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Hello and welcome ! This site is dedicated to the ships built at the last shipyard, here on the River Forth – Henry Robb’s of Leith. I don’t intend to give a detailed history of every ship built on this site, after all it runs to several hundred. I am really trying to collect as much information about the stories of these ships of Leith.

To get things started I have added a brief history of some of the forgotten WARSHIPS built during the Second World War. I would really like to hear from you if served on or built any of these ships.

I will from time to time feature different ships that I collect information on. If you have a suggestion for any Robb ship you would like to hear about please E-mail me.

Your help

This is where you can now help me !  I would like to hear from you if you have any connection with a Henry Robb ship. All information is welcome, weather it is details of a trip, an anecdote or incident, the name of the captain, a brief history or anything you can think of !! I would also gladly welcome any photographs/drawings of the ships.

It has been very easy to trace the history of some of the more well know Robb ships such as the icebreaker RRS Bransfield, the steam ferry South Steyne or the huge salvage tug
SA Wolraad Woltemade. The hardest to trace are the ordinary workhorses of the merchant navy such as tugs, dredgers or tankers. It is these vessels I would most like to hear about.

Any information no matter how small would be welcome, remember what you think may be common knowledge maybe news to me !!

I would especially like to hear from you if you worked at Henry Robbs or have some association with the yard. Although I am not trying to record a history of the yard, I will collate any information in connection with the yard. At the moment I have no plans to publish anything but if it is possible to build a more complete picture then who knows.



Latest news

9 Mar 2004

I am currently working on a major overhaul to the site.Lots of new pics,info and a brand-new look, should be here by Summer'04.



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