Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Word Bible School?
We are a distance training center for Christians who desire a biblical education but do not have the time or resources to attend a college program (we are not a college and do not claim to be).

2. What is the Goal of Word Bible School?
We are dedicated to the purpose of training and educating persons for Christian service. Jesus Christ is the center of all our objectives. Our Mission Statement says it all:

We exist to educate, equip, and empower those pursuing a deeper knowledge of God and their relationship to Him. We accomplish these goals by providing relevant training in biblical studies to those engaged in a journey toward Christian maturity. 

3. What kind of studies does Word Bible School offer?
We offer correspondence studies at the certificate level. Click here for a sample study. Most of our courses involve you, the provided study guide, and a Bible with some other basic resources -- such as a Bible Dictionary and Bible Handbook. You can also take advantage of our online study resources. We include the Theophilus Bible software program with each certificate course that will give you everything that you need.

4. How difficult are the courses and how much time is involved?

None of our courses include tests or research papers. The basic procedure involves opening your Bible and finding the answers to the written study questions. The questions are designed to force you to understand the intent of the biblical author. Some study guides have True/False or Multiple Choice quizzes at the end of the lesson, but most simply ask you to search the text to find the answer. The Bible is our textbook. The studies are time-intensive and cannot be completed quickly. The idea is not to just "get it over with" but to allow the text to speak to you and equip you for ministry.


5. What is included in the course materials?

When you enroll you will receive access to our Old and New Testament Online Classrooms which contain all of the study guides necessary to complete your program along with the complete Bible Study Textbook commentary series (Over 20,000 pages of Commentary covering the entire Bible!). You need to complete 30 credits, but we suggest taking all of the courses for your own benefit. The courses are all written in Adobe Acrobat format so we have included the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program in case you don't have it. We have also included the Theophilus Bible software program that will have all the tools you need for research. In other words, we supply everything you could possibly need (you will need to supply your own computer!).

6. How does the process work?

We will e-mail you acknowledgement of your enrollment usually within 24 hours from the time you order, and you will receive your personal URL link to our Online Classrooms. Click on the link to enter the classroom. Then you can start working on the classes of your choice. We advise you to only work on one course at a time and to send it in as soon as it is completed. It is best if you write your answers in a word processing document and send it to us as an e-mail attachment for faster processing. That way you can keep your originals and save the cost of postage. Once you have earned 30 credits we will send you a quality certificate suitable for framing acknowledging the completion of your work. We will keep track of all your progress in our office and have a transcript of all your work. All of our courses are graded on a pass/fail basis.


7. Is Word Bible School an accredited college?
No on both counts. We are not a college, we are a Bible Institute and do not claim to offer college courses. We are also not accredited as we do not offer any type of degree programs, just certificates of completion.

8. What is the doctrinal position of Word Bible School?
We are a Christian School of the Bible. Our student body is interdenominational. Click Here for a complete doctrinal statement.

9. Can I transfer in credits for advanced standing?
We do not accept transfer credits or offer any advanced standing.

10. Do you offer traditional residence classes?
Our courses are only offered as distance education. 

11. How long does it take to complete a course?
That is entirely up to the student. Most students complete a course every month or less. It can be done even faster if you are motivated and have the time. We do expect the entire program to be completed in a maximum of two years (most complete it in less time).

12. How do I enroll in a Certificate Program?

Click the button below to enroll in the New Testament Certificate Program:



Click the button below to enroll in the Old Testament Certificate Program:



Click the button below to enroll in the Combination Old and New Testament Program:



13. When are the Certificates issued?
We will send you your certificate within a week of the completion of your studies.

14. What is the cost of tuition and fees?
The cost of the entire program (including all fees, course materials, and certificate at the time of completion) is $25.00. If you enroll in both certificate programs at the same time you receive a 10% reduction, or $40.00 total for both Old Testament and New Testament programs. Your study guides are provided free of charge. The amount that you invest is for the administrative costs involved. This is the best Christian educational value you will find anywhere!

15. What if I have other questions not addressed here?

Click Here to e-mail us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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