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Who is Teddy?

Well now, thereís a question.  For some reason, I am expected to have the answer.  Just why I, of all people, am expected to know the child is beyond me.  After all, I only invented him; and we all know that no one really knows anyone else.  

So, Iíll tell you instead a little of how the boy came to be. 

I have enjoyed this little show, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, for many years now.  One of the things that have periodically troubled me about the show was how passive, well mannered, and . . . well, downright dweeby Phillip and Jamie King were.  I decided that nature had more to do with these characteristics than nurture and, therefore, I lay all the blame on Joe Kingís imaginary chromosomes. 

But, a child of Scarecrow . . .now those genes are anything but passive, well mannered, and dweeby.  I wrote one scene of Lee and Amanda attempting to deal with their decidedly un-well mannered child, and the boy hasnít left me alone since!  He has quite a few adventures to share with all of us.

I hope you enjoy them.


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