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Gregg Andreas
Born 7-4-68 in Crete, Neb. Age 27 (yeah right) curently resides in Morrison, IL.
Lead and Rhythem Guitar, Vocals
blues, metal, the Greatful Dead, Jack Daniels, Busch Light, long legs, long hair, ankle bracelets on women are sexy, Pink Floyd, black lights, cheeseburgers and coffee from Micky D's
slow drivers, bitches, Peavy amplifiers, politicians, stop lights, crackheads, lima beans, rap music, nosy people, James' amplifier, lighters that don't work, and throwing up.
Favorite sayings:
good grief.
get your hands outta your pockets, what are you trying to pull.
no way man.
homemade Gregg cabinet peavy classic 100 head, cry baby wah, Ibanez Smashbox distortion, Ernie Ball Anix Musicman guitar, B.C. Rich, Dean Markley 10 guage strings, and whatever other junk I can hook up to my shit!


James Valdivia
Rhythem Guitar
Born 8-14-65 in California
Started playing at the age of 15 years old.
I'm not Mexican, I'm Indian dammit!
A long haired one at that
same as Gregg's

Darrell Cook
Born to rock in Barbourville,Kentucky. Dec.9,1968
Plays bass,lead vocals and back up vocals.
The brains behind the monster.
Likes include ;
partyin all night, good tunes, good friends, playing music with my buds
red head named Mary, blondes, sexy legs, pizza, pool
Frid"why you wanna do me like that dog"ley.

Dislikes include ;
Long check out lines, rude peaple, frigid women, air pollution, comercialism, politics, green house gas, unreasonable police officers.

Favorite sayings ;
Can I get a frontal lobotamy I mean a bottle in front of me.
Burn another fatty big daddy.
Ya get what ya put in and peaple get what they deserve"Kid rock"

Favorite bands ;
Sublime, Black Sabbath, Soul Chamber, 3 doors downs, Janes addiction.............

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