved to Arkansas? I have yet to find record of him in Pope County.

Though born prior to his brother George W. Reed who is listed on the Bible birth record, Marshall does not appear. No further information.

I. Ursula Reed

Born 1 Jun 1833, Ursula married 15 Dec 1850 Israel J. Furr, son of W. Mathias and Mary Page Furr. During the Civil War, it was Israel’s home that Ursula’s brother Henry was visiting when the militia carried him away. Israel later joined the home guard in 1864. Ursula Furr died 24 Jan 1904. Her husband Israel J. died soon after on 24 Feb 1904.

The loose estate papers for Israel are an amazing collection of life record. Contained within are original deeds from pre-Stanly Montgomery County. There is a one in which Samuel C. Klutts deeded land to Israel’s father-in-law George Reed. And other deeds tell of conveyances between Paul and Mathias Furr. And one deed was for a large amount of acreage sold to Israel by Adderton and others from Davidson County. This group of men represented the estate lands of William Thornton, designer of the United States Capitol Building and founder of The North Carolina Gold Mining Company. Valuable in their own right, these documents are even more so since some of the conveyances occurred in the burn county of Montgomery. There are very few surviving land deeds from this county left to tell the story of those who once lived in what is now Stanly County. Also within the loose records are letters and accounts of Israel’s estate as it was divided amongst the heirs at law. This is a valuable document as it clearly defines children who by his death had removed to Texas. The children of Israel J. and Ursula Reed Furr are:

A. Lundy Jane Furr. Born 4 Mar 1860, Lundy Jane married 6 Jul 1879 Hartwell Pinkney Love. Born 25 Jan 1860, Hartwell is the son of Jonah Askew and Margaret Tyson Palmer Love. Lundy gave birth to two children before her death on 17 Oct 1887. According to the list of heirs in the loose estate of Lundy’s father, the children of Hartwell and Lundy Jane Love are a.) Elam Silas Love, born ca. 1880, he died in the 1910’s and is buried at Love’s Chapel UMC; and b.) Margaret Elizabeth Love b. 23 Feb 1882 d. 23 Nov 1954, married Hampton Phillip Carpenter.
B. Thomas J. Furr Born ca. 1862, Thomas married 10 Apr 1881 Tursa Hinson, daughter of William and Marcena Biggers Hinson.
C. Serena T. Furr Born ca. 1863.
D. Mary Furr Born ca. 1864, Mary married 30 Jan 1873 P. P. Sell, the son of Solomon and Elizabeth Sell.
< b>E. Margaret Rebecca Furr Born 20 Sep 1854, Margaret married 9 Oct 1873 Benjamin Daniel Ransom Little. Born ca. 1851, he is the son of Jacob W. and and Margaret Love Little.
F. Martha M. Furr Martha married 8 Aug 1878 Alexander W. Green, the son of John and Elizer Green.
G. John A. Furr Born ca. 1868, John married 24 Feb 1895 Sophronia Howell. Born ca. 1877, she is the daughter of Ed and Julia Howell.
H. Laura J. Furr Born ca. 1870, Laura married 7 Sep 1888 Daniel Brooks. Born ca. 1852, Daniel is the son of Ezekiel M. and Jane Brooks.
I. Julia A. Furr Born ca. 1872, Julia married first 2 Sep 1898 Jonah H. Teeter. Born ca. 1875, he is the son of Whitson and Rosanna Teeter. From the loose estate of Israel Furr, we know that Julia married second a Mr. Coggins.

J. George W. Reed

Born 10 Feb 1837, George Reed appears in the 1850 census as 13 years of age and living with his father. At time of his father’s 1855 estate settlement, George was a minor. J. W. Scott was appointed guardian ad litem. In 1860 Cabarrus, 19 year-old “Wilson Reed” was living in the home of 35 year-old Beeda Reed. Was this George? If not, then who was he? Also in 1860, living in near Arthur Reed in Pope County AR is 22 year-old Geo. W. Reed. Born in North Carolina, he is enumerated with an 18 year-old wife named Violet L. Reed. She too was born in North Carolina. From online sources, it appears Violet’s maiden name is Williamson. Their one year-old son was named McDaniel and he was born in Arkansas.

K. Postell P. Reed

Kknown only in the 1855 court record, at that time the list of heirs identifies a son named Postell Reed. Was he an older son or one born later to possibly George’s second wife Elizabeth Drake? . . . or could he have been born to the third wife Beedy Mullis? Postell Reed does not appear in the 1850 census. But living nearby in 1850 is Michael Garmon Love. He was 27 and his wife 22 years of age. Their oldest son was 5 year-old Postell P. Love. Is there a link? No further information.
In 1860, 35 year old Beady Reed is living next to her son Henry. Living with her is 9 year old Jane Reed and 18 year old Wilson. Are these children of George Reed?


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