North Carolina General Assembly, Nov-Dec 1799 Session, Box 1
North Carolina State Archives

A later petition by the inhabitants of "Upperend" Anson County refers to this bill.

A Bill to Establish a Separate Election
and General Muster in the County of Anson
Be it enacted by the General Assembly
of the State of North Carolina and it is hear-
by enacted by the authority of the same
that hearafter the Sheriff or his lawfu-
ll [Deputy] of the County of Anson Shall on
the Wednesday preceeding the day for
holding the annual Elections in this
State open and hold an Election at
the place where briant Lee formerly
Lived on the north west side of laines
Creek, and the Suffrages Given in
at the said Election Shall be counted
out at the place where they shall be
taken and a Statement of Said poles
Shall be transmitted to the court house
and there added to the votes taken for the
county at large and the said Election
Shall be conducted in the same manner
and under the same rules regulations and
restrictions as all the other Elections are done
in this State--


and be it further enacted xx xxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx that the Sheriff or Other returning
officer Shall at the same time hold the Elections
for Electing a representative for Congress&
to Elect Electors to vote for president and Vise
president of the United States under the same
rules regulations and restrictions as is by law
and be it further enacted that if any
person shall vote at xxxx xxx xxx xxxx
the separate Election and Shall vote at the
annual Election Shall forfit Ten Pounds one half
to the use of the informer and the other
to the poor of the County
& Be it further enacted xx xxx xxxxx xx xxxx
that the field officers in the said County are
hereby authorised and empowered to divide
the regiment in said county into two battalions
and to Fix and Settle upon some suitable
and central spot to xxxx Muster and discipline
the Militia in the Second battalion.
and be it further enacted that the officers
and xxxxxxxx privates in the Second battalion
Shall be compelled and obliged When noticed thereto


thereto to Muster and parade duly and xxxxx
legally equipped at the place where
A majority of Said officers shall appoint
and fix as under all the penalties and
xxxxxx forfeitures now by law prescribed
for non attendance at General Musters; -
and the field officers of Said regiment
are required at Each and Every of the
Said Musters to give their attendance
and to do and Execute the duties incumbered
on them--

The following stub was enclosed with the Bill:

State of N Carolina
Wake County

This Day came before me
William May Esqr. and made oath in Due form
of law that on the twenty first of October last
he saw and advertisement giving Notice that
that there would be a Bill brought forward to
xl-General Assembly contemplating a
separate Elections & General Muster in the second
Battalion of the Anson Regiment of Militia
Sworn to & subscribed this 3rd Day of Dec 1799

J. Marshall J. P.

Wm. May