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hidden radio's track of the week January 19th 2008, "praise". mp3 here

My myspace djlookwoodmusic profile (electronic music) has been nominated as site of the week at Hidden Radio, 2nd December 2007!

hidden radio's track of the week November 5th 2007, "remember". mp3 here

hidden radio's track of the week September 17 2007 "towers" mp3 here

hidden radio's track of the week feb 4 2006, "we are going to war" mp3 here

New! The Video of 'Are We Going to War' is at 67 (4/11/07) on the Neil Young Dissenters Video Charts here please visit and vote! And check out all the other great dissenters videos!
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I am happy to announce that whole wheat radio in Talkeetna, Alaska have accepted 9 of my tunes for their playlist! Wholewheat is a listener driven broadcaster with a feel for the desires and real aspirations of people, and contains a myriad of artists whose work is inspirational and informative.
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I am featured on the solidsilence label, a collection of sonic spacescapes, a 21st century folk collection that deconstructs preconceptions opening the way for our deepest values to find voice.
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Podcasters! I am happy to announce that I havemore tunes uploaded to podsafe, a vibrant community of musicians and podcasters. You can find my page here
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BIG THANK YOU to for touting my site as site of the day 21/11/05 - over 42,000 page hits from that mention, about the geldof song. You can download it here. Still getting a great reaction to that song, that comes from a shared feeling, we all sense somethings' not quite right............
I am being playlisted on an FM station in Paris, France Juvignen FM They had picked up my song "peace of mind" some time ago, and I sent them a cd, which they praised highly, and now they have added two tracks from the cd "FESTVAL" : 'Born To Sing' and 'Perfect Cup Of Tea'. How cool is that? They have written a lovely piece on my, and my music, extolling my peace loving, gentle songs ... in french..... thnaks guys
My tune I can't stand shopping has also been played on Free Radio Santa Cruz in California, on Bradleys weekly indymedia show, Mondays 1 - 3pm local time.
Freethought Radio an Atheist community on the Internet, they picked my song 'I remember, you said to me', about my perception of religion. It was infidelguy who chose my tune. It's great site, with a good forum, live chat and on-air intelligent conversation with a sense of humour!

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My profoundest gratitude and humble thank you to all of you who live in countries ranging from the UK, USA, Australia, India, Pakistan, Latvia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Denmark, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, South Korea, Macedonia, Columbia, Canada, Wales, Scotland, England, Argentina, Belguim, Austria, New Zealand, Sweden, Ukraine, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Phillipines, Romania, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, South Africa, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Nigeria, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Portugal and from many, many other places, who have visited my site, who have downloaded my tunes, either from this site, or from the other sites where my music is available.

With downloads/plays now totally 30Gigabytes, thats a load of music out there for free!

Your encouragement means so much to me. And the more we can encourage each other,the more likely it will be that we will do all that we can to make sure our childrens future is assurededly peaceful and sustainable. Thank You


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