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The Martian Chronicles:
History Behind the Chronicles

New Imperialism


Types of Colonies

History of Colonies












This lack of competition changed for the British in the late 19th century. European powers had again become interested in expansion, particularly the recently re-united Germany. Nearly all European powers craved for colonies.

The powers mainly sought for the last colonizable places- Africa and the Pacific. In what is called the Scramble for Africa, every corner of Africa was partitioned at the Berlin West Africa Conference. Germans obtaind southwetern Africa, with Tanganyika in East Africa. Portugese obtained Mozambique and Angola. Belgium took the Congo, France got Senegal, the Cameroons, and several other places in Central Africa. The British got the rest of it, altough they had already controlled Eygpt.

In the Pacific, the British, Germans, and French faced competiton now from the Americans, who took Hawaii and the Philippines, and from the Japanese, who colonized Korea and were becoming increasingly more powerful. The French took Indochina and the Germans, New Guinea. The British strengthened thier hold in Asia, Burma and Malaya. All the powers established thier own spheres of influence over China.

Both Africa and the Pacific were places where trade had been somewhat low before the 19th century. All of the nations developed the attitude that they should protect these colonies because they viewed the people as weak. This attitude was especially enhanced because in all colonies, with the exception of Korea, the owners were white and the inhabitatants, colored.

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