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Guided Meditation on Heaven (Unfinished)

by Karen Deal Robinson

This is the first in a possible series of guided meditations to help you face death. First you must enter into a meditative state by relaxing your body and mind. Take a few moments to scan through your body. Notice any tension, and consciously relax: Scalp, face, jaw, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, chest, stomach, abdomen, groin, hips, thighs, calves, feet. Take a deep breath, hold it, let it out. As you breathe out, relax even further. Now breathe normally, quietly. Focus on our breathing. [Pause]

Continue breathing quietly. Someday, your breathing will stop. Feel your heart beating. Someday your heart will stop beating. Someday even your brain will stop working. Your body will not feel. Your eyes will not see. Your ears will not hear.

But it is possible that your consciousness will not end. Imagine now what might happen next. You find yourself floating up out of your body. Any pain you might have felt is gone. You hover a few moments above the scene of your death. Your family will grieve; that is the price of loving. But their grief will grow less with time. And even now you will continue to love them, and they will continue to feel your love.

With that realization, you are ready to say goodbye for now. You find yourself hurtling along a dark valley, the Valley of the Shadow of Death. At last you see a soft light in the twilight ahead. Your flight slows until you're walking up the last steps of a stony path. A house stands before you at the valley's end, nestled into the mountainside. Its lichen-covered stone towers blend into the rocks behind it. The arched windows glow with a soft golden light that promises comfort and rest.

As you climb up the path in the twilight, the door opens, and the golden light leads you up the stairs. In the doorway stands the Lady, her arms open to greet you. "Welcome," she says. "Don't be afraid. Come in. Your friends and family have been waiting for you." She wraps her loving arms and soft wings around you. After a sweet embrace, she leads you into her house.

She takes you to a comfortable living room with a fireplace and cozy chairs. There you find a gathering of friends and family who have died before you. They greet you with hugs and laughter; it's like your childhood Christmas or Thanksgiving gatherings, like the sweet parties you had with old friends long ago. Think about who might be there. What do you want to say to them? [Pause]

You have a wonderful visit, but you can't help feeling a little sad about the people you love who are still alive, those you had to leave behind. But as your friends and family talk to you, you realize that they have been watching over you. You ask eagerly how to do the same for your family on earth. The Lady says, "Earth is not far away at all. Once you know how, you will see that your spirit walks in two worlds at the same time. It always has, but few people who have not died understand how to see it. Tonight, sleep and rest here in my house. Tomorrow you will begin to learn more."

You say goodnight to the people who have come to your "welcome home" party. The Lady takes you to a comfortable bedroom with a soft bed, and the moon and stars shining in through the windows. She tucks you into bed, kisses you goodnight, and leaves you to sleep.

As you sleep, you find yourself dreaming of your family on earth. You hug them, and tell them that you love them, and that you will be watching over them.

In the morning, you wake and look out your window. You see meadows full of wildflowers, rising to mountains whose green slopes disappear into the mists. Shafts of sunlight stream down through the mist, sending rainbow glints dancing through the sparkling meadows.

To be continued...

March-April 2005

copyright 2005 by Karen Deal Robinson

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