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Tuesday, 17 February 2004



Due to the obvious importance of this announcement I have forgone the Image of the week for an appropriate enough time to allow the most people possible to view this news. To view the official press release go HERE. Then go straight HERE to sign the petition to renew Angel for a sixth season. In all honesty this is unlikely to do anything but I for one think it's better to let The WB know they've screwed up royally by cancelling the show.

You can still enter the image of the week competition as usual.

To enter just send your image and the reason you like it Image of the Week.


 To read about the WB guy explaining why Angel has been cancelled - go HERE

To Read the current news about Joss Asking Sarah to reprise the role of Buffy for a Season 5 final episode - go HERE

And for Joss' response to Angel being cancelled - go HERE


The next episodes of 'Angel' to be viewed are:

UK: 'Lineage' - Skyone.

US: 'Smile Time' - The WB



The Episodes Guides have been completed to basic standards, I will soon add appropriate pictures to each episode.

The galleries for the Main Cast of Season 5 have been uploaded, Further galleries will be added soon.


After a reasonably long wait I finally managed to get around to reformatting the site. Since Angel Inc have moved onto bigger and eviler things I thought I may as well embrace good ol' Wolfram and Hart. Hope the new colour scheme isn't too bold.

Obviously I'm still updating the majority of the site right now but i thought I should get up the main page to show some progress.



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