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Procyonians Amongst Us

The PROCYONIANS are originally from Procyon. Their height ranges from 7 to 9 feet. Their skin texture is human like and their complexion is brown to albino as well as their hair that’s wooly brown or blonde and straight. The Procyonians have traits that are very similar to humans such as the head, face, nose, mouth, neck, body which is very muscular, arms which are also very muscular, feet, hands, torso, and they have strong legs. Their eyes are also similar to humans. There are two races. The elder’s eye color ranges from blue to gray. The male have very large sex organs, and the females are very developed or voluptuous. They say to humans that “they are the Earth children.”

They want to communicate with Earthlings and try to overstand human emotions. They breed primitive human beings, thus Cro-Magnon man came about. They have the ability to travel within time frames. They depend on beam crafts for interstellar travel. The Procyonians “astrally” travel from place to place as a natural function. The name of their home planet is translated as “those who travel through time.” The word “Procyon” is a Latin word from the Greek word Prokyon, which literally means “before the dog.” It is called this because it rises before the star Sirius, the dog-star.