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Many of the links feature more than one type of hamster species so it might be useful to look at links in all the categories. Some are not opinions of the webmistress and are those of contributors. Each site may have more than one review so you can send in your comments even if there is already a write up.

 General Hamster Links

The Hamster Society A very good and concise website which any hamster ethusiast should enjoy. The details of the BHA Standards is also welcome, especially for breeders and owners who wants to know all about their hamsters**

Linn's hamsters* Pictures of their dwarf and Syrian hamsters, plus information. This site hasn't been updated since June 1998 but it is still a lovely site to visit.

Terry's pet farm*This site tells you about all of the many pets Terry has. There are lots of pictures to see and some fun things to participate in, classified in many different sections. An altogether lovely site which is updated regularly.

Update: Terry has moved this site to here: It's slightly changed but should have most of the original. Her new sites are at

The Land of Zerlings*
I wouldn't say there is a lot of information on care, housing and all that stuff. But the pics in the website are good and clear and big. Good for viewing pleasure and getting to know how each different species look. Oh, she answers her emails pretty fast as well.

Hamster World*
I think this is a local link. The owner keeps syrians, campbell and winter whites as pets. He includes some nice pics and some of their stories (the hamsters' tactics).

Hamster Planet
This local website is done by one of the members in TUSMC. The site is new but has great potential. It includes stuff like price lists, vets, petshops etc. It has a relatively extensive coverage on care, behaviour, feeding etc. (Most of the info is 'copied' from other websites found on the Net) The pics on the website are good and clear. She keeps both syrians and
Russian dwarfs.

The Hamster House

Interesting place with video cam and bulletin boards that are quite impressive and well organised. You can also sign up for a hamster website that won't have ads or pop ups! There are a number of member sites and links. To test your knowledge, take one of their many hamster quizes!

 Syrian Links

Hamsterix's Hamworld Online*
This provides the link to the Hamsterix Hamstery where you can see pictures and sketches of hamsters. This is quite a short site that hasn't been updated since 1998.

Hamster Affair

A site with lovely pictures of some different colours of syrian hamster

 Roborovski links

Lee's hamsters: A simple website with photos of lee's robos. *

 Winter White Links


Snowy the pearl winter white: A website to show the growth patterns and pictures of the owner's pet hamster - Snowy

 Campbell links

Roselinebunz: This owner breeds and shows Holland lops but also has a small section on campbell dwarfs on her bunny site.

 General Rodent Links A nice site featuring pictures of the owners' pets. There are also fun features, including one that lets you play a puzzle and create your own (I haven't tried this personally as my connection doesn't allow it, but tell me about it if you do. :)). They also have a directory of over 2000 shelters across the United States to help you look for a pet.

 Humane Societies

Massachusetts Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

HSUS international library: For those of you who are better in Chinese, here are some great references.

 Just for fun links

Pet of the day

This site introduces a cat, dog and pet of the day and also has polls and other stuff. U can also nominate your pet.

 Just for fun, time wasting links...
 Other pet animals  More to come...
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