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Guided Meditation for Healing Infection

by Karen Deal Robinson

(This meditation is designed to help you fight an infection somewhere in your body, or to fight an injury, by increasing the use of your white blood cells. I've borrowed images from the Battle of the Pelennor Fields in "The Lord of the Rings". Please don't misunderstand my use of the color white. I have chosen the color because it is the color of the white blood cells, whose job it is to fight infection.)

First of all you need to relax. Get into a comfortable position. Make sure you're warm. Scan through your body. Make sure every part of your body is relaxed. Your scalp is relaxed. Your face is relaxed. Your neck is relaxed. Your shoulders are relaxed. Your arms are relaxed. Your hands are relaxed. Your chest is relaxed. Your abdomen is relaxed. Your hips are relaxed. Your thighs are relaxed. Your calves are relaxed. Your feet are relaxed. Now scan through your body again. Scalp. Face. Jaw. Neck. Shoulders. Arms. Hands. Chest. Stomach. Hips. Thighs. Calves. Feet. All relaxed.

You're going to command an army of your white blood cells to fight the infection where you feel it most. Visualize the infection as an army of orcs, dirty gray, almost like a cloud seen in the distance. You are dressed in white. You carry a shining sword. You ask the goddess Athena to be with you. She helps you determine where to send your army, where the fighting is needed the most. She lends you the strength of her shield and her spear.

Your white blood cells are like an army of white knights, riding on white horses, shimmering in the dusk like Gandalf, the white rider, like Athena, the white goddess. With a great cry, they pour across the plains of the battlefield, sweeping the darkness of the infection before them. Cleansing, bringing their white light, smoothing away the pain. Their swords flash. But even more powerful than their swords and their spears is the whiteness of the light around them. The light streams out from them, sweeping along, and all the evil creatures cringe, and turn and flee out of your body, swept away by the clean, pure whiteness. Feel the cleansing within you. Feel the power.

This army is under your control. Once the infection is gone, the fighting stops. Your army pauses and rejoices, celebrates with feasting the healing. The battlefield becomes healthy. Trees grow back, the flowers. The knights dance among the beautiful flowers. If any of the orcs dare to cross the borders again, they will be swept away.

But your knights are not only powerful and brave, they are also wise. They know how to recognize the orcs. They will not fight a friend. Because they do love peace, despite the necessity of battle. Celebrate with your knights. Sing your songs of victory.

If you are going to sleep, relax now, and continue to heal, even in your sleep. If you are ready to wake up, gently open your eyes.

Spring, 2005

copyright 2005 by Karen Deal Robinson

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