*the ford, carnegie and rockefeller foundations are at the core of 'compulsory schooling' as we have come to know it!

here's some well researched articles about the real G8 conditions 2005 / JP Morgan in SA / Ford, BP and others in SA / Court case dismissed 2004 / and see the lyrics for "thieves with no shame" (a satire parody of "streets with no name") for Bono's latest contribution to eliminating world poverty! read more here

what JP Morgan wrote of his plan for dissident entrapment 'to destroy surversion' forever:

JP Morgan : 'a well funded covert scheme of dissident entrapment was the brainchild of J.P. Morgan, his unique contribution to the Cecil Rhodes–inspired "Round Table" group. Morgan contended that "revolution could be subverted permanently by infiltrating the underground and subsidizing it. In this way the thinking of the opposition could be known as it developed and fatally compromised. Corporate, government, and foundation cash grants to subversives might be one way to derail the train of insurrection that Hegelian theory predicted would arise against every ruling class."

quoted from "An Underground History of American Education" by John T. Gatto. see second paragraph!