We think it's awesome when bands send us their music for airplay consideration!

We take Pride in promoting the unsigned, independant musicians who bust their asses out on the road, at their day jobs, playing gigs and selling merch to make ends meet while they pursue their dreams. We do our best to spread the word and try to get the band names and music out there to the fans, promoters, music labels, radio stations, and people around the world who love heavy metal in all of its many forms.

We strongly believe #METAL is a family that crosses all borders, all genres, all languages. Join us in keeping the metal alive by supporting your local music scene, go to the shows, buy the CD's or the EP's or the MP3's, pick up a T-Shirt and help the bands out!

Online Radio is the best place to find the heaviest metal and rock bands from around the planet and get in on the ground floor!

13SR Brings the Best, with an eye for bands that deserve attention. Below, you'll find the complete catalogue of bands that have submitted songs to us here at 13SRadio. We thank the bands for all their support - We couldn't do this without you!

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