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updated 23 December 2002

 1. Why do hamsters bite?

Hamters may bite because they are new additions to the home and are unsure about his/her new surroundings and new owner/s. This means a time of handling and taming.

Another instance when hamsters may bite is when they are scared. For example, when you reach into the cage to pick him/her up without giving them enough notice. I've read that they may think they are being attacked when you come down upon them as this is how birds of prey would in the wild.

Also, waking up a hamster in the midst of its beauty sleep isn't a good idea. They can get pretty irritated and perhaps a bit disorientated as well.

2. Do I need to bath my hamsters?

Bathing hamsters has been a topic of hot debate and I've actually had people I didn't even know have hamsters, just ask me about this one thing. There are pros and cons and I would personally advise you not to bathe them unless they are very dirty (just escaped into drain or something) cos they groom themselves very well. Some people use a dry bath for them and this could be a good alternative. Most of the time though, if you think your hamster is smelly, it is the shavings and so change them and make sure the environment is clean.

3. Where did you get the graphics & pictures from?

Please see credits and terms of use.

4. What do I do about a pregnant hamster?

Please see pregnancy in Hamster Tales website.

For the Hamster FAQ extracted from alt.pets.hamsters

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