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Advertisement for the Jeep Scrambler

Jeep Scrambler on EBay. You can find a lot of scramblers on eBay. Happy Bidding!!!

A 1986 Jeep Comanche spotted recently on Ebay. It is being sold by an Oregon surplus company, so I can only assume it was owned by the state of Oregon.

A 1978 Jeep 3/4 ton 4x4. I found it on Ebay (I've been on there a lot recently). It has a 360 motor, automatic trans, and chrome package.


Another Jeep J-20 I found on Ebay. It has 4 wheel drive, lockouts, a 360 V-8 and an automatic trans. It also came w/ a 6 foot meyer plow and a rollbar. The article said it had some rust, as you can see in the pics, and occasional transmission fluid leaks.

A 1981 quick facts bulletin on the J-truck.

A J-truck seen in the movie Twister. Sadly it gets destroyed in the movie when it gets sucked up by the tornado a thrown down onto its roof

A 1975 Jeep J-10 Golden Eagle. This is from the first year that the Golden Eagle was offered as an option for AMC


A shortbed J-10 that was found in a barn. It needs a lot of work to get back to its top shape.

Comparison facts and information for the Jeep honcho when it first came out.

This is a 1975 Jeep J-10 with...wood paneling? I've never seen one of these before.

UPDATE- I have found out what this package is. It is known as the "Pioneer." I have some more pictures of these which I will put on ASAP.

A photo from a press kit of a 1977 J-10 Golden Eagle.

In this old ad, you can see a Honcho with a bizarre orange paint scheme.

These are a couple of J-10 ads that I found on . They are full-size so I made a thumbnail gallery so they wouldn't take up as much space.

Some Jeep J-10s in different rally races. Note that 2 of them are sportsides. The caption under the bottom picture says: "J-10s are worthy challengers in the Pike's Peak Hill Climb event. To conquer the 10,000 foot Peak, engines must be tuned correctly before running in the thin air."






This is a 1977 Jeep J-10 Golden Eagle that I recently spotted on Ebay.  The auction recently ended

and the reserve for the truck was not met. Here are the specs-

  Jeep :  LIMITED ED  
  Miles: 128568     Doors: 2 doors  
  Transmission: Automatic     Interior: Tan  
  Engine: 8 - Cyl.     Year: 1978  
  Warranty: No     VIN Number: J7A25MZ098292  
  Title: Clear     Exterior: Brown  
  Condition: Used     Inspection: --  
4-Wheel Drive 

The good- All original, rebuilt 401 V8, rebuilt carb, rebuilt turbo 400 trans, minimal surface rust, replaced front u joints, replaced front spring u bolts, solid frame and bed.

    The bad- rust holes in bottom on tailgate, rusted through drivers rocker panel, small rust through behind rear wheel wells, spray paint touch ups on fenders,  J-10 emblem missing on drivers side.


This is a 1976 press kit of the 1976 Jeep Honcho.

A Honcho ad. As can be seen by the wide selection of Honcho pics on the site, the Honcho was available

with many different paint schemes over the years.

These are some pictures off of the official Jeep website. Sorry that the Honcho Sportside got cut out of the picture. The picture shows 2 Honchos, a townside and a sportside, as well as the interior of the Honcho.

This also came off of the Jeep official website. It shows the Honcho's 8 track and dash, as the caption says.

This is a picture that I took in West Roxbury, MA of a Jeep J-300. It is for sale at Lee Myles Transmission and comes with a Meyer snowplow. The bed has been replaced by a homemade flatbed. The stock fuel tank was replaced by a jerrycan placed on the flatbed.

A 1980 Jeep Honcho that Roger Mears used for racing at the

SCORE 1979 off-road world championship. It appears that Roger won a

whole bunch of awards in this event. Good Job!

Another Scrambler. The scrambler had an extremely low production run, thus making them hard to find today.

This old brochure compared Jeep's 1980 offerings with those of other auto manufacturers. On the front, it is comparing a J-Series truck with a Ford F-150.



A 1979 Jeep J-20. This was on Ebay. It is a former Long Island Volunteer fire dept. truck. The specs are-
Miles-3565 Doors-2
Transmission- Manual Interior- black
Engine-8 cyl year-1979
Warranty-No VIN #   J9M46YN088584
Title-clear Exterior- red
Condition- used Inspected-yes
Options- 4wd  

This Jeep here is a 1982 J-10. As you can see the rot on this is pretty bad. I found this picture on. You can view the ad for this truck by clicking here.

The cover of the 1986 accessories brochure.

A page from Canadian Jeep promotional liturature. Note the nice blue honcho carrying the motorcycle. One of these was used as a project vehicle for an article on page 1.

A great 1978 J-20. It is a great example of how Jeep built these beasts to last. After 27 years of farm work and fire dept. work, this truck has NO dents and NO rust. all that it needs is a battery and a new starter. It also needed the AC fixed, but that's optional. It has the 350 V8, and the 4 speed tranny, as well as huge front and rear bumpers. It was recently spotted on Ebay and sold for $910. It had 14 bids. That proves how valuable that these trucks are to people who need heavy duty work trucks. Since I am having trouble with the "slideshow" photogallery I have made each large picture into a thumbnail. To see the full size image click on the thumbnail.

Tonka's imitation Jeep Honcho. Tonka probably did this to avoid paying royalties to AMC to use the Honcho name. However, I've never seen a Honcho with brown/gold trim. This trim looks more like that of a Golden Eagle edition J-truck.Recently I have also seen a green one of these toys at a Cape Cod antiques shop.

This is a very interesting J-20 that is in use in Norway as a fire engine. Some interesting features are the extended bumper, cargo box molded into  the pickup bed, and modifications to the hood in order to fit the water pump. This is one of the most interesting vehicles that I have ever seen.

This J-10 sportside is definitely unique. It is covered in Budweiser advertising. It was spotted in Mission, British Columbia. I think that this truck might be a promotional item for Roger Mears, whose racing truck is shown earlier on this page, who was sponsored by Budweiser. That, or it could just have been a budweiser promotional item. On the bottom of the tailgate you can see "assembled in Canada." I found this truck and some info on it on

Another Ebay find. This is a page out of an old truck and van customizing magazine from 1976. And while it is not exactly a jeep, it is still an AMC pickup, even if it was a custom. The article tells how someone customized their '76 pacer into this neat little pickup. Wouldn't it be cool if AMC had actually made this?

If you happen to be a big AMC Jeep fan, or a Renault Alliance fan (if there are any), this is perfect for you. It is an actual AMC-Jeep/Renault dealer sign. It measures 11 feet wide and 5 feet high. It is on Ebay as of Sunday, August 7 and has no bids, and a starting bid of $1,000.

A wildly customized Jeep J-10 thriftside that someone turned into a 6x4, albeit rather unsuccessfully. This truck is just plain strange, no buts about it. This truck is very similar in a way to the Willys do Brazil tow truck that some genius turned into a 6x4 on the Willys do Brazil page. Note that on this truck there is a large metal object on the back. It looks like it could be a snow plow mount, or a forklift of something like that. Also note that this trucks' hood is on the bed.

These pictures of a 1972 Jeep J2000 stepside were sent to us by its owner. The vehicle is a former plow truck, and runs, but is not yet road worthy. The vehicles owner plans on restoring it and says that he will send us pics of it once it's finished. Best of luck!


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