2005 events and gigs ....

Thank you to all of you who live in countries ranging from the UK, USA, Australia, India, Pakistan, Latvia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Denmark, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Canada, Wales, Scotland, England, Argentina, New Zealand, Sweden, Russia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, South Africa, Egypt, Israel, Palestine and from many other places, who have visited ,y site, who have downloaded my tunes, either from this site, or from the other sites where my music is available.

Just to explain my philospohy ... this music comes from the heart, and the response that comes from the community, comes from the hearts of those in the community, thus, in respect of that flow, as soon as I, the maker and performer of that music am covered (ie. i have enough to be able to continue doing what I love, making and performing music) then any resources I have been given, above and beyond my needs, ought to be returned to the community. I am working to create a legal entity to do this, to ensure that the flow of resources (cash, love, feeling) is healthy, conscious and sustainable. Permaculture Pop!!

CLICK HERE FOR MY ACOUSTIC PARODY OF I DON'T LIKE MONDAYS , ORIGINALLY PERFORMED BY THE BOOMTOWN RATS AND WRITTEM BY BOB GELDOF ....IT'S HERE. IT's a downloadable mp3 @ 192 kps (c.6mb) HAVE A LISTEN... MY LIVE AUDIENCES THINK IT'S A REAL HOOT, and many agree that there is a question of conflict of interest in his position, which he assumes himself. He's been on the news here in the UK this very day (28th December), as he is being co-opted by the new Conservative Leader in yet another pr campaign,(to get elected in 2010 or sooner) with Bob claiming that he is in no-ones pockets! (BP, JP Morgan, Volvo, Ford and the UK Foreign Office are his pr companys' clients) so no, Bob, I do not believe you!

NEW! NEW! "I don't like geldof" DARKLY DEEP BLEEP BEATS VERSION, under the name CORELUMINOUS @ download.com

counterpunch.org featured my site as site of the day on november 21, without telling me! I looked at my stats and freaked a little. Then I did a google search and found their link. How cool! Thank you counterounch!

I have also been featured on the wonderful SolidSilence label and website, who produced the amazingly delicious fly-on-the-wall-of-the-tent binaural recordings of various performances, strolling players, chatter and childrens laughter, the kind of stuff you ears get used to in a 5 day camp .... the kind of sounds you would love to hear in a city and never do, the kind of sounds (apart from the aeroplanes overhead!) you might have heard 10,000 years ago.

Another recent discovery is that I am being playlisted on a Parisian Radio station Juvignen FM which came up when I did a google on "lookwood" yesterday! Wow! They have found "peace of mind" ..... so I will get in touch with them, to say thanks. I'm always delighted when people play my songs ....


CARDIFF MINI TOUR !! CALLAGHANS BAR on DECEMBER 16TH, and at MOLOKO'S BAR I had a great time in Cardiff, played five gigs, and met some cool people, especially the band Kilnaboy, who are active activists! They were part of a Sad Santa Campaign that week! There was also the circus crew, Gordon, who put on a cabaret on Sunday at Callaghans, more colour than Cardiff has seen since, well,...... the last cabaret he put on. I met a wonderful clown by the name of Stickie Peat, who is part of Circus2Iraq, a brave and useful bunch of people. They go to conflict zones and entertain the kids, who are living thare and have suffered so much, with clown stuff ans workshops.

On December 22nd I played my finale for 2005 at The Ram Jam Club part of the Grey Horse Live Music Empire in sunny Kingston, Surrey.. .. .. I was billing this as my first ever headline performance, and was quite excited by the prospect. I was also hoping to end 2005 with a bang, and looking forwards to 2006 with more headline performances .. .. .. all of which just evaporated when the entire audience left, just before or as i took the stage, so that all that was left were the promoters, and my friends who had come to the gig, as I started my set. I made a quick jokey reference to my expectations, and started out with "peace of mind". I did two more tracks through the PA, and then went unplugged for the next 30 minutes, with Matt Kelly from Semble backing me up with violin and mandolin. The crew in the room all gathered around the stage and we really enjoyed ourselves!! Cos that's what it is all about, innit?

Still, I do intend that in 2006, I will perform, getting more paying gigs, sell a few cds and thus be able to continue to perform and write and eat and pay my few paltry bills.


Sound Foundation, Unplugged and Intimate Thursday December 8th
Well I had a great time at U&I, the venue was lovely, the people warm and smiley and the sound was perfect, thanks to Sarah for her work on the mixer. I arrived a little late and flustered due to a points failure on the railway, and by the time I left, I did so with a truely warm feeling, have been given a great reception, especially to the Geldof Song. I was even given an oppurtunity to perform an extra song. Kind words and a pint from Dell helped greatly.

I am looking forward to returning to U+I next year.

IDSPiral DECEMBER 4th, at The fantastic IDSpiral SUB SUNDAY MELL-OUT!! If you came across Idspiral at The Glade, 2005 or at Synergy, in London, you will know what a blindingly good event the Idspiral crews put on. I was lucky enough to have performed at the very first MELL-OUT, and a few others following on from that way back in 2001 and the mell-out went on to be a major sucess. The show on December 4th was really enjoyable, the crew and the venue made me feel really at home, and I had a great set. Freinds, Lovers and Family also performed, belting out their uplifting dance-vibe lyrically conscious music, with Tony England and the children. Becs (see above) also peformed some poetry, and there was Dark Angel for the dance floor finale! What a great show! There will be more mell-outs next year on a monthly basis.

Performed the opening set at 'You and Yours'
, Hosted by Dan Hernandez on December 1st @ 7.30 - 8pm at THE LINCOLN LOUNGE, 52 YORK WAY, KINGS CROSS. What a lovely venue! What lovely people, I found it difficult to leave as there were so many lovely people there, who also responded well to my little set. If you go there, and you ought to, check out the mission statement above the bar.
and then I had to be quickly moving on,

to get to The Slaughtered Lamb, just down the road from Kings X in Clerkenwell (Great Sutton Street). Hosted by Will of The Electro Acoustic Club in the cellars of the pub. I walked into a room full of musicians, other friendly folk and some quiet chatter. The acts performing all had two songs each, but oh my god! what brilliance, what power ..... special mention goes to Cheryl for her ASBO poem, to Roxy for her outrageous violin style and beyond Joni m. vocals, to Will Varley for his song about "suicide bombers" and gorgeous voice, and to Ed who played tenor sax with me, off the cuff and perfect for the song.


WUPADUPA NOVEMBER 26TH:: wupadupa NIGHT @ The Grey Horse, Richmond Road, Kingston, Surrey. Carrie Tree was the Featured Artiste. Carries' beautiful, sweet melodic voice, strong fingerpicked guitar and intimate lyrics created a sense of deep joy, a gossamer web of sensation and was a truely thrilling experience. Carrie was this summer invited to the USA to perform with some of her more famous sisters of folk. We do not name drop on this site, so you'll have to ask her yourselves.
Appearing before Carrie, performing various songs written by various folk, in varied combinations, were Steve James(Semble), Greg Willow,(fine drummer, plays everywhere), Matt Semble (Semble), Dan Addison, Dan(Nun of the Above) and Nigel Bunner (Sugardrum)from the wupadupa crew. I did the sound. It was a joyous evening, replete with laughter, fine singing, moments of sweet silence and exquisite beauty. The next WUPADUPA event is on December 16th 2005. More details from their website.


Sound Foundation, Unplugged and Intimate November 24th
Well I had a great time at U&I, the venue is lovely, the people warm and smiley and the sound was perfect! As I was public transporting it from London I had to leave just after 10pm, and missed the rest of the performances, which included the Gaby Young Collective a fine bunch of people... we had a little chat before I left, and I know I will meet them again, somewhere. I left with a truely warm feeling, have been given a great reception, especially to the Geldof Song.

And I will return again on December 8th,

Admission 4 pounds. Doors 8.30pm. Restrictions: 18+ (some nights 14+, so please check first). Non-smoking venue. U&I is a weekly songwriter night and runs every Thursday from February to June and September to December each year.


RAVENSBOURNE COLLEGE NOVEMBER 8th, at the College,a center for communication studies, which I consider apt, and indeed I was honoured to be invited to play here. WOW!! A big UP goes out from my heart to all the lovely people at Ravensbourne College of Communications and Design, you guys and gals made my night a great one! I ended up being the sole artiste on the night, I performed 2 hours plus of my music (no repeats) and had some very inspiring feedback from various people like GINA, DANNY, ALEX, CRAIG, and a great brandy coffee from ALAN at the bar and many others amongst you who contributed to my enjoyment of the evening. Thank you so much for the support! I would be delighted to come and play for you guys again.

Ravensbourne SU bar stage, with my guitars, water, a stool and pink leads!


OCTOBER 14/15/16 - 4th year of this stunning three day festival, in aid of Amnesty International. I am appearing with a host of stars on the sunday.... see my campaigns page for latest Amnesty Int. campaign or go to the Amnesty website What can I say? This weekend was fantastic, incredibly rich and creative and lots of fun. My highlights were SEMBLE, THE HAT,(Friday),SPECIAL BENNY (Saturday), and having Steve James from Semble and Martha Tilston singing backing vocals on my song "PEACE OF MIND" on sunday afternoon. A special mention goes out for Nira and Ash, and their colleagues of Amnesty, and to Richard and all the staff of the Grey Horse and RAM JAM club in Kignston.

And of course BIG LOVE to the WUPADUPA crew who hosted the sunday sessions. Wupadupa are a collective of talented, sublime musicians who perform as a collective and as individuals. Their website is well worth a visit.

My friends SEMBLE have a tune or two on download.com, they are fantastic musicians, and though I have seen them perform many times, I still am stunned and enthralled by their music. If you knew how the artwork for their latest cd was crafted, it'd blow your mind! Genius! SEMBLE @ download.com !!