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Pennsylvania Beer Coaster Guide

By Len Rosol email


Latest update – 1/20/2000 – Added 5 new breweries and 47 coasters to the guide today. In those 47 were 9 additional Latrobe’s and a Pittsburgh Brewing Iron City Draft Beer update. Tom Reynolds send me a couple of scans of additional coasters from the Philadelphia Brewing Company, I’ll add them out there with the next update. Thanks to everyone for their help and insight.

I thought that this site would be done by now, but the responsibilities of being a recent father were much more than I had anticipated. I NEVER knew just how much time being a father to an infant took. Anyone who wants to see my little boy (the guy who takes all of my time), you can visit his site (much more frequent updates) at

My collection is geared more towards the western end of the state, especially the Pittsburgh area. I am looking for many coasters from the central and eastern portions of the state. Once a brewery is listed, that means that all of the coasters that I have from that brewery have been added, so feel free to contact me with pictures of additions to the guide. I will attribute them to your collection.


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Bartels Brewing Company – Edwardsville, PA (added 1/20/00)

Beth-Uhl Brewing Company - Bethlehem, PA (added 4/1/99)

John F Betz & Son – Philadelphia, PA (added 1/5/00)

Boyertown Brewing Company - Boyertown, PA – (added 1/5/00)

Brackenridge Brewing Company - Brackenridge, PA. (added 3/1/99)

Brownsville Brewing Company - Brownsville, PA (Added 3/1/99)

Bushkill Products Inc – Easton, PA (Added 4/26/99)

Columbia Brewing Company - Shenandoah, PA (added 4/19/99)

Daeufer’s Brewing Company – Allentown, PA (added 4/19/99)

Derby Brewing Company – Pittsburgh, PA (Added 1/20/00)

Dock Street Brewing Company – Philadelphia, PA (added 1/5/00) Brewpub

Dubois Brewing Company - Dubois, Pa (added 2/2/99)

Duquesne Brewing Company – Pittsburgh, PA (added 4/19/99)

Duquesne Brewing Company Plant #2, Chartiers Valley Pa. This plant made Carnegie and Anteek beer (added 3/31/99)

Otto Erlanger Brewing Co, Philadelphia PA – (Added 3/31/99)

Erie Brewing Company – Erie, PA – (added 1/5/00) – Original Erie Brewing company, makers of Koehler’s beer

Erie Brewing Company (DBA Hoppers Brewpub) – Erie, PA – (added 1/5/00) – Recent brewpub using name of Erie Brewing company

Esslinger Brewing Company – Philadelphia, PA – (Added 4/19/99)

Fell Brewing Company – Carbondale, Pa. (Added 3/17/99). My testament to the value of Ebay. I had only the first coaster 14 months ago when I moved to North Carolina from Pennsylvania. I bought the other three on Ebay after not seeing them at beer shows in Pennsylvania for 10 years.

Fernwood Brewing Company - Delaware County, PA (Added 3/1/99)

Fink’s Brewing Company – Harrisburg, PA (added 11/1/99)

Flocks's Brewing Company - Williamsport, PA (Added 3/2/99)

Fort Pitt Brewing Company - Pittsburgh, PA (Actually, Sharpsburg) (added 2/8/99)

Franklin Brewing Company- Wilkes-Barre, PA (Added 3/17/99)

Furhmann and Schmidt Brewing Company - Shamokin, PA – (Added 4/26/99)

General Braddock Brewing Co - Braddock, PA (Added 3/1/99) - Brewery was founded by Art Rooney, the founder of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Rumor has a "Rooney's Beer" coaster existing, but I'd love to see it.

Graupner Brewery - Harrisburg, PA (added 3/17/99)(updated 3/18/99)

Haefner Brewery – Lancaster, PA (Added 4/26/99)

Hohenadel Brewery – Philadelphia, PA (added 4/19/99)

Homestead Brewery - West Homestead, PA (Pittsburgh suburb) (Added 3/1/99)

Hornung’s Brewery – Philadelphia, PA – (Added 4/19/99)

Independence Brewing Company – Philadelphia, PA (Added 1/5/00)

Independent Brewing Company of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh PA (Added 4/19/99). This is the pre-prohibition Duquesne Brewing Company

Jones Brewing Company - Smithton, PA. (added 1/28/99)

Kuebler Brewing Company, Easton, PA (Added 3/31/99)

Lackawana Brewing Company – Scranton, PA (added 4/19/99)

Latrobe Brewing Company – Latrobe, PA (Added 3/17/99). Latrobe issued very few coasters until about 10 years ago, then they exploded with many issues.

Liebert & Obert Brewing Compnay - Philadelphia, PA (Added 3/1/99) (Includes Cooper Brewing Co)

Mount Carbon Brewing Company - Pottsville PA (added 4/19/99)

Mount Carmel Brewing Company - Mount Carmel, PA (added 2/2/99)

Moose Brewing Company - Roscoe, PA - (added 2/2/99)

Northhampton Brewing Company – Northhampton, PA – (Added 4/26/99)

Henry F Ortlieb Brewing Company – Philadelphia, PA – (added 1/20/00)

Penn Brewing Company – Steelton, PA (added 1/20/00)

Penn Star Brewing Company – Lancaster, PA (added 4/1/99)

Penn State Brewing Company – Lancaster, PA (added 11/1/99)

Pennsylvania Brewing Company – Pittsburgh (previously Philadelphia) PA – (Added 1/5/00). Both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh were the homes of this shipping brewery and brewpub. The items marked Philadelphia are when it was a contract brew, Pittsburgh items are from the brewery/brewpub located in the former Ebelhart and Ober brewery on Pittsburgh’s north side.

Philadelphia Brewing Company – Philadelphia, PA – (added 1/5/00)

Pilsener Brewing Company – Hazelton, PA (Added 4/26/99)

Pittsburgh Brewing Company - Pittsburgh, PA. Still in operation, they have a website. (added 1/25/99)

Pittston Brewing Company - Pittston, PA (Added 3/1/99) (updated 3/2/99)

Poth Brewing Company – Philadelphia, PA (added 11/1/99)

Premier Brewing Company – Philadelphia, PA (added 11/15/99)

Pretzel City Brewing Company – Reading, PA (Added 1/5/00) – Brewpub

Reading Brewing Company – Reading, PA (added 11/22/99) - Yes, there are MANY more to go here, just putting this one pre-pro coaster out for now. I think it’s REALLY worth seeing.

E. Robinson’s Sons- Scranton, PA (added 11/22/99)

O.C. Saltzman Brewery - Oil City. PA (Added 3/31/99)

St Mary’s Brewing Company – St Mary’s, PA (Added 4/1/99)

Sayre Brewing Company – Sayre, PA (added 11/1/99)

Christian Schmidt Brewing Company – Philadelphia, PA (Added 1/5/00)

Seitz Brewing Company – Easton, PA (Added 11/1/99)

South Bethlehem Brewing Company – Bethlehem, PA (added 1/5/00)

Sprenger Brewing Company - Lancaster, PA –(added 1/20/99)

Standard Brewing Company – Scranton, PA – (Added 4/26/99)

Stoudt's Brewing Company - Adamstown, PA - Brewpub and microbrewery - (added 1/28/99) - WEBSITE

Three Rivers Brewing Company – Pittsburgh, PA – (added 1/5/00) – brewpub, open 6 months in 1997

Tube City Brewing Company – McKeesport, PA – (added 3/31/99)

Union Brewing Company – New Castle, PA (added 4/26/99) – There was a different 8 sided coaster from this brewery that sold on ebay in December. I’d appreciate a picture of that one as well.

Valley Forge Brewing Company – Valley Forge, PA (Added 1/5/00) This is the microbrewery, not the closed regional which was once Adam Scheidt.

Victor Brewing Company - Jeanette, PA (added 2/8/99) (Inculdes coasters from Fort Pitt's Jeanette brewery)

Victory Brewing Company – Downingtown, PA (added 1/5/00) – Microbrewery and brewpub. If you like IPA’s, try their "Hop Devil". It’s about my favorite, I just wish they’d ship some down here to North Carolina.

Wacker Brewing Company – Lancaster, PA (added 4/26/99)

Wayne Brewing Company - Erie, PA (added 3/2/99)

Wyoming Brewing Company – Wilkesbarre, Pa – (Added 1/5/00)

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