An article of agreement between us the under signed who are privileged to work that part of the gold mine of John Reed Sinír known by the north east hill as a company and Co. partners in the art and business of gold mining [also] in defreying all Expenses which may be incured in carrying on Said works and all the gold found in said Company shall be equally devided share and share alike after the toal is paid to John Reed Sinír any person declining from said Company before it desolves forfits his right as a copartner and will not be their after received as a partner. And if any of the Company shall act dishonestly in concealing any gold from the Company shall be expeld from the Company as a partner. And the concern of the gold mine company shall be under the control of the manager, and be subject to his orders in the way and manner of carrying on said work. Any person who shall willfully and obstinately refuse or neglect to do his duty as a hand shall be dismissed for that day by the manager and draw no share of the gold found that day in which he may refuse or neglect to do his duty. any person of the Company loosing a day by sickness of himself or family shall pay to the Company the sum of one dollar to be kept as a fund to defreay Expenses any person loosing a day idely or otherwise shall pay two dollars & in all cases where the Law compell [one] dollar. no children nor Slave shall be received as a hand by the manager every one shall find a horse in turn to perform the necessary halling [and in neglect] shall pay for each day the sum of fifty cents each day and the manager shall be allowed to hire a horse in the room if one can be had for said sum if thought necessary in witness we set our hands November 25th 1834.


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