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Smackin Isaiah
..:: Updates ::..

Nashua Girls Like To Dance.
Last nights show in Nashua, New Hampshire was a really fun time. They played alot of new songs that made the release of the new album seem even farther away than it already is. Mute Print is being released on September 30th. Thats a long wait. But according to Trevor, its going to be worth the wait.

"The new cd is fuckin rad. Put THAT on your website!"-Trevor

oh yeah and they're playing a free show in downtown NB in July. If you were dumb enough to miss the show last night (or had a wedding to go to..bad excuse) then you should definately check it out.




Let the bitching and moaning begin...
I guess its safe to announce that Smackin' Isaiah will now go by the name The Wilhelm Scream. Jumpstart Records announced it before me on their site, so im assuming its alright. Many people dont really like the idea of the name change, but theres really nothing you can do except support them. Yeah its disappointing, especially for us who have been following them for a while, but its something they wanted to do. Besides, its a really good name. Im willing to bet they will still be the best live show you will ever see and the new album will still kick your ass like the rest.

The only complaint i have, is now i have to change the website a little. Bastards...... its due for a new look anyway.

Nothing but support for you guys.


I screwed up the last contest.
New one coming soon.

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