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AMC purchased Jeep in February 1970. By now the 1 ton and 1/2 ton trucks introduced by Willys had been discontinued, as well as the FC-series trucks. What was left was the Gladiator and Commando trucks. After 1973, the Commando was discontinued, and The Gladiator was given a facelift and a new name. The trucks would now be referred to as the J-series trucks i.e. J-10, J-20, etc. The grille for 1973 was also new, along with some various other small changes. The most important one was the introduction of Quadra-Trac as an option of the J-series trucks. These trucks soldiered on until 1988 by which time Chrysler had acquired Jeep.


Off Road

1979 Jeep pickup "Tough Truck" driven by Ricky Brantley.

1975 Jeep J-10. This pickup was going to be fixed up but the guy ran out of money to do it. You can read about it by clicking here.


1986 Jeep CJ-10 aircraft tug spotted recently on a government surplus website.

Another one from the same website.

Here is the interior of the aircraft tug. Not much in the means of luxury, or even a dashboard, but it gets the job done.

1986 Jeep J-10. This was the last year that they made these, but a few runoff models made it to 1987-1988.

Jeep advertisement from 1979. The J-10 is in the middle and I think it is a blue honcho like the one featured elsewhere on this page.

Self explanatory. Jeep special equipment and accessories, including side guard rails for J-10.

1979 Jeep honcho and standard J-10.

1985 Jeep Comanche

Jeep Comanche as featured in Midtown Madness 2. This may be an '86 (AMC) or an '87 (Chrysler Corp.)  If you have MM2 and would like to download it, click here.

There are a lot of other downloadable cars on this site, too.

1985 AMC Jeep Ad. Note Renault Logo in corner.


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