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Come visit us..
You'll love our Island!
450 Route 776 - Grand Manan, N.B., Canada, E5G-2C1 - Tel: (506) 662-3858 -or- 662-3521 - E-Mail:

Comfortable accommodation on Grand Manan Island near New Brunswick's famous Whale Watching Grounds.
Your hosts/proprietors Celia & Stanley Fleet offer three cottages with a wonderful ocean view - open year round.
Hiking, kayaking, horseriding, whale watching, hiking, birdwatching, boat & ariel tours, scuba, family picnics
- Grand Manan has it all - and it's all here waiting for you!

Welcome to See-Surf! We have been open for over ten years and are a "family" offering a "family atmosphere"!

In addition to our three units, there is a small basketball court, swings, volley-ball court and croquet. Each unit has its own bar-b-que. For your convenience, there is a well-equipped laundry room with a coin-operated washer and dryer, iron and large pot for cooking lobster. There is also a large assortment of board games, books and magazines for all ages for your use.

Each unit is separated from the next with a divider. Each cottage contains two bedrooms with a double bed in each, full bath, kitchen and livingroom. They are fully equipped with their own towels, facecloths and bed linens. Each kitchen has an electric stove, refrigerator, pots & pans, dishes, cutlery, dish cloths and dishwashing soap. There is a coffee maker and microwave. In the livingroom there is a hide-a-bed, color cable TV and telephone.

Looking out your front windows or relaxing on the deck you can watch the busy harbour with the fishing fleet and salmon site workers coming and going. In no time at all you will catch yourself saying "there she comes" meaning the Grand Manan ferry which makes daily trips between our beautiful Island and the "mainland". Directly in front of the cottages there are several fishing "weirs" used to catch herring - you can watch them being "seined". The landmark that Grand Manan is world-famous for, the "Swallowtail Light" sits tall and shining, whether the weather is calm or stormy.

                     ( click for closer view )
Occasionally you can see whales right from your cottage deck but it would be far better to book a boat tour and get some close-up photographs and watch these magnificent creatures of the sea - so big yet so gentle and inquisitive! Quite often it is appropriate to wonder "who is watching who"! The best time to see Fundy whales is from July to September. Most local whale watching tours "guarantee" sightings!

There are many activities to participate in;
- Trails - there are a many interesting hiking trails around the island and you can purchase a trail guide.
- Beaches - our beaches are delightful to beachcomb, the water temperature is a little on the cool side for swimming but the younger ones do not appear to mind the chilling temperature.
- Sea Kayaking - there is an opportunity to rent these locally or arrange for guided tours - they also rent bicycles.

A good reason to visit our island would be the tranquility and peacefulness. Grand Manan is a very relaxed and quiet place to visit. It is a "back to nature, make your own entertainment.." environment, a place where families can enjoy being together to spend "quality time", something that is often difficult to do in todays "rat race"! You can see what some of our guests have said about their visits to See-Surf by visiting our "guest comments" page.

Grand Manan is renowned as the "Dulse Capital of the World". Dulse is an edible seaweed rich in vitamins and minerals which can be eaten dried as a "snack" or used as a food supplement in cooking (you must acquire a taste of course). Dulse is picked off the rocks, collected in sacks and later dried in the sun (spreading ground). Many people make a full-time living at dulseing during the summer months.

We hope you will enjoy your visit with us and our beautiful Island home. For our many US visitors, remember, this is Canada where your currency goes so much further and our attractions and hospitality will give you a memorable vacation, one that you will want to repeat at our "home-away-from-home"! (don't forget your camera!)

We look forward to meeting you,
Your hosts/proprietors,
Celia & Stanley Fleet

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See Surf Cottages
450 Route 776
Grand Manan, N.B.,
Canada E5G-2C1
Tel: (506) 662-3858 or 662-3521
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