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Pennsylvania Beer Coaster Guide

By Len Rosol email


This page is designed to be a guide to all Pennsylvania Beer coasters. My starting point for this guide is my own collection of about 750 different PA coasters, which I believe to be one of the 20 best collections of this state. My best guess is that at least 1200 different coasters are in various collections, and I hope to add them one at a time to this guide. If you have a coaster that I don't have pictured here, please send me a scan or a photo, and I'll add it to the guide with your attribution. If you're interested in selling the coaster to me, email me.

Guide last updated 1/20/2000. Currently 71 breweries and 445 coasters pictured

Coasters are listed by breweries. If you're looking for a Tech coaster, look at the Pittsburgh Brewing section. When more of my collection is online, I'll add a cross reference by brand to make finding a coaster even easier.

I assigned numbers to coasters to help identify them for trading/sale purposes. My process for this was to begin with a 3-5 character alpha tag to describe the brewery name (ex: PIT for Pittsburgh Brewing, JONES for Jones Brewing, or BAR for Barbey's) followed by a 3 digit number to identify which coaster from that brewery we're talking about. The numbers are not very organized, no attempt to rank coasters from oldest to newest was made. Small variations on coasters, especially those added after the initial set up, will occasionally get a letter suffix added to the end of the tag.

Initially, I'm going to set this up as one hypertext document that you will be able to scroll. When this proves too clumsy, I will attempt to break this document further into pages.

This is the first draft of this document. I'm starting it on 1/25/99, I expect to add 4-5 breweries a week, which means I should be done around June or so. Please notify me as to any mistakes I may have made.

No attempt at valuation has been made at this time, although I hope to go back to this at some point with additional input to try this.

OK, then. On to the coaster guide. I hope you enjoy. By the way - Sorry about the URL, the PA directory was full.


Enter the Pennsylvania Beer Coaster Guide

Questions? Leave a message at the Pennsylvania Beer Coaster bulletin board. You can leave comments, show new coasters, ask "did you ever see?" questions, tell me about errors or whatever.

Interested in buying/trading coasters? Visit my beer coaster sale page. I have a couple of nice Ohio and Pennsylvania coasters for sale now, as well as micros, and older 4" from across the country.

Another bulletin board, this one is for anyone interested in trading coasters. Post your wants, name, and email address, and let's get some trading done! Coaster Trading Bulletin Board

My Link Page has links to other coaster pages as well as every PA brewery with a web page I could find. Other beer and homebrew links are also there.

I'm also interested in potluck trades of US microbrewery/brewpub coasters. If you're interested in trading 1-50 of your dupes for the same of mine, email me and let's make it happen.


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