North Carolina General Assembly, Nov-Dec 1800 Session
Box 3, Petitions (separate County, Elections, or Muster)
North Carolina State Archives

This petition refers to a Bill passed by the General Assembly in Dec 1799.

To the Honorable the General Assembly of N---
-rolina now siting at Raleigh, the petion---
Inhabitants of Anson County humbly Shew---
that your petitioners for a long time has been---
a great disadvantage of going to General Musters
Elections by reasons of the Court house being Six or-
miles from the center many of us having upwards
Thirty miles from said Court house we did---
for a long time wish for a separate muster & Electi---
and some time before the last general assembl---
Did give Publish notice as the law directs and sign---
Petition for that purpose and agreeable to our
the General Assembly did pass a law and in a---
it much more Convenient for all the upper---
Said County but now we are informed that a 
few designing men for some sinister view
without any just cause are about to petition your
honorable body to Repeal said act---
your petitioners pray that the said act for 
Separate Muster & Election may Continue to the great
Satisfaction of the upperend of the said
County, and your peptitioners as in duty bound
will ever pray & C                    near three hundred 

Richard Leg captain               Jacob Little
Daniel Coburn Capt                Edward Williams Capt
John Culpepper                    Joshua Williams
John Pressley                     Anthony Lee
Nathan Morris                     Young Stokes
Jonathan Yarborough               gorge [his (G) mark] Kiker
James Yarborough                  Ambrose Yarborough
George Blair                      Britton Yarborough
William Smith                     Solomon Yarbrough
Julious Allen                     Hum. Yarbrough Senr.
garner? high                      Humphry Yarbrough
John Robins                       Wyatt Nance
Jacob Austin                      Archiball (X) Welks
John Lee Juiner                   Drury Auston
Thomas (X) Alsten                 Jesse Brooks
James Sparks                      Ben Sims
Amon Yarboraugh                   henry Ross
Joel White                        henry Hinson
William Wilthur?                  Joshua hinson
                                  peter manis

John Maness                       Edmond Thomas
George Carpenter                  BeC? thomond? Crosel?
Michael Austin                    Hugh Ross
Allen Boggett                     Joackim Hutson
Uzziel Baggett                    Ebenezer Ross
William Barns                     John Cobb
Thomas (T?)oloson                 Solamon Mullis
William Curley                    William Maness
Ezekiel morton                    Gabriel Harden
Hen.? Taylor                      Elijah Coburn
Francis Coburn                    Benjamin (X) Thomas
Joshua Hudson                     John Williams
Stephen Lacy                      Richard Manis
Wm. Monteith                      Edward Brumloe
Henry Hall                        John Holland
D. Cuthbertson                    --? Archb? Taylor
John Mask                         Charles Griffin
Robert Cook                       Nathan Hinson
Josiah Mokes                      Allen Trull
William Pearce                    Jacob Girly
Richard Lee                       Isom Girley

thomas Hood                       John Girley
Sess? Watson                      Saml Smith
---ing yeomons                    Griffin Nash
David Arnett                      John Curley
Lee yarbrough                     Benjamin Smith
Leonard Musselwhite               John Austin
William Tye                       John Hill
Richard Alston                    Isaac Hill (Hall?)
Annanis Thomas                    James Austin
Willis Gurley                     William Broadaway
William Austin                    William Pankon
Ezekiel Thomas                    David Hall
Miles Smith                       Alexander Phillips
John McClendon                    Jacob Pinyon
Wm Lee                            William McKintyare?
Richard Smith                     Peter Winfield
Lacy? Allen                       Samuel Ramesy
                                  David Helms
                                  Darling Allen

William Henson Captin             
Headley Coburn Leuitininent
John emialis? insign              John Presly
Elijah Henson                     Jacob Green
John William Thomas               Joseph Barnes
James Megehee                     allen taylor
Thomas megehee                    Mountssei price
James Mcgehee                     William Brumlou
Samuel Burns                      Elijah Preslar
James Burns                       Lewis Brumlou
John Hooks                        Moses Wingon?
William Phillips                  William Lehon 
Hennearzy Sides                   Joseph Over kash
Moses Sides                       James Mullis
James Ross                        Jacob Green
Benjamin Megehee                  Bryan Falla
William Polk                      Moses tanhein?
John megehee                      James Gurley
Thomas Polk                       William Pool
Sharod Elles                      John Frederick
James English                     John Uriah? Elli?
Slather Stord?                    James Coberson
James Vinson                      Stephen Gilbert
Samuel Duffy                      William Morton

Robert Lee Senr.                  Aaron Dunn
Robert Lee Jun.                   Richd Randle
John Lee                          Boothe (X) Robertson
Thomas [his (T) mark] Preslar     Mathew Turner
Jerimiah Smith Jun                Isaac Little
Charles Thompson                  Isaac ??
Lewis Atkins                      Thomas Stone
Labon griam                       Dennis Henly
Jacob Stricklin                   Benja Boykin
Reuban hildreth                   David Grissom
Williamson L??                    Jacob Chester
Uriah Tison                       William Boykin
Benny Luten                       John Dees?
John Beverly                      Samuel Carter
Thomas Lacy                       John Wright Sen?
John White                        Wm Johnson
John Lisenby                      John Fanagaine
John Cason                        Thomas Lewis
Jerimiah Misser                   Joseph White Jun.
Job Davis                         James Farnier
James Grissom                     William Moses Cay--?
Richd Stone                       Osborn A. Barber
Jesse J. McHenre?                 Boyan? McClendon
Barnabay --octes?                 John D---s
Elias Preslar

Benjamin Parremmore Capt          William Tison
Wm Briley                         Benkamin Watts
Rolen Williams                    James (+) Lee
Dennas (x) Mcclendon              Ambrose Yarbrough
John Mackhenry                    William Seagraves
John Smith                        Archibald Smtih
David White                       Brahum Barber
Jesse tison                       Wm Segraves Senr.
Isom Saint                        John Reins
Benja Smith                       Jeptha Morris
Dennis Ingram?                     Geo Phillps
Moses (X) Ward                    John Thomes
Wm Little                         Thos Adkinson
?? Denton                         Thomas High
abraham Briley                    Jery Bettle
Archibald Ezell                   Davis Yarbrough
Jerry Smith                       Stark Ramsey
Lewis Davis                       Miles Smith
William Travis                    Robertson Pistole
Drury Smith                       Burrel Seagraves
Charles Ferrel                    Elijah Pope
Mathew Ingram                     James Harrel
Edward Lacy                       William (X) Exum
Thomas Hemby                      Paul Allen
Richard Allen                     Paton Lunsford?