David Thomas was born ca. 1805 in Anson County NC. As a young child, he moved with his father and mother to Chester County SC. David Thomas Jr. married Mary (Polly) Neely prior to the 1830 Chester County Census. At that time, David Thomas Jr. and family were enumerated near the home of David Thomas Sr.

In the mid 1830's, David Jr. and brothers Ananias and Richard moved to Alabama. They first settled in Blount County AL. Dated 29 Aug 1838, and arising from a debt owed to John Curtis, David Thomas and brother Ananias placed land and livestock into a trust held by Daniel McPherson. The livestock was described as "1 small bay mare 12 year old sorrel horse colt one clay bank filly white mane & tail 1 sorrel one blind sorrel horse and eighteen head of cattle". The land was described as the NW 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of Sec 2, in Twp 13 Range 2 West. What can we learn from this record, and what eventually happened to this land?

Alabama law allowed homesteaders to pay for land grants in installments. Also, as long as the person lived on and made improvements to the land, then another person could not buy the the grant out from underneath them by merely paying off the amount due. With this in mind, David and Ananias were likely in the process of aquiring a joint grant when the expense and hardship of making a new home in Alabama led to their debt trouble. Dated 1 Aug 1839, John Curtis formally became the owner of this land when he received Grant # 10589. The description of this grant is the same as that found in the 29 Aug 1838 deed of trust. Gaining control through the deed of trust, John Curtis likely payed the amounts due on the grant. This needs to be verified. This land later fell into the hands of Ananias Thomas. Dated 2 Dec 1871, the estate record of Ananias Thomas, deceased, included an "Application to Sell Land for Distribution". One of the tracts of lands listed was the same as described in the 1838 deed of trust. Also, on 2 Apr 1857, Ananias received Land Grant # 24839 which adjoined the land in the 1838 deed of trust. Knowing the history of the land and brother Ananias, there still remains the question of what happened to David Thomas Jr.?

The only land record for David Thomas in Blount County is the 1838 deed of trust. On 1 Mar 1858, David received Land Grant #24536 for 80.1 acres nearby in Jefferson County. Situated near the Little Warrior River, his farm was located about 8 miles from Myrick's Ferry on the main public road leading from Jasper in Walker County to Elyton in Jefferson County. Elyton was once where West-Birmingham is now.

As with some of his neighbors, David Thomas too believed in the United States and the cause of the Union Forces. A theft of property owned by David Thomas led him to file Claim # 54859 of "The Claims of Loyal Citizens for Supplies furnished during the Rebellion" in 1871. The following is taken from the 47 pages of testimony and record found in this claim. Dated 27 Mar 1865, two union troops under the command of Maj. Gen. J. H. Wilson stole a mule from David Thomas. David and son Nathan T. Thomas witnessed the theft. Friend Alexander H. Burns witnessed the troops leading the mule down the road to Myrick's Ferry. Two miles away, the troops also took David's sorrel mare that was at his "widowed daughter's" home. At the time of the testimony date, this daughter had removed from the county and could not be found. David further states "that the last time that I heard from her and her children, they were in the State of Illinois…". He eventually received a total of $125.00 for his loss. The Claim includes several very important bits of information. At the 1880 time of testimony, David stated that he farmed in Jefferson County for more than thirty years. From his 80 acres, David had cleared 30 acres while 50 remained woodlands. At the 1880 time of testimony, he stated "my age is 75 years" and "I was born in Anson County in the State of North Carolina." David testified that at the time of the war, he had two brothers that were too old to fight in the rebel army. Testifying on behalf of David Thomas, nephew Ananias N. Thomas stated: "I am related to the claimant.. …. he is my uncle…. .. he and my father were brothers …. ..I have no interest in this Claimant." Ananias N.Thomas Jr. further testified to the nature and conviction of beliefs held by his Uncle David.

In the 1880 Alabama Census, David Thomas was living in Blount County. It is believed that he died shortly thereafter.

The children of David and Mary Neely Thomas are:

A. Raleigh (Riley) Thomas b. 1825 SC, married 24 Jan 1844 Cincinatti Smith b. 1834 AL. Raliegh mustered in on 26 Feb 1862 at Shelby Springs, Jefferson County AL. Serving as Corporal in CSA Co. G, 28th Reg. AL he died of an undisclosed cause, time unknown. His wife Cincinnati filed a military claim for settlement on 2 Oct 1862. The children of Raleigh and Cincinatti are (A) William Jeter Thomas b. 1844, married 30 Jul 1864 Angeline McCreary in Jefferson AL; (B) David W. Thomas b. 1845; (C) Harriet E. Thomas b. 1848; (D) Alby Thomas b. 1850; (E) Arminda Thomas b. 1852; (F) Tilla J. Thomas b. 1854; (G) Richard H. Thomas b. 1856; (H) Mary J. Thomas b. 1858; and (J) Bud Thomas b. 1860.

B. Lindsey Peyton Thomas b. 1828 SC, married Olive Burns b. 1825 AL. She is the daughter of Alexander and Lucretia Horton Burns. In the 1860 Jefferson County Census, 69 year old Lucretia Burns is listed as living in the house of Lindsey Thomas. Lindsey enlisted in C.S.A. Co. G., 28th Reg. AL. Dated 31 Dec 1864, Lindsey Thomas was killed in the Battle of Stones River outside of Murphreesboro TN. Olive Thomas filed a military claim of settlement on 31 Oct 1864.

Following the death of Lindsey, Olive maried second 14 Feb 1869 Kenton Tarpley Hulsey. They had one child. In respect for Olive's first husband, they named the child Lindsey Peyton Hulsey. In 1880, Olive is listed in Cullman County as head of household. She later died and is buried at Mt Vernon West in Cullman Co. AL.

The children of Lindsey and Olive Thomas are (A) William R. Thomas b. 1851; (B) Wade M. Thomas b. 1853; (C) Rebecca Caroline Thomas b. 7 Dec 1855 d. 26 Dec 1914 Addison, Winston Co. AL; (C) Miles LaFayette Thomas b. 28 Mar 1859 d. 29 Apr 1917 Winston Co. AL bur. Mt. Vernon West in Cullman Co AL, married 5 Jan 1885 Martha E. Savage; and (D) Martha Frances Thomas b. 15 Jan 1862 d. 4 Jan 1945 Winston Co. AL, married 19 Dec 1878 William B. Carter.

C. Franklin Thomas b. 1830 SC. Found in 1880 Montgomery County AR p. 531 Frank Thomas 50, Elizabeth 54, Lucinda 20, Nancy 18, Miles 14, Richard 11, and William age 1. Was this the son of David? Need to check.

D. Richard H. Thomas b. 1836 AL, married Sarah A. b. 1841. Their children are (A) William Thomas b. 1858; (B) George D. Thomas b. 1860.

E. Nathan Trisvan Thomas b. 1838 Blount County AL d. 12 Sep 1925 Haleyville, Winston County AL. Nathan is buried at Liberty Grove in Ashridge Cem., Winston Co. AL. Nathan married 25 Oct 1858 Elmira Burrell. Nathan T. Thomas enlisted at Jasper, Walker County AL on 6 Sep 1862. He served in CSA Co. F, 56 Reg. AL. The children of Nathan and Elamira are (A) Mary E. Thomas b. Oct 1859 in Jefferson Co. AL, died young; (B) Peter Harvey Thomas b. 12 Jun 1863 d. 4 Mar 1951 and bur. Ashebridge Cem. in Winston County AL, married 30 Dec 1886 Nancy Jane Burns, dau of Jessie B. and Elizabeth A.; (C) Nancy Amanda Thomas b.1865, married Burns; (D) Dicia Jane T. Thomas b. 1868 md. Ed Mitchell; (E) William Asa Thomas b. 9 Apr 1870 Jefferson Co AL d. 12 Dec 1925 Winnsboro Wood Co TX and bur. Goodhope Cem., married 10 Feb 1903 Annie Bell Dennis; (E) Sarah Thomas b. Oct 1873 AL, d. Walker Co AL, married 5 Jan 1904 Arhie Harris.

F. Martha Jane Thomas b. 1841 AL, married 14 Jan 1857, Russell Battles b. 1834. The family of Russell Battles is listed in the 1860 St. Clair County AL census. The children are (A) Harriet E. Battle b. 1859.


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