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Forever Marilyn personally invites you to visit the William Travilla Website were you can purchase limited edition Marilyn Monroe Costume prints, each hand numbered, featuring a gold finish, engraved plate with the film title, year, studio, and Marilyn's name, mounted on the matting for ready framing. Your print also comes with a certificate of authenticiy and a booklet that gives more information about Marilyn and Travilla's unique relationship. AND if you mention the "Forever Marilyn" Fan Club you will receive a significant discount off the price of each print!:

Marilyn Collectibles


Marilyn And The Camera

The Estate Of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Remembered

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Goodbye Norma Jeane


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Forever-Marilyn: Not the ForeverMarilyn Fan Club!

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Tribute To Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe

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