Born ca. 1802, Ananias was named for his Uncle who lived along Richardson's Creek in Anson/Union County NC. Ananias N. Thomas married Catherine in Chester County SC prior to 1830. In the 1830 Census, Ananias was living in York County SC, just a little north of his father. He removed to Blount County AL and first purchased land in 1838. Ananias used the Title of Sr. in order to distinguish himself from a nephew with the same name.

Aanias and his brothers likely experienced many hardships in making their new home in Alabama. Providing a glimpse into the life of Ananias, his land records in Alabama are as follows:

Deed, (B-371-3, Blount AL), 29 Aug 1838. Indebted to John Curtis for the sum of $200, David and Ananias sold land and stock to Daniel McPherson, Trustee. If three notes are not paid by 25 Dec 1840, then the land and stock will be sold and the proceeds given to McPherson or Curtis. The land was the NW 1/4 quarter of the NE 1/4 of Section 32 Twp of Range 3 West. They also conveyed the following stock: 1 small bay mare, 12 year old sorrel horse colt one clay bank filly white mane & tail 1 sorrel ____one blind sorrel horse and eighteen head of cattle".
Certificate #9641, Blount County AL, 10 Sep 1838. Being 42 acres in the SW quarter of the SW quarter of Section 29, in Twp 13 of Range 2 West.
Deed, (G-389-90, Blount AL), 30 Apr 1850. Being 40/14/100ths acres in the SW 1/4 quarter of the SW 1/4 quarter of Section 29, in Twp 13 of Range 2 West. Signed: Raleigh Thomas, Cincinati (X) Thomas. Note this was the same land as Certificate #9641 above. Did Ananias sale the land to his nephew Raleigh and then decide to buy it back?
Certificate #17400, Blount County AL, 1 Aug 1853. Being 40 14/100 acres in the NE quarter of the SE quarter of Section 29, in Twp 13 of Range 2 West.
Certificate #24839, Blount County AL, 2 Apr 1857. Being 120 7/100ths acres in the W half of the SE quarter of Section 29, and the SW quarter of the NE quarter of Sec 32, in Twp 13 of Range 2 West.
Certificate #27046, Blount County AL, 1 Mar 1858. Being 39 21/100ths acres in the NW quarter of the SE quarter of Section 32, in Twp 13 of Range 2 West.
Deed, (K-25, Blount AL), 4 Sep 1858. A. N. Thomas and wife Catherine to David N. Thomas. Being 40 14/100 acres and the SW 1/4 quarter of the SW 1/4 quarter of Sec 29, in Twp 13 of Range 2 West.

Ananias Thomas Sr. died sometime in 1871. Dated 2 Dec 1871, son John C. Thomas appeared before the Blount County Probate Court with a "Bill of Apraisement" of the Estate of Ananias Thomas deceased. Several related court records provide valuable information as to the family of Ananias Thomas. Though the burial location for Ananias is unknown, his name was likely written on one of the ancient stones that stand silently in area cemeteries. As for his wife Catherine, there is little hint as to her date of death or place of burial.

Dated 30 Jan 1872, John C. Thomas, Adm of the estate of Ananias Thomas deceased, applied to sale the lands of Ananias for the purpose of making an equitable division among the heirs. The heirs are listed as:

Nathan Thomas, Sarah Thomas and George Richards, Nancy L. and Richard Yarborough, Milly and George Brakefield, ---- -- Catherine Thomas the widow and Margaret and Gabriel Mullins adult heirs living out of this state….

Since the land could not be equitably divided, it was ordered that son John C. Thomas sale the lands of Ananias at the residence of Nathan Thomas on 20 Feb 1872. On 4 Mar 1872, the estate of Ananias Thomas was sold to John C. Thomas. Indebted to the estate of Ananias for the sum of $183.48, on 13 Feb 1873, John C. Thomas, Adm. appeared before the court. In this record, heirs of the estate of Ananias were listed as:

Catherine Thomas, his widow, of full age and resides in Montgomery County AR; Margaret Mullins and Manila E. Breakfield both of full age and reside in Montgomery County AR; Nathan Thomas and Clarinda Brakefield both of full age and now reside in Montgomery County AR, heirs of Elizabeth Reid deceased under 21 -names unknown--- reside in Basque County TX; Sarah Richards of full age and resides in Walker County AL; William P, George W., and John A. Thomas, minors reside in Blount County AL; Meuron Thomas under 21 resides in Jefferson County AL.

This record further states that shares were given to Reuben Ellis as guardian of the heirs of Elizabeth Reid and of Pressley Thomas.

The children of Ananias and Catherine are:

A. Margaret Thomas b. 1829, married Gabriel Mullins. After the Civil War, Margaret and family removed to Arkansas.Their children are (A) William J. Mullins b. 2 May 1847; (B) Sarah Ann Mullins b. 26 Jul 1848; (C) Elihu Franklin Mullins b. 24 Mar 1850 d. 7 Dec 1899 Montgomery Co. AR; (D) Martha Mullins b. 1852; (E) Catherine Thomas b. 1854; (F) John Mullins b. 1857; (G) Wiley Mullins b. 1860; (H) Margaret E. Mullins b. 1864, d. 8 Nov 1930 Mont. AR.; (I) Mary Jane Mullins b. 1867, married 2 Dec 1888 James J. Moore; and Samuel H. Mullins b. 5 Sep 1870 d. 22 Aug 1902 Garland Co. AR.

B. Sarah Jane Thomas b. 1830, married 21 Jul 1853 George W. Richards b. 1829. Note… in 1860 Jefferson County AL census, P. H. Roads was living at the house of George Richards. Their children are (A) Mary C. Richards b. 1855; (B) Margaret A. Richards b. 1858; (C) Nancy L. Richards b. 1859.

C. David Neely Thomas b. 1833 d. 10 Mar 1863 Richmond VA, married 18 Aug 1853 Elizabeth Yarborough b. 1839, the daughter of Nathan Yarborough. Bondsman was Gabriel Mullins. Neely enlisted 7 Apr 1862 CSA Co. A, 48th Reg. AL. Serving through 8 Sep 1862, he was hospitalized at Chimborazo Hospital #4 in Richmond VA. Listed as "Debility", he remained at Chimbazo until 8 Sep 1862, when he returned to duty. On 9 Mar 1863, he returned to the hospital, where he was treated for Pneumonia. His condition was noted as "Hopeless when admitted". David Neely Thomas died on 10 Mar 1863 and is buried in Richmond VA. In the 1870 Jefferson County Census, Neely's widow, Elizabeth, is listed as living with her children William, George, John, Delila, and Mary [Yarborough].

The children of Elizabeth Yarborough and David Neely Thomas are (A) William Presley Thomas b. 1855, married Mary J. Thomas b. 1862, married Yarborough?; (B) George Washington Thomas b. 23 May 1857 d. 12 Sep 1907 St. Louis OK; (C) John Alexander Thomas b. 1861 d 1933 Bowie TX; (D) Delila Thomas b. 1866; (E) Roda Anne Thomas b. 1873; and (F) Callie Thomas b. 1874.

D. Joseph Presley Thomas b. 1836 d. 3 Dec 1863. Serving in CSA Co. A , 48th Reg. GA, Joseph died in Marietta GA after being taken with illness. He married 27 Oct 1857 Minerva Ellen Yarborough in Blount Co. AL. Her parents are Uriah and and Elizabeth Yarborough.

The son of Minerva Ellen Yarborough and Joseph Presley Thomas is Elias Monroe Thomas b. Aug 1859 d. 4 Dec 1901.

E. John C. Thomas b. 4 Mar 1839 d. 6 May 1880 bur. Hopper Cem. in Montgomery Co. AR, married 12 Nov 1865 Mary Elizabeth Yarborough. Bondsman of the marriage was Richard A. Yarborough. Mary was born 1845, died 13 Dec 1916 and is buried at Cadds Gap, Montgomery County AR. Her parents are Nathan and Elizabeth Y. Yarborough. John served in CSA Co. F, 29th Reg. AL.

Their children are (A) Margaret H. Thomas b. Oct 1867, married Alec Yarborough, son of John Andrew Yarborough; (B) Sarah Jane Thomas b. Dec 1869; (C) Mary Catherine Thomas b. Feb 1872 d. 3 Mar 1914 Mont. Co. AR; (D) William M. Thomas b. 19 Nov 1874; (E) Nancy C. Thomas b. Sep 1878; and (F) Joseph B. Thomas b. 6 May 1880 Blount Co. AL d. 17 Jan 1954 Mont Co. AR; and (G) Ephriam Riley Thomas b. 8 Mar 1883 Blount Co. AL (twin); and (H) Eli Green Thomas b. 8 Mar 1883 d 29 Apr 1960, married 27 Nov 1909 Grace Coffman (twin).

F. Nancy "Eliza" Louisa Thomas b. 1941 d. 1916 Providence Cem. Blount County AL, married 1 Nov 1859 Richard A. Yarborough b. 1840 d. 1885. They were married at the house of Ananias Thomas. Richard Yarborough and David N. Thomas are bondsmen. On 7 Apr 1862, Richard enlisted in CSA co. A., 48th Reg. AL. He was wounded at Dedar Run VA on 9 Aug 1862. Confined to a hospital in Charlottesville VA, he was later released on 22 Oct 1862. On 9 Apr 1865, Richard Yarborough was among the many that surrendered at Appomatox VA.

The children of Nancy L. Thomas and Richard A. Yarborough are (A) Nathan Andrew Yarborough b. Aug 1860 d. 1927 Walker Co. AL; (B) John Alexander Yarborough b. May 1861 d. Tipson, Shelby Co. TX; (C) James Columbus Yarborough b. Feb 1866 d. Jan 1946 bur Providence, married 6 Nov 1887 Sarah Ann Thomas b. 26 Oct 1879 d. 12 Jan 1957, dau of William Mabry Thomas and Mary; (D) Thomas Jefferson Yarborough b. b. May 1869 d. 1910, married Margaret E. Thomas, dau of William Mabry and Mary they removed to Shelby County TX; (E) Sarah Elizabeth Yarborough b. 28 Jan 1874 d. 16 nov 1945 Blount Co. AL; (F) Margaret Jane Yarborough b. 1876; and (G) Dicy Cordella J. Yarborough b. 28 Oct 1878 d. 16 Jun 1962 Blount Co. AL.

G. Nathan T. (Bud) Thomas b. 1843 bur. Hopper Cem. Montgomery Co. AR. He married first Sarah A. Crook. He married second Catherine Yarborough. Nathan married third Rildy Boone on 24 Nov 1865 in Blount County AL.

H. Milly EmelineThomas b. 11 Feb 1846 Blount Co. AL d. Nov 2 1909 bur. Hopper Cem in Montgomery Co. AR. She married on 1 Aug 1865 George W. Brakefield in Blount County AL. George was born 1849 in SC. In the 1870 Blount County AL Census, Ananias Thomas age 65 and Catherine age 60 are living at the house of George and Emeline Brakefield. In the early 1880's, George and family moved to Montgomery County Arkansas.

The children of Emeline and George are (A) James A. Brakefield b. 1866, married 11 Dec 1888 Amanda H. Mathis; (B) William D. Brakefield b. 1868, married 23 Dec 1890 Lena C. Duke; and (C) Margaret Brakefield b. 1878 Blount County AL.

I. Clarinda C. Thomas b. 11 Aug 1849 Blount Co. AL d. 3 Feb 1920 bur. Hopper Cem in Montgomery Co. AR, married 6 May 1867 James W. Brakefield. Their children are (A) Sarah C. Brakefield b. 1872; (B) Nathan Brakefield b. 1873; (C) Samuel H. Brakefield b. 1875, married 26 Jan 1896 Minnie L. Smith; (D) Nancy L. Brakefield b. 1876; and (E) William Brakefield b. 1880.

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