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This Doll Tutorial was by Mystic on April 25, 2001.

Hi there!~
Please NOTE: I originally wrote this tutorial for PSP, but I have come to find out it can also be done using regular microsoft windows PAINT!~ YAY!

Thanks to Spellcaster for trying!

I use PSP7, but we will be working with two basic tools, the paint brush, and ZOOM, which are available in all versions of PSP.
I will be as specific as possible, please be patient this is going to be a long Tutorial, but when you're done you will have created this Cartoon doll.

Let's begin by opening up a transparent 200x200 image on PSP.
Next select BLACK as your foreground color (HTML#000000), and choose your paint brush tool , with these options:


and get ready to do some real life drawing :) YAY!
Let's begin by zooming a bit until you can see well, and make a *dot* somewhere in the middle top portion, like this:

Now ZOOM some more until it looks like a nice square, about this size:

And paint 1,2,3,4 dots to the right in a straight line, like this:

Next make 5 dots going up diagonally on the right side, and 5 more up going straight up from the last dot, like this:

Ok next we will draw the following: 5 diagonal dots from the last dot up and to the left, (boy this sound like giving driving directions!, hope no one gets lost!~~)
AND then up one spot, 2 dots horizontally, up one spot, 2 dots horizontally, up one spot, 6 dots horizontally, and it should look like this:

I know some of you don't need as many captions and directions, but all my tuts are written so that everyone can do this :)~~

NEXT one spot over, draw 7 dots vertically going down, draw one dot next to your last one, to the right, and 5 dots coming down from that one, one next to that one to the right, one down, one next to that one, and 3 dots diagonally until you reach your first one, ~~AND~~ if you understood that mouthfull of dotting directions, your drawing should look similar to this one:

Now make 3 dots going down from the middle of the *CHIN* area, and make a line from the right *ear* area down to match the length of the chin line , making your dolls neck, like this:

You've got a Doll face!

Take two deep breaths and lets go on to the next step!


© 2000-2001.
By ~*~Mystic~*~, for DCS

No portion may be reproduced or removed without prior written consent.
Please respect our work as we respect yours!