Born 4 Aug 1809, Benjamin was the second child born to Jacob and Elizabeth Edwards Thomas. He married ca. 1835 Belinda Maness. Belinda was born 25 Dec 1818, the daughter of Amos and Mary Maness. Dated 30 Jan 1849, Amos Maness mentioned daughter Belinda Thomas in his Last Will and Testament. Executors were friend and acquaintance Milas W. Maske, and son-in-law Benjamin Thomas. Amos also requested that his executors also act as guardians for sons Pleasant M. Maness and Amos Manes.

Like his older brother, Benjamin was given a gift deed from his father on 22 Dec 1849. For 50 cents, Benjamin received 250 acres (13-209, Anson) situated on the Watery Branch where it crosses the Union/Anson County line. "Containing 250 acres more or less it being a tract of land granted to William Gurley the 9th day of March 1799 as reference to said grant will more fully show". Witnesses were Allen Carpenter and John H. Lilly.

Situated near the intersection of now Burnsville and Edwards Store Roads, Benjamin Thomas built his home which included two log structures. As passed down to Mr. Crawford Thomas, the home consisted of a bedroom house and a kitchen house that were connected by a plank walkway. Crawford's grandfather told him that the children were not allowed in the bedroom house until nightfall. And before entering the bed house, they had to first remove their shoes in the kitchen house.

Written on 23 Oct 1857, and probated Jan 1858, Benjamin Thomas wrote his Last Will and Testament. He bequeathed all that he had to his wife Belinda. Witnessed by Jason Broadway and Jacob Thomas, trusty friend John Thomas was appointed Executor. Benjamin Thomas died 5 Nov 1857 and is buried on his old homeplace. Belinda joined her husband in Nov 1896. Other relatives are buried in this nicely preserved cemetery situated on Ansonville Road in the side yard of Bruce Thomas.

Arising from a petition, the Dower lands assigned to Belinda Thomas were divided between the heirs in common on 1 Mar 1897 (32-430, Anson NC). Considered to be 1/8th share of the land value, Sallie A. and husband George W. Baucom received 40-acres being Lot #1. Considered to be 1/8th of the land value, Ellen Edwards and husband E. D. Edwards received 45 acres on the Watery Branch being Lot #2. Considered to be 4/8ths share in value, Joseph Thomas received 220 acres on the Watery Branch being Lot # 3. Considered to be 2/8ths share of the land value, Jane Permentor received 98 acres on the Watery Branch being Lot # 4.

The Children of Benjamin and Belinda Thomas are:

A. Thomas Thomas b. 1838 as indicated in the 1860 Anson County Census.

B. Mary E. Thomas b. 23 Jul 1837 d. 3 Nov 1917, married 20 Oct 1874, Alfred H. Nance b. 1839. Alfred is the son of John Nance. Alfred married first Penie Little, the dau of Laban. They had two sons (A) Jonah Nance married Weddington; and (B) Thomas Nance moved to Texas. Following the death of Penie, Alfred married Mary "Mollie" Thomas.

C. Sarah "Sallie" Ann Thomas b. 15 Dec 1840 d. 9 Sep 1925 bur Jerusalem, married first Alfred Benton Edwards. He was killed in the Civil War. The children of Sarah and Benjamin are (A) Arana Edwards,(died young)buried at the Benjamin Thomas Cem.; and (B) Lucinda Emeline Edwards b. 20 Oct 1862 d. 14 Mar 1952 bur. Euto Bapt., married 27 Jan 1881 Henry Marshall Moore b. 1 Apr 1861 d. 19 Jan 1895, son of Andrew and Mary Austin Moore.

Sarah Ann Thomas Edwards married 12 Mar 1867 George Wilson Baucom b. 27 Jul 1837 d. 16 Jun 1921. Their children are (A) Hortensi Baucom b. 26 Nov 1867 d. 26 Nov 1925 died of Cancer, bur. Jerusalem; (B) Susan Elmira Baucom b. 25 Nov 1869 d. 1 Mar 1957, married 29 Aug 1889 Marcus Ceil Traywick, b. 7 Dec 1856 d. 14 Mar 1923, son of Henry Sinclair and Elizabeth Lowtharp Traywick; (C) Delilah W. Baucom b. 1870; (D) Joannah Baucom b. 17 Sep 1871 d. 4 May 1949 bur. Jerusalem (single); (E) Henry B. Baucom b.13 Dec 1873 married Emma Smith; (F) Hettie Clementine Baucom b. 2 May 1876 d. 2 May 1876 bur. Jerusalem (single); (G) Ada Jane Baucom b. 2 May 1878 d. 8 Jul 1956 Bur. Jerusalem, married John Calvin Helms b. 24 Dec 1882 d. 1 Aug 1947; and (H) Alfred Lee Baucom b. 11 May 1880 d. 21 Apr 1947, married 6 Dec 1902 Blanche Louisa Davis b. 13 Jun 1889, daughter of Rev. A. Culpepper and Sarah Elizabeth Hamilton Davis.

D. Jacob Thomas b. Dec 16 1842. On 24 Feb 1862, Jacob Thomas enlisted CSA Co. H, 43rd Reg. NC. He is recorded as serving through 1864, but believed to have died in the war.

E. Amos Thomas b. 19 Dec 1844 d. 6 Nov 1882, married first on 14 Mar 1881 Sylvania B. Griffin b. 3 Sep 1843 d. 6 Nov 1880. Two years after his brother Jacob, Amos also enlisted in CSA Co. H, 43rd Reg. NC. Volunteering in Lenoir County, he served until captured at Petersburg VA on 2 Apr 1865. Confined at Point Lookout MD, Amos was released in 1865. The children of Amos and Sylvania are (A) Mittie E. Thomas b. 1870, married 6 Nov 1887 Sidney M. Harrell, son of J. P and Nancy E.; (B) Wriston T. Thomas b. 1872, married Maness; (C) Sandy Clifford Thomas b. 3 Apr 1874 d. 10 Jun 1941 bur Rocky Mount Bapt in Anson Co, married Henrietta Curlee b. 31 Jan 1877 d. 14 Jun 1972, daughter of David and Adeline; (D) Melinda Thomas b. 8 Jun 1875, married 19 Feb 1891 Marshall Edwards b. 1871, son of Lexy and Catherine Edwards; (E) Hettie Geneva Thomas b. 1 Nov 1876 d. 6 Apr 1960 bur. Jerusalem (single); (F) Susan A. "Clementine" Thomas b. 1878, married I. M. Swanner; (G) William Albert Thomas b. 10 Apr 1880 d. 27 Nov 1945 bur. Jerusalem, married 2 Nov 1901 Sophronia Braswell b. 15 Dec 1880 d. 10 Dec 1951 bur Pleasant Hill, daughter of Timothy and Elizabeth; and (H) Florence Thomas, married Birmingham. Sylvania Thomas died and is buried in the Benjamin Thomas Family Cemetery. She was later joined by her husband.

Amos married second on 14 Mar 1881 to distant cousin Elizabeth Thomas. Dying the following year, Amos is buried in the Benjamin Thomas Cemetery. His grave is marked with a marble stone reserved for Civil War veterans. Gaurdians were appointed for the minor children of Amos and Sylvania.

F. Martha Thomas b. 12 Aug 1847 d. 6 Aug 1897 bur Benjamin Thomas Cem, married 19 Sep 1866 James Alfred Edwards b. 14 Jun 1845 d. 15 Sep 1930, son of John and Mary Spears Edwards. Dated 10 Aug 1863, James enlisted in Co. D, 10th Bat. NC Heavy Artillery. Accounted for through out his service, James was hospitilized 6 Feb 1865 for Chronic Diarrhea. He returned to Anson County where he married Martha Thomas. The children of Martha Thomas and J. A. Edwards are (A) Sarah Jane Edwards b. 1869; (B) Jacob W. Edwards 1872, married Margaret E. 1894; (C) William Allen Edwards b. 1876, married 9 Nov 1901 Annis Horne b. 1883, dau of A.D. and Susan; (D) James Wilson Edwards b. 1878; (E) Mary Ellen Edwards, married Thomas L. Meggs; (F) Joseph Henry Edwards; (G) and Linda Green Edwards.

G. Belinda Jane Thomas b. 12 Aug 1847 d. 14 Mar 1924 bur. Jerusalem Cem, married 8 Dec 1880 Jesse J. Permenter. Born ca. 1847, Jesse is the son of Henry and Lucy Permenter. In the 1880 Anson Co. Census, the not yet married Jesse Permenter and Jane Thomas were living at the house of Joseph and Lucy A. Thomas. Only two years later, Jane Permenter applied for a widow's year allowance on 6 Jun 1882. According to the record, Jesse J. Permenter died 12 May 1882 interstate with no children in the family under the age of fifteen. Jane received a total of $300 including $64 dollars received from her brother Joseph. In the 1910 Anson County census, Jane Permenter is listed as living at the house of her nephew James Benton Thomas. Of interest, the division of Belinda's Dower right listsFrank Permentor, Brady Permentor, and Bettie Helms and husband as heirs-at-law of J. J. Permentor.

H. Benjamin Thomas b. 2 Aug 1849 d. 23 Oct 1906 bur. Pleasant Grove Cem., Union County. He married on 1 Apr 1872 to Margaret Jane Bivens b. 10 Aug 1853 d.8 Jul 1928 bur High Ridge Bapt, daughter of James and Jane. Their children are (A) Leonidas (Lonnie) A. Thomas b. 8 Jul 1874 d. 30 Sep 1950 bur Mills Family Cem, married on 22 Jan 1896 to Thetus Mills b. 8 May 1876 d. 18 Feb 1934, daughter of J. F. and Corilla Nash Mills; (B) Joseph Henry Thomas b. 5 Nov 1876 d. 29 May 1938 bur. Monroe Cem, married 12 Oct 1911 Addie Kizzer b. 17 May 1894 d. 29 Aug 1961, dau of John Lee and Sarah Ann; (C) Ida J. Thomas b. Dec 1875, married 113 Feb 1901 Emsley M. Polk b. 1875, the son of Owen and Elizabeth; (D) Samuel Lester Thomas b. 21 Mar 1881 d. 3 Jan 1939 bur. High Ridge Cem., married 11 Apr 1906 Ola Blake Pope b. 8 Apr 1883 d. 23 Aug 1977, daughter of Orren Pope; (E) Gay Thomas b. Oct 1885, married 20 Sep 1908 G. R. Mills b. 1889, son of Sidney and Mollie; (F) Alice Thomas b. 1887, married 6 Dec 1910 J. W. Meigs, son of J. T. and Frances; (G) Oscar C. Thomas b. Dec 1889 d. 1978 bur High Ridge Bapt, married 29 Nov 1911 Fannie Pope b. 1895 d. 1969, dau of Jim and Jane; and (I) Bryce Thomas b. 22 Oct 1892 d. 29 Feb 1972, married 22 Sep 1923 Clara Edwards b. 4 Sep 1905, the dau of Jim Edwards.

I. Joseph J. Thomas b. 2 Aug 1849 d. 1911 bur Benjamin Thomas Cem, married 23 Oct 1873 to Louisa Anne Tucker b. 5 Dec 1851 d. 1882, the dau of Geo and Rowena Tucker. Dated 17 Oct 1890, Joseph deeded 1 acres for the use of New Home Baptist Church. The children of Joseph and Louisa are (A) Jessie B. Thomas b. 19 Jul 1874 d. 24 Feb 1945 bur Jerusalem, married first 21 Jun 1897 Mary R. Jones b. 23 Aug 1874 d. 24 Apr 1917, married second Lillie J. Bryant b. 30 Jan 1881 d. 26 Jul 1939; (B) James Benton Thomas b. 6 Dec 1876 d. 30 Jan 1938 bur. Jerusalem, married 27 Dec 1900 Flonnie Alice Little b. 13 Mar 1880 d. 2 Sep 1955, dau of Geo and Jane; (C) Sebern G. Thomas b. 1878 d. 1885 bur Benjamin Thomas Cem; (D) George Fulton Thomas b. 18 Jul 1881 d. 17 Aug 1948 bur Jerusalem, married Ola Thomas b. 27 Jan 1885 d. 7 Feb 1971, dau of Henry W. and Mary F.; (E) Thomas Henry Thomas b. 22 Sep 1883 d. 5 Apr 1942 bur. Jerusalem, married 1 Sep 1907 Lillie May Wright b. 12 Jul 1886 d. 15 Jan 1918, dau of Jessie and Lillian; (F) Minnie Thomas b. May 1877 bur Faulks Chapel, married 18 Nov 1903 Arice Calvin Pope b. 1878; (G) Catherine Thomas b. Mar 1887, married Arce Pope following the death of her sister; and (H) Nice Thomas b. May 1877.

J. Lydia Ellen Thomas 11 Dec 1851 d. 20 Jun 1935 bur. Jerusalem, married 12 Dec 1862 Edmond D. Edwards b. 18 Jul 1860 d. 17 Jun 1939, son of Allen and Louisa. Their children are (A) Clyde Edwards b. 1886, married 19 Oct 1902 Minnie Traywick b. 1890, dau of Frank and Sarah; (B) Ressie F. Edwards b. 15 Aug 1890 d. 19 May 1991 bur Jerusalem, married Robert Randolph Thomas b. 25 Aug 1889 d. 28 Apr 1958.

K. Jesse James Thomas b. 5 Jan 1854 d. 24 Jun 1932 bur Fountain Hill, married on 28 Aug 1873 to Catherine Caraway b. 29 Jul 1856 d. 15 Mar 1947. Catherine is the daughter of Elbert N. and Jane McClain Caraway. On the death certificate for J. J. Thomas, his wife is listed as Nancy. Also, his mother is listed as Lucinda Caudle, this does not match census and other records. Their children are (A) Arana Thomas b. 1875; (B) Jacob Lemuel Thomas b. 20 Sep 1876 d. 28 Jul 1964 bur. Fountain Hill, married 12 Feb 1903 Elizabeth Pet Birmingham b. 8 Sep 1882 d. 8 Feb 1936, dau of Samuel and Susan; (C) John Milland Thomas b. 17 Apr 1879 d. 18 Mar 1948 bur Fountain Hill, married 17 Dec 1902 Sylvania E. Tarleton b. 11 Jul 1886 d. 28 Dec 1949, daughter of Cul. W. and Margaret Sylvania Tarlton; (D) Ada M. Thomas b. 30 Jul 1885 d. 6 Nov 1959 bur Fountain Hill Cem, married James W. Coley b. 25 Dec 1877 d. 27 Oct 1960; and (E) Clemmie Thomas b. Mar 1894 d. 1962 bur. Fountain Hill. Maried Griffin

L. Lucy Clementine Thomas b. 10 Dec 1856, married on 14 Dec 1872 George W. Baucom, son of John S. and Julia. Both Clementine and her husband died before the death of her mother. Found in the estate records for Elizabeth Thomas, Cleburne Thomas was listed as the only heir of Clementine and George Baucom, Dec'd.


The Last Will and Testament of Benjamin Thomas


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