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Guided Meditation for Easier Breathing

by Karen Deal Robinson

This is the Lady speaking. When you write what I say, I use your words to speak to you. Now I'm going to use your voice as well.

Get into a comfortable position. Take a deep breath, hold it, let it out. As you let it out, feel your body relax. Each time you exhale, your body becomes more and more relaxed. Your legs are relaxed, heavy and warm. Your arms are relaxed, your hands are heavy and warm. Your hips are relaxed. Your shoulders are relaxed. Your forehead is relaxed. Your chest is relaxed. Your abdomen is relaxed. With each breath you exhale, your body sinks deeper and deeper into the bed or chair. [long pause]

Now imagine that you are on the Boulderfield on Longs Peak. It's a beautiful day. The sky is deep blue, the air is cool, the sun is warm. Boulder Brook is gurgling at your feet, winding among the boulders and cutting through the thick emerald turf, jeweled with wildflowers.

You have climbed up the trail with little effort; your body is strong and healthy. Your legs are tired, but it is a good tired, from working steadily. You are breathing hard in the thin air, but the air is enough to sustain you.

You take off our pack and set it on a mossy rock. You hadn't realized how heavy it was; you feel so much lighter now. You sit down on the mossy, soft grass. You take off your shoes and socks and soak your feet in the brook. The water is cool and refreshing, but warmer than you had expected. The sun has warmed the water as it made its way down, down from the glacier, between sun-warmed boulders.

You take a deep breath of the fresh cool air. It smells like earth and moss and flowers and the spray of the brook as it trickles down in little waterfalls.

It's very quiet. The only sounds are the gurgling of the brook, the squeaking of a nearby pika, and the pounding of your heart, which slows as you rest, beating more and more slowly and easily.

You look up at the North Face of Longs Peak across the Boulderfield, with the Keyhole opening to the sky beyond, and the smaller peaks of Mount Lady Washington to the left and Storm Peak to the right. It occurs to you that they look like a head and two arms. You feel like you're sitting in my lap, in the lap of the Goddess.

You lie back on the cushiony moss. Your face is shaded by a lichen-covered boulder near your head, but the sun is warming your arms and legs as a cool breeze blows over you.

You begin to feel that you really are lying in my lap, like a baby in its mother's arms. The warmth of the sun is my warm, rainbow-feathered wings wrapped around you, my strong gentle arms and hands embracing you. The soft grass beneath you is the softness of my lap.

I draw my gentle, healing hand across your scalp, down your face, your throat. My fingers are spirit fingers, and reach inside your body, smoothing away any pain they find. They sweep down through your chest, and dislodge an unwelcome visitor. Mistress Flurry has been hiding there. I catch her in my hand and continue sweeping down, down, through your abdomen, pulling all pain and tension along with my hand as I go. The little pain demon Epanomandus is caught in my palm and can't escape. Down, down my hand brushes through your body, as easily as a comb through smooth hair. Down through your groin, your thighs, your knees, your ankles and feet. At last I lift my hand to my lips and blow across my palm. Epanomandus and Mistress Flurry tumble away on my breath, head over heels through the Keyhole and out of sight in the rocky spires beyond the Keyboard of the Winds.

You ask me to blow my breath of life into you. [pause]

I bend low over you, like a mother bending over her child. I kiss your mouth and breathe into it, then back away just a bit as you breathe out. My breath is like the wild fresh wind blowing down from the glacier and warmed by the sun. It tastes like rich black soil and sparkling waterfalls. Your heart expands with love. You love me so much, and I love you.

As I breathe my breath of life into you, your lungs expand with love, and relax and fill like a balloon with my fresh, rich, healing breath. As you breathe out, little black feathers blow out of your mouth like a cloud of dandelion seeds. They are feathers Mistress Flurry has left behind. They float away across the Boulderfild and through the Keyhole.

Again I breathe into you, filling your luns and your body with oxygen. Your lungs expand, the branches relaxing and opening and filling with my spirit, which moves throughout your whole body. You breathe out, blowing away the debris Mistress Flurry has left behind, until your lungs and your body are cleansed and purified, filled iwth my clean, flowing spirit.

As I blow the fresh clean wind of my breath into your lungs, I continue to stroke you with my healing fingers, removing any pain or tension from your body, leaving you smooth and untangled as freshly-combed hair.

If you are ready to sleep, relax here in my arms as I kiss you, and drift off to sleep like a baby. When you waken you will take my spirit-breath with you. It will fill you with strength and peace.

Any time you feel short of breath, cup your palm loosely over your mouth and breathe in, remembering how my kiss felt as I breathed fresh oxygen into you. Then take your hand away and breathe out, visualizing the last of Mistress Flurry's feathers dancing away on your breath like little black dandelion seeds, until your breath is a clean, clear wind like my own.

Now relax, and breathe, slowly and easily and smoothly, and drift off to sleep.

October 2, 2004

copyright 2005 by Karen Deal Robinson

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