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Welcome to Hades Walk In Closet


Hello, Children

Well here we are, in hell again. I see you're good at following directions when someone gives them to you. So few actually listen to what is said to them on a day to day basis and actually follow through with suggestions.... Again, I am Persephone, your tour guide and UnderMistress of Hades. Not everyone here is as friendly as I am - I would recommend you stay with the group, under penalty of death... and worse. Just keep your hands in the bus, don't feed the animals, and everything will go smoothly.

The redecorating is nearly complete... Notice that you came in through the front door this time, instead of through the closet. It's been a long and tedious process, children, but it's been my goal to make hell a nicer place for everyone. The first thing I did was throw out the Devil himself, and bring in some nicer fellas to spend my time with. You will find Adonis to be quite charming, and not nearly so vain as the tales make him out to be.

Below you'll find my lists of things to do while here in Hades, and a few links to sites set up by other permanent (or future permanent) habitants of Hades Realm. I'm sure my lists will be growing soon, to include some more fun spots, and more information (and maybe even some pictures!) about this Underworld and the folks who live in it.

Until then, enjoy! And thanks for stopping by here in Hades' Walk In Closet!

A special thanks to Jessimiah for queing me in on the fact that my previous guest book had been cancelled by the site hosting it without my knowledge. That problem has been fixed now, and you'll also find that the Furie's lounge is no more.

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Things to Do and See in the Underworld
Not that I would recommend you try to get here any sooner than necessary to do any of these things, but a few of the passtimes you can look forward to once you're a permanent resident here are as follows:

Fishing in the River Styx. This is best done with a very VERY long pole, and a net. For pity's sake, do NOT attempt to grab whatever it is you haul in out of the River Styx with your bare hands.... Not if you want to keep them. I have found that bologna works well as bait. Whole loafs of bologna....

Perusing our gallery of aspiring artists. That's right, big names like Van Gogh and Rembrant, as well as not so great names like Hitler. That last one isn't too good of an artist, but he's such a loud mouth, I finally let him put a couple of his works in the exhibit. Otherwise, he spends a lot of time boiling in oil. Van Gogh and Rembrant, however, spend a lot of time playing checkers and listening to the works of Mozart. Vincent looks much better, now that his ear has regrown, and he's even dating. You wouldn't believe what Wolfie can compose, now that his hearing has been returned to him... ah, but you'll have to wait until you get here, to find out.
See the Great Composers, "Live", in concert. That's right, if you're a fan of the theater and fine music, we have ALL the greats - we've got Mozart, we've got Choppin, and we've got Elvis and Kurt Cobain, too! And now, Elvis can eat all the gravy covered peanut butter and nanner sandwiches he wants, and keeps his "I'm 20 and sexy" body. Coming soon: Courtney Love. (oh don't act surprised - you know she's bound to end up here sooner than later.)
Read up on some of recent thoughts on things. I'm not guaranteeing that you'll find anything moving or life changing, here. In fact, I'm pretty much guaranteeing that you won't. But what the hey, you might just get a laugh, anyway.
Underworld Hot Spots

Athena's Choice Books
Pagan resources our specialty. Books, robes, altarclothes. You want it, we got it. If we don't, we'll help you find it.
Kether's Chatroom - Postmortem chat at it's finest.
Uncensored, unadulterated PostMortem Chatting at it's finest...Kether has to be my favorite visitor to the spirit world. Witty, charming, and humorous, I'm sure you will enjoy his company as much as I do.
Just what is Pantheism? Here's one of the better descriptions I've found.
Redmeat Comis, by Max Cannon
I scream, you scream, we all scream for RedMeat! Ok, so it doesn't rhyme. Never the less, this truly sadistic (yet hilarious) comic strip by Max Cannon is bound to please... this man inspires me...

Sadly, children, we have lost Carlos Alvarez and his delightful photography to that most evil of groups... the Internet Censors. A moment of silence for He who brought us such joy from the pain of others...


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Updated August 4 th , 2001

E-mail: Persephone