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Black Bear, Deer, Bird hunting

548 Rockland Road , Rockland New Brunswick, Canada, E7P 1G5 Tel:506-375-6632

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Black Bear Hunts

520 Lbs of bruin and a proud hunter
The Black Bear is truly a magnificent trophy animal and a worthy prize for the skilled and patient hunter. Our area has a plentiful supply of Black Bear with an average weight of 200 lbs., with 300 lb. bear being common. Of course we have our share of 400 to 500 lb. bears as well, based on results over the past four years, and we have had plenty more reported sightings from our clients in the past 2 years. We can accommodate any type of hunter whether it be with rifle, bow, muzzleloader or shotgun. Our stands are all placed in very carefully chosen areas, 12 to 18 yards for the bow hunters and 20 to 60 yards for gun hunters. Ground blinds (which is our preference) are also available and have proven more successful (and are more comfortable) than stands. Bear hunting is usually most productive from mid afternoon until dark. Hunters can spend their mornings fishing, hiking or sightseeing and there is golfing or horseback riding at one of the several golf courses and riding stables within a 30 to 45 min. drive from our lodge.

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Whitetail Deer Hunts

now this is a trophy whitetail
New Brunswick supports some of the largest whitetail deer in North America and our area is no exception. There is an excellent deer population in our area and a trophy whitetail is an attainable goal for the skilled and patient hunter. We hunt a variety of cover from large clear cut areas in different stages of regrowth (offering excellent browse) to heavy softwood cover and beautiful hardwood ridges. There is also an abundance of old abandoned farms with apple orchards available to hunt. The weather and food supply usually plays a major role in how we hunt. Hunters are placed in stands or blinds overlooking prime deer runs, scrapes and feeding areas.

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Moose Hunts

Non-residents can now apply to hunt moose in New Brunswick. Our area has a good population of moose and the population seems to be increasing each year . New Brunswick allocates 100 non-resident moose licenses each year through a random access draw. Our season is for three days only so please choose wisely when deciding upon a guide. CLICK HERE for more information on applying for the non-resident 2002 Moose hunting Draw.

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Woodcock & Grouse Hunts

now this is a bird hunter's dream come true!
New Brunswick lies directly in the migratory path of the feisty Woodcock and combined with the high numbers of native birds and Grouse in our area, you have some of the best upland bird hunting that can be found anywhere. We hunt old abandoned farms and along rivers and streams surrounded by alders and some old apple orchards and second growth clear cut areas. On most days days we flush 35 to 60 woodcock. We do not have bird dogs so bird hunters are asked to bring their own - and beeper collars are almost a necessity! The woodcock season starts September 15 with the Grouse season starting October 1.

Rates and License information

Accommodations & Meals

Our comfortable 3 star rated lodge and cabins offer our guests a relaxing environment following a days hunting. Each cabin is fully furnished with individual single beds, clean linen and blankets, electric stove and refrigerator, electric heat and bathroom with flush, basin and showers. All-you-can-eat meals (breakfast and dinner) are all home cooked and served "family style" in our modern and well-equipped dining lodge. Sandwiches are packed and supplied for your lunch break.


David Pickle, Liberty Ctr.IN (Bear) (219)694-6505
John&Elaine Wardwell, S. China,Me. (Bear) (207) 445-2908
Shaun Perkins, Saratoga Springs, NY (Woodcock and Grouse) 518-226-0362
Robert Keesler, White Lake, NY (Deer & Bear) (845)583-5411
Charles Perkins, Ansonia, CT (Woodcock And Grouse) (203)734-6855
Mike Bartlette, N. Pembroke, Ma (Woodcock & Grouse) (781) 293-6402
Thomas Keer, Boston, Ma, (woodcock & Grouse) (617)267-6860
Gerald Gardner, Pine Bush, NY (Fall Bear)(845)-744-6078
Frank Klayko, Lilly, Pa (Bear) (814) 886-2221
John Imbriale, Naples, Fla (Bear) (941) 353-7442
Raymond Wells, Bloomingburg, NY (Bear) (845)733-5332
Lawrence Flanagan, Middletown, NY (Bear)(845)344-3864

Lots to see & do...

Northway is not just about hunting! There is much to see and do for non-hunting companions or vacationers or for hunters that score early in the week during their stay with us. Some area interests are;

  • - Miles of groomed hiking trails.
  • - Fishing for Smallmouth Bass, Brook Trout, Pickerel, Perch and the occasional Musky.
  • - Two 9 hole golf courses and a full 18 hole course.
  • - Two stables for horseback-riding enthusiasts.
  • - The famous Kings Landing Historical Settlement.
  • - A Wildlife Park.
  • - The largest Axe in the world.
  • - The world's longest covered bridge.
  • - For the shoppers, many shopping malls and specialty stores within a 40 minute drive.
  • - For photographers, lots of breathtaking scenery to capture, or wildlife in it's natural habitat.
  • - And more...... all within a 35 to 40 minute drive.


548 Rockland Road,
Rockland NB, Canada,
E7P 1G5
Tel:506-375-6632 * Fax:506-375-6508

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