I want to earn, so screw your country
I want to make sure you get nothing from me
I want to reach out and wear my red shades

Where the theives have no shame
I want to fill my purse with untaxed cash
See the cash come rolling in, untaxed, untraced
I want to take your money, again and again

We're the thieves with no shame - We wear red shades
We're the thieves with no shame
We're will lend, then burn down welfare,burn down welfare

And when we go there, we'll go there with your cash

Orleans is a flood and our rule turns to lust
You're beaten and blown by the wind, trampled in dust
We'll show you a place you can start all over again

We're the thieves who have no shame
Where the banks have no shame
We're the big boys who have no shame
We're will lend, then burn down welfare, burn down welfare

And when I go, I'll go with your cash

In god you can trust
When you're beaten and blown to dust
Blown by the war-heads
Oh, see their glory, see their profit driven lust
And you're beaten and blown all to dust, blown by the greed

When they go there, they go there with your cash

There's a great article and critique of Bono's Label Red here it's titled BLOOD MONEY!! Very Clear! U2 Music licensed to US Army for propaganda

and this wargames CIA Company that Bono is a Board Member of...Pandemic ...and his 'investment company' Elevation Partners

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