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Ok let's finish the Head!
Choose your skin color., I picked #FF9F50, with your *magic wand tool*, touch the middle of the face and flood fill with this color, then choose a darker shade of skin color (i used #CF7F50) and *FIX* your doll like this:

Once you have done this, let's finish up. Let's make the eyes.
Choose black and make your eyebrows to look something like this:

Now choose your eye color, I chose brown #603F00
and make two dots for the eyes like this:

Now choose white and make 2 more dots like this:

Next choose a darker shade of your eye color and make one dot like this:

Ok let's add some make up, choose a color for eye shadow, I chose dark green, #005F00, and draw some dots like this:

Let's make the nose and mouth!
Choose your dark skin color again and make a small line (2 dots) like this:

FINALLY!~ the mouth..give her some nice lipstick and make two lines like this:

Now we can make some hair!

Take two deep breaths and lets go on to the next step!


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By ~*~Mystic~*~ for DCS

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