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Ashtar Fleet Amongst Us

The Ashtar Fleet, also called Ashtar Command are originally from Aldebaran constellation. The Ashtar Command are among many entities that come to Earth and have been circling above it, for the most part invisible to the naked eye, since the early 1950’s A.D. Their height ranges from 5 to 6 feet. They are humanoid and have less water in their bodies and are “pasty” in appearance. The color of their skin is very pale, and rubbery. They have blonde hair. Their heads and eyes are similar to humans. The color of their eyes are blue or gray.

They say they are here to help save the planet Earth, they communicate through speech. Their leader is Ashater Sheran, who is also Aruseak. These blue-eyed, blonde haired beings came to the planet Earth and are still here. They have been known to wear insignias from Arcturus and Venus. You may see an insignia and it may confuse you, because some of these beings are sharing planets, since they were cast out of the 19th Galaxy, Illyuwn, (that which encompasses Pleiades).

The Procyonians