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The Furcadia Historical Society is an archive of dreams and documents related to the Furcadia community. It is
a private endeavor and is in no way connected with Dragon's Eye Productions.

What We Are: A website/dream devoted to archiving dreams, documents, and other Furcadia-related materials.

What We Archive:  Dreams and some web pages and other texts which may have some value to the present and future members of the community. There are PUBLIC archives (anyone can download and view) and PRIVATE archives (back up copies kept for the future but not available to the public. Private archives are primarily for guild dreams and other popular maps as protection against loss and for future release should a guild close its doors.)

How To Use the Archives: The PUBLIC dreams page contains a partial list of the dreams currently archived. Some can be downloaded via this page while others can be downloaded by visiting the library in the FHS dream.

Where can I find the FHS dream? We aren't chartered, so the locale varies, but always in Acropolis.

How do I contribute a dream? Maps and DS files should be zipped along with a readme.txt file with contact information (your name and email address) and any information about the dream you feel makes it interesting and noteworthy.  Please specify whether the dream is to be made available for download or not. PRIVATE archives will be renamed and placed offsite and will require a password to open so that guild owners can access their backup copy when they like. Email the .zip file to simonbeekin at hotmail.com

How do I know my private upload will be safe? Dreams placed in our trust for private holding will be encrypted and password protected. They will be stored securely and only the owner will know how to access them. They will never be given away, shown, or made public until such time as the owner deems it available.

Who Sponsors this? The project was started in early 2003 by Simon Potter and is supported through the generous contributions of furres thoroughout Furcadia.